Top 5 Stories For Three-Year-Olds..Useful and Fun

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Description: Here are useful and interesting three-year-old children's stories suitable for this age of simplified thinking and words that are easy to understand
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Top 5 Stories For Three-Year-Olds..Useful and Fun
Three-year-old children's stories

Here  are  useful and interesting three-year-old children's stories suitable for this age of simplified thinking and words that are easy to understand.

It is very important for parents to make sure the child is accustomed to reading  stories to children  before bed at the age of three years since the age of three.

Because reading  children's stories  at the age of three years for the child strengthens his language, gives him a broad horizon, makes his imagination more fertile, and supports him with many ideas and terms for him to learn.

What is required of you when reading   three-year-old children's stories to your child is to choose stories for him that take into account his age, mental and cognitive level.

She also makes sure that these stories do not contain things that are not appropriate for his age, such as violence, nervousness, and frightening situations.

It is preferable that the  stories for  three-year-olds that you will acquire for your little one should talk about simple events he lives in his life and the practices of children of the same age so that he learns from them and distinguishes right from wrong.

What will suit your little one's children's stories for three years old, we present to you on our distinguished  children's stories, and  we hope that they will receive your love and admiration and benefit from the pleasure of your liver.

Three-year-old's story

A spoiled story that does not hear words

There was a very spoiled child, and this child's name was Younes, and Younes was playing with ball inside the house and never took into account the conditions of the house.

Yunus was disturbing those around him, his sick grandmother and his old grandfather, and he never calmed down until they rested, and Yunus did not listen to what his mother said and did not heed his father's advice.

One day Younes' father came from abroad and brought with him a beautiful soccer ball for his son Younes.

Yunus' father gave the ball to his son and asked him not to play with it in the house and not to disturb his sick grandmother and grandfather with it, and to play with it only in the outer courtyard of the house and within the boundaries of the fence so as not to harm himself, and not to harm the flowers and trees.

Yunus agreed with his father's advice, but he did not act on them. The next day, Youssef took the ball and took it to the yard of the house, so he threw it at the trees and flowers, which led to it breaking.

Yunus threw the ball violently towards the windows and disturbed the people of the house.

Younes' mother heard the glass breaking, so she went out to see the source of the sound, to find that the flowers had broken and the window glass was shattered.

The mother was very sad about her son's naughty actions, then asked him: What is the reason for the damage to the flowers and the shattering of the window glass?

Yunus replied honestly and ashamed: I am, Mom, I apologize, sorry that I did not hear my father's advice, and I played the ball randomly and caused all this harm.

The mother was very happy about the sincerity of her son, and was proud of him because he did not lie to her, so she forgave him and said to him: Thank you for not lying to me and telling me the truth, I forgive you, but do not promise her.

Younes nodded and said: I promise you that I will not repeat it, and I will not play with the ball randomly after today.

The moral of the story: Honesty is necessary in words, no matter the circumstances, and lying is a very bad trait.

It is also very important and necessary to listen to the advice of the mother and father and respect the adults and not disturb them.

Three-year-old children's stories

The story of the lazy sparrow

In a forest full of animals and birds, there was a little bird living with its mother in the nest, and this bird was lazy and did not help its mother to gather food like the rest of the birds.

The little bird does not like to secure its food and does not want to play with the rest of the birds because it sleeps all day, and at night when the birds sleep, he stays up and does not sleep until the sun rises.

The lazy sparrow used to stay awake while all the sparrows sleep, and sleep while all the birds and animals are working, looking for food to eat.

The lazy bird used to eat and drink from the food that its sparrow mother collected and worked all day for it, and relied on it for its food and drink.

But the mother bird got bored and started to feel tired, because she was collecting enough food for two, and she was sad because her son, the bird, did not work and did not help her in collecting food.

One day the mother bird was collecting her food from the grain and she was tired and angry because she was collecting food for her son, the bird who stays asleep all day and waits for her to bring him food and he does not help her with anything.

The mother bird decided to stop taking food for him so that he could learn to rely on himself and leave laziness and help her in searching for food like the rest of the birds.

The mother bird returned to the nest and woke her son, the bird, to get up and look for food for him, but he refused to get up. The mother bird tried with him repeatedly to no avail, so she left him and decided not to leave him food.

When the little bird woke up after the sun had set, it did not find food near it as it used to, and was very hungry and thirsty.

The little bird called his mother to give him food, but she told him that the food he had to search for himself like the rest of the birds.

The bird started looking for food for it, but it did not find anything. All the birds collected grain and food in the early morning and there was nothing left. So, he started crying and slept without food.

His mother came and gave him some food, and said to him: I hope you have learned your lesson, and wake up in the morning to find food for yourself and stop relying on me.

The bird promised her that he would wake up every morning and that he would remain active, and would not depend on others for his food and drink anymore.

The moral of the story: the active and working person finds his livelihood quickly, but the idle lazy will not succeed in his life and will not be able to make any achievement.

