Your Belly is Dangerous to Your Health.. 5 Scientific Ways to Reduce Visceral Belly Fat

Your Belly is Dangerous to Your Health.. 5 Scientific Ways to Reduce Visceral Belly Fat
Ways to reduce visceral belly fat


Visceral belly fat is a type of fat (known as subcutaneous fat), which is located deep in the abdomen, near vital organs such as the liver, stomach, intestines and pancreas, and releases inflammatory substances that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Here are 5 scientifically supported ways To get rid of visceral belly fat, according to the " eat this " website .

5 scientific ways to reduce visceral belly fat

1. Weight loss

The easiest way to reduce visceral fat is to lose weight. Losing weight alone can effectively reduce visceral fat, and by losing 10% of your body weight, you may lose up to 30% of your fat.

2. Eat a healthy diet

A diet rich in added sugar and simple carbs (which breaks down quickly into sugar) is what leads to belly fat, and eliminating these unwanted carbs can help you lose belly fat.

Fructose, or sugar, makes fat cells mature faster, specifically in visceral fat and a diet full of sodas or fructose-containing sodas not only increases calorie intake, but affects how belly fat grows.

So ditch sugar-sweetened drinks, fast food, processed foods, and refined grains, and instead choose more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, fiber, nuts, and whole grains.

3. Doing sports

It is important to eat a healthy diet, but dieting alone will not reduce belly fat.

Exercise appears to shed belly fat in particular because it lowers circulating insulin levels - which would signal the body to hold on to fat - and cause the liver to use up fatty acids, especially those near deposits of visceral fat.

According to experts, moderate physical activity combined with strength training seems to work better for burning belly fat, and it's better to exercise for a longer period of time than to exercise more vigorously.

The American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association said you should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (such as brisk walking or dancing) or 75 minutes of vigorous activity (such as running, biking or swimming) each week.

4. Get a good sleep

Researchers at Wake Forest University found that people who sleep five hours or less each night have two and a half times more belly fat than people who get enough sleep, which means 7 to 9 hours a night.

5. Reduce stress

Excessive stress causes the body to produce more cortisol, also known as the 'stress hormone' to help it deal with stress. . To combat the effect of stress on belly fat, reduce stress through exercise and relaxation techniques.


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