To protect your eyes from heat and light. How to choose the right sunglasses

To protect your eyes from heat and light. How to choose the right sunglasses
Intermittent fasting diet

Intermittent fasting diet is a diet focused on time-restricted eating, where there are specific periods of fasting and time to eat allowed, and intermittent fasting encourages our bodies to rely more on fat burning for energy, and in this report we learn 6 tips before diet begins intermittent fasting, according totrifectanutrition.

Benefits of intermittent fasting diet

Intermittent fasting can teach us some important lessons and build healthy eating habits such as:

Reducing consumption of sugars and refined grains

- Eliminate snacking during the day and before bedtime

- Avoid making unwanted food choices and planning a healthy diet

In addition to building healthy habits, some studies suggest that adopting this practice may help lose weight, improve memory and mental performance, cardiovascular health, type 2 diabetes, and the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Is it safe to follow diet intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting may not be suitable for individuals with type 1 diabetes, pregnant and nursing women, the elderly with eating disorders, and those who need to eat regularly for medications.

If you have a medical condition, talk to your doctor to make sure it's safe to experience intermittent fasting because long fasting periods can lower blood sugar levels and make you feel dizzy, dizzy, headache or nauseous.

6 tips before you start following the intermittent fasting diet

Learn about your goal of following the intermittent fasting diet

This includes:

- Better dining schedule

Regulating blood sugar

- Weight loss

- Creating deliberate eating habits such as eating more attentively

Whatever the reason for starting, take a look at your current diet first and ask yourself what about your diet now that prevents you from achieving the goal you thoughtabove.

Choose a time frame for intermittent fasting that suits your lifestyle

Intermittent fasting seems like a good choice for you, be as specific as possible when it comes to choosing the fasting pattern and timeframe.

There are many types of fasting, so keep in mind your work schedule, sleep schedule and lifestyle when determining the type of fasting schedule youwant.


Gradually start fasting intermittently.

Choose one day a week to try the method that might suit you best. Short-term fasting can be a more sustainable approach for many people, starting fasting between 8 and 12 hours a night where you can easily include this in your schedule and increase longer fastingdays.

If you fast for a long time, try choosing a day a week or a period of time when you don't need to be very active orfocused.

Stay hydrated.

Even during fasting periods, you should make sure you keep hydrated with non-calorie liquids, especially water, you can also include unsweetened herbaltea.

Start your meal preparation routine

If not properly planned, intermittent fasting can lead to weightgain.

Feeling hungry during fasting may make some people more likely to binge behaviors when they are not fasting and eating more calories than your body burns will lead to a long-term increase in body fat even if you fast constantly for 12-16 hours eachday.

Intermittent fasting does not replace healthy eating, so consider the type of meal plan you enjoy during non-fasting periods. Whatever your decision, plan what you want to eat during the non-fastingperiod.

Focus on balanced meals

The quality of your food is critical, and balancing blood sugar can be key to success when fasting intermittently, plan meals in advance to make sure you make nutrient-rich dietary choices during non-fasting periods.

Make sure you continue to get all the nutrients you need to power your body through fasting.

Eat regular meals during the non-fasting period balanced with whole healthy foods, proteins and fats to keep you full and feel full while reducing things like processed sugars and processed carbohydrates.

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