Amazing Benefits of Brown Sugar For Skin Exfoliation

Amazing Benefits of Brown Sugar For Skin Exfoliation
Brown Sugar For Skin

Brown sugar is one of the best materials that help exfoliate the skin, it is safe and gentle, does not cause skin stress or redness, and dissolves easily with other materials that you add to natural skin mixtures.

It also helps to supply the face, rid the skin of oils and stuck spots, such as dirt and germs caused by weather factors, and saves you from dryness and lack of oil secretion for your skin with continuous hydration.

Brown sugar scrubs

Brown sugar, banana and yogurt mask

- 1 tablespoon brown sugar

- 1 teaspoon mashed banana

- 1 tablespoon of yogurt

Put the three ingredients in a bowl and mix them together.

Spread the mixture on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes.

Remove the mixture from your skin, rubbing gently to remove dead skin and dirt.

Repeat the mask once a week, to clean the skin periodically.

Brown sugar and olive oil mask

- 1 tablespoon of brown sugar

- 1 tablespoon of olive oil

- 1 teaspoon rose water

Mix the ingredients together and apply it to your skin.

Leave the mixture on the face for 15 minutes.

Remove the mixture with a face scrub, and rinse your face with water.

Repeat the mask once or twice every 10 days to exfoliate the face and get smooth and healthy skin.

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