Short stories for three-year-olds

The story of the mouse and the frog

There was a little mouse living in his house on dry land, and he was cheerful and passionate and liked to play with friends, and he went out every morning to find his food by himself, and in the evening he returned to his house.

One day a little mouse gets to know a frog, and unfortunately this frog has bad intentions and is known to love to harm others.

 But the mouse did not know about him and trusted him without telling his mother to warn him about him and tell him that he was bad and he did not have to trust him so as not to harm him.

This frog was living in the nearby pond, and the frog told the little mouse that he lived in a beautiful place, and invited him to take him for a quick tour of that place.

At first the little mouse was confused about something and then refused because he remembered that his mother had told him not to go with anyone without telling her, but the frog insisted on him, so the mouse agreed and climbed on the frog's back.

The frog fixed the mouse well on his back and tied it well, and then headed to the pool of water where he lives.

The frog told the mouse that he would jump into the water because his house was on the adjacent bank, but the mouse refused because he knew he could not breathe in the water and begged him to bring him down because he was tied and could not move.

But the frog did not listen to him and completed his plan to hurt the mouse because this was his goal and hurried to jump into the water and on his back the mouse screamed in an audible voice for help, but unfortunately no one heard him, so he drowned in the water and died.

The mouse became a corpse tied to the frog's back, and when the frog felt that the mouse was no longer moving, it knew that it had died, so it rejoiced and got out of the water and returned to land to eat that mouse.

But as soon as he came out of the water to land with the corpse of a mouse on his back, a large hawk came flying in the sky and pounced on the frog with its sharp claws and devoured him and the dead mouse.

Thus, the life of the mouse ended because he believed strangers he did not know and went with them without telling his mother to unknown places, and the life of the frog ended because he wanted evil to others, so he struck him in the same way. 

Stories for three-year-olds

ferocious dog story

There was an evil dog that harmed animals and children, and they called it a savage dog. This dog would attack anyone who passed in front of it and started barking, which made others fear them and run away.

 This dog would suddenly run towards anyone it saw in front of it and would bite those it found in front of it without mercy, causing them pain.

The owner of the dog felt sad because of the behavior of his fierce dog, which causes him a lot of trouble, so he thought to find a solution for him.

The owner of the dog took a bell and hung it in the neck of the dog so that this bell every time it rang. This is evidence that the dog is there so that they can escape 

Before the dog attacks them and avoid the harm it causes them.

At first, the dog did not know why he wore that bell, and he thought that this bell called for pride and joy

 He walked faintly until he was proud of the bell, but he noticed that every time they heard the bell, they ran away before it reached them. 

The dog was disturbed by the presence of the bell on his neck and wanted to get rid of it, but the owner refused to remove it in his neck because it harms and frightens people.

The dog was ashamed of its actions because it frightens people and terrifies children, and this bell protects children from it and its evil.

But he knew that he deserves this punishment, and he deserves what his owner did to him, because he raises terror and panic everywhere, and this bell is proof that he is very bad.

The dog decided to stop hurting those around him so that his owner knew that he had changed and became a good dog, and was convinced that he would not hurt anyone anymore.

After a while, the owner of the dog noticed that his dog had changed and became calm and no longer barked to scare people and no longer attacked anyone

 He removed the bell on his neck, and the dog became popular with others and made many friends and everyone loved him.

Three-year-old children's stories

The story of the false shepherd and the sheep 

Once upon a time and place in a mountain high and far, there was a little boy tending sheep, this little shepherd would get up early in the morning after sunrise every day

 To take a flock of many sheep and graze them in the green plains, and this was his habit with the sheep he grazes every day.

One day, the young shepherd was bored while he was tending sheep, so he decided to lie to the people of the village in order to have fun and get rid of boredom.

The little shepherd climbed on top of a rock and then started screaming so that all the people of the village could hear him: Follow me, the wolf came to eat my sheep.

The people of the village heard the cry of the little one as he sought help, so they began to gather with him to save him from the wolf.

All the people of the village went to the shepherd boy, and when they stood in front of him, they asked him: Where is the wolf that will eat your sheep?

The little boy started laughing when he saw the stupidity of the villagers because they believed him, so he said to them: There is no wolf here, I was joking with you, I was bored a lot and I want to get rid of him and have fun with this lie..

The people of the village were very upset because they were deceived and lied by this shepherd, so they went angrily and each returned to his home and left behind the shepherd who does not stop laughing and they are sorry for what he did to them.

After a while, the little shepherd got up early as usual and took his sheep to graze in the green plains above the mountain, enjoying his work and watching his sheep eat the grass.

Moments later, a real wolf came to him and started attacking his sheep. The shepherd was afraid and rushed to the top of a rock and started shouting a lot at the top of his voice: “Behold, the wolf is eating my sheep.”

The people of the village heard his call and his distress, but they did not respond to the call, as they thought that he was lying, as in the previous time.

The little shepherd grieved because no one answered his call and deeply regretted his previous lie.

The lesson of the story: Lying causes problems even if it is a joke, and a liar is not believed by anyone even if he is a friend, and honesty is the way to escape from everything .

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