Download Bluestacks 5 Latest Update For PC 2021


Download Bluestacks 5 Latest Update For PC 2021
Bluestacks 5

cIn addition, downloading Bluestacks  5  will not take up much of the internal space of the computers, because the programmer company has put it in an ideal size suitable for many devices, which does not constitute an obstacle to enjoying the best games through it, and the BlueStacks emulator at the beginning needed devices with high capabilities of In order to be able to download it and run Android games, programs and movies through it, it was necessary to have a random memory of 6 GB as a minimum, but the programmed company took into account that most users’ devices may have relatively weak capabilities, so a recent update was added in the emulator software and it became It works efficiently on all devices, even those with 2GB RAM.

Not only when you download BluesStacks 5  , you can enjoy some Android games, but you can also enjoy social media platforms that do not have direct links to the computer, and you will not have to search for long for those platforms or games, because the emulator provides a long list of the most popular games and applications Which achieved many download rates in its main interface, and one of the most important features of its simple and easy-to-use interface, in addition to its support for many different languages, most notably the Arabic language.

Introduction to BluesStacks 2021 Emulator

BlueStacks 5 is considered the most famous program that was launched about ten years ago, which was launched by the famous BlueStacks company, which entrusted the matter to a skilled elite of programmers and developers. emulator as you wish.

It also supports more than 30 languages, you can use the emulator and you can also change the language of the keyboard to the language you want, in order to communicate with friends through different social media platforms in this language, with the features of enlarging and reducing the screen so that you can use the application or the game by setting Full screen Perhaps all of these reasons led to its spread and use among the middle users from all over the world until their number reached more than 150 million users.

It is also worth noting that BlueStacks supports many different operating systems and versions of Windows, as it works on old versions such as XP and Vista up to Windows 7, 8 and 10, although it will differ only in some advanced internal technologies, but it will work efficiently without worry or any problems, It is also characterized by speed in performance and transition from one page to another, and through it provides many features such as taking a screenshot or capturing the screen with a very high quality video.

But please note that there are some applications that do not work on Bluestacks and will not work on any emulator because they need an Android smartphone such as the famous delivery applications Uber and Careem and other programs that require the presence of user data and contacts on the phone, and it is worth noting that This emulator has won many awards as it was rated by a large group of programmers as the best in terms of speed and performance among many other emulators.

New Updates in BlueStacks 5 Emulator

  1. Improving the speed and performance of the emulator in order to run the requirements of modern games such as the PUBG computer game, the Call of Duty game and many other games.
  2. Improving the closing of the Bluestacks emulator to be more responsive when you want to close the program.
  3. Add a feature to customize the program on your home screen.
  4. The ability to change the size of the applications on the emulator.
  5. Possibility to postpone or stop notifications and sound alerts within Bluestacks.
  6. The ability to use Smart Controls with DirectX.

How to download BluesStacks on PC with pictures?

  • You can click on the direct link provided below the topic to start downloading BluesStacks 5 .
  • Save the program's source to a location or disk, click the save button, and wait for the download process to finish.
  • Click on the downloaded file and a small window will appear, click on the Run button.
  • Click on the install button of the Bluestacks 4 or Bluestacks 5 emulator and  wait for a while until the installation tape finishes and the percentage reaches 100%.
  • After the installation process is completed, the program will open automatically and you will see the Google Play Store icon and you will notice that the wallpaper contains more different Android games and applications.

How to download games and applications after downloading Bluestacks 5?

  • Click on the Google Play Store and then click on Create a new account so that you can easily download all the Android games and applications you want from the official store, as now downloading BluesStacks 5 is  like a phone on the computer and you will notice it for yourself.
  • Click on the word "Login" that will appear after opening the Google Play Store.
  • It is better to synchronize between your smartphone and the emulator on the computer to enter your same e-mail in the field designated for this, and then click on the Next button.
  • Enter the same password for the email you entered.
  • Add your phone number in the field that will appear to you by adding the word phone number.
  • The last step will appear, which is the terms and use policy. Click on the accept button in order to complete the account creation steps within the Google Play Store by downloading the bluestacks emulator .
  • Thus, you have completely finished the process of creating the account and activating the Google Play Store on the emulator, you can now try downloading any game or application by entering the name of the game in the Google Play Store search bar to appear as if you are in front of your phone screen exactly.

BluesStacks Emulator Requirements

Some suffer from problems with the BlueStacks emulator in Arabic during the process of use, this may be because these devices are not qualified to download it, or the memory of these random devices may not bear the process of downloading games with high quality and graphics, so a device must be provided that meets the operating requirements of the emulator in order for it to work efficiently without slowing down or stopping its operation, and those minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Central Processor: The processor type should be Intel for better performance.
  • CPU Speed: The processor frequency and speed must be more than 2GHz.
  • Random memory (RAM): In no case can the phone’s RAM be less than 2 GB with a frequency of at least 800 MHz.
  • Internal space: It is better to download Bluestacks 4 program to provide an empty space inside the hard drive of at least 1 GB, and perhaps it is better to provide more space than that for ease of work.
  • Internet: The computer must be connected to the home WiFi network, otherwise it will not work at all.
  • Video Card: It must be high quality Nvidia in order to play high graphics games.

