“Active Link” here. Download the original GTA V game for Android 2021 “Grand Theft Auto 5”

“Active Link” here. Download the original GTA V game for Android 2021 “Grand Theft Auto 5”


Download the game GTA V, there are many models of car racing games that millions of people want in different countries of the world, where car racing games are among the most downloaded games through electronic store applications, as such games are suitable for all ages, as well as there are many versions of games Car racing and at the top of this list is the Grand Theft Auto game, which is one of the most important electronic games that combines car racing and also fighting and survival games at the same time, so all fans of chase games want to download GTA 5 in its various versions.

Download Grand Theft Auto 5

The first version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 game was launched in 2013 and since that time the producing company has been working on developing the game from time to time, as it releases new versions of the game continuously to attract the largest number of players, and the game can also be downloaded via computers and also Android and mobile devices, as well as what distinguishes the GTA 5 game from others is that it does not need high capabilities to run, as you only need one gigabyte RAM to run the game.

Download The original GTA V game for Android

The Grand Theft Auto 5 game is characterized by the city of Los Santos, which collects accurate details that are very similar to real cities, so we find a lot of players to download the game Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as the player performs many tasks during the levels of the game, so we will review with All our followers are the steps to download the original GTA 5 game for Android by following the following:

  • First we download the apk file and obb file.
  • The file is installed on your device.
  • Log in to the Google Play Store and write the name of the game GTA 5.
  • And choose the word download.

GTA V . game

The events of the GTA 5 game revolve around three dangerous criminals, as these criminals steal cars, the other steals the bank and the third smuggles contraband, a dangerous gang formation that the player confronts this gang formation and tries to set them up to retrieve the stolen goods, by carrying out the tasks demanded .

Where these young men roaming the streets of a city face the most dangerous mafia gangs in addition to the policemen, a bloody battle that the player must preserve himself to stay alive, where the latest combat weapons are used during this game of bombs, dynamite, and many other deadly weapons The latest cars that were introduced during this race are also used.

Download Grand Theft Auto on iPhone

For everyone who owns an iPhone and wants to download the Grand Theft Auto game, we must note that it has become easy to download the game with ease, but you must first make sure that you have enough space to download, where the player logs into the App Store and then writes the name of the game inside Search box, a list of games will appear and then choose the game and press download.

After we talked about the steps to download the Grand Theft Auto game via iPhone and Android devices, we must note that the GTA game needs to be connected to the Internet, as well as the player must register his own account for the game, so that he can log into the game at any time, and he can also race With his friends through their own accounts.


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