Download CheckIt To See if Your Computer Supports Upgrading To Windows 11 Or Not

Download CheckIt To See if Your Computer Supports Upgrading To Windows 11 Or Not


One of the most prominent technical things that happened in 2021 so far is Microsoft's announcement of a new system of its own, which is Windows 11, which was originally just an update to Windows 10 under the title Windows 10X, but the company decided to make it a new system officially and published videos related to it, it will be A new system for computers is available officially and in its original version next fall, as the company launched a trial version that you can download with ease and use, but it is still experimental, not completely safe and unstable, so you can wait until it is officially announced that Windows 11 is launched for users.

It is worth noting that the system will come with a lot of new features, which are great and not present in Windows 10, such as running Android applications with ease without any emulator, and also design features that made the design better and more comfortable, such as making the taskbar in the middle and the corners of the screen arcs instead of right corners and the outstanding file manager The great controls and the quick toolbar are all tools and features, some are updated and some are new, but they are really worth trying. Unfortunately, some of these features are not available even in beta versions, so you have to wait for the official launch to be able to use them.

Windows 11 system requirements

There are some requirements