The most prominent BluesStacks emulator tools that are used in games

 BluesStacks 5 Arabic download contains  many utilities within its settings, and among the most prominent of those tools that will help you experience the optimal use of it are:

A tool to change the device identification files

 It is known that there are some games that have high-quality graphics and some of them may not be compatible with the Android version of the smartphone, but with downloading bluestacks 5 you  will have a unique and very enjoyable gaming experience, where you can intervene manually or adjust it automatically to match the requirements of the game, and you can Do this by entering the settings on the left of the emulator's main screen, and then click on the Advanced button and from there to change the device profile to change it according to what you want.

CD Cleanup Tool

One of the most prominent tools included in the Arabic Bluestacks emulator  is the CD-ROM cleaning tool, as it is an effective tool that cleans the device and removes all cache files that are created as a result of installing and removing many applications, leaving some damaged files that take up space from the internal memory space. Through the advanced settings of the emulator, and then clicking on user data to free up free space and then click on the continue button, then the emulator will make a restart so that the tool will work automatically, or click on the next button on the far right of the emulator screen and from there to the disk button that Cleaning is done automatically.

video recording tool

Many users may want to record the moments of the tournament, the mechanism, and how they play on one of the wonderful gaming platforms and send it to many friends to brag and compete among you, or you can create a channel on the YouTube platform to raise the most prominent moments of the tournament that you experienced in the game through the BluesStacks program, or you can record the mechanism of any work Apply and share it on social media platforms, and you can follow these steps to record and share a video:

  • The video tag is located in the right bar of the main program screen, but it must be supported by downloading the video player of the emulator if this is your first time.
  • After completing the recording process, you can click on the other video icon available in the top bar of the emulator screen, and note during the video playback that the seconds and minutes appear during the recording so that you can know the timing of the video.
  • Then click on Save the recording so you can watch it again.
  • It is worth noting that the video is automatically saved on the desktop. You can go to the settings in order to change the default save location if you wish.

Screen capture tool

Bluestacks 4 has the feature of capturing an image from the screen and it is completely similar to Android phones in the feature of capturing a live image directly from the phone screen, where you can do the same thing on the emulator that is completely similar to Android phones, and it is worth noting that capturing the image is kept in high quality Or with the quality of the original captured image with the ability to share it also with many friends, and to capture a screen image, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the camera icon which is clearly visible in the right bar of the bluestacks emulator screen .
  • After clicking on it, it will make a sound very similar to the sound of taking a picture of the phone's camera, and the picture will be automatically preserved in high quality on the desktop.
  • And don't forget that you can change where the image is saved through the settings.

Features of BluesStacks, the best Android Emulator

Available for free download and from a secure source

Among the most important advantages that you will enjoy once you download Bluestacks 4 is that it is available for free without the need to pay any additional fees in order to obtain it, and the direct link to download it is available through the official website of the developer, which makes the user feel more secure and confident during the process Download without fear of downloading malicious software or viruses harmful to the computer.

Bluestacks 4 is fast and efficient

One of the best things you will find when you download BluesStacks 5 is that it has a high speed of performance while playing any game or dealing with any Android application, even with games that have high-quality graphics and affect the RAM of weak smartphones, with this emulator no Totally worry about it and have an amazing gaming experience that you have never had before with smartphones.

It has a lock screen

From what more user searches for in any particular device is the security element and privacy as well as provides Blaustak emulator BluesStacks action lock feature screen with the ability to customize a particular background for the lock screen and add a strong password consisting of 6 numbers or letters or can work code Pattern as you like, to enjoy Privacy even if you download the emulator on the devices of a family member.

Provides top notifications like phone

One of the most beautiful things you will find after downloading Bluestacks 4 is the notifications and alerts about some messages from the social media platforms that you have downloaded to the program, or to tell you that there are updates available for some games and programs within the emulator, so that you can constantly update applications for better performance, or immediately reply to friends It's just like those smartphone notifications.

Disadvantages of BluesStacks Arabic for Android 5

There are some disadvantages that permeate the  download of BluesStacks 5,  which must be alerted and noted so that the user is aware of its advantages and disadvantages before starting the download process, and the most important of these disadvantages are:
  • Often times the emulator stops working without warning and may paralyze the device and no software can be used while it is open, perhaps because the device has very weak capabilities and does not reach the minimum requirements for the emulator to run.
  • When loading a large number of games and programs, the emulator consumes a large amount of random memory, which exposes the computer to overheating, so it is better to use a small amount of games and applications so as not to affect the phone's resources.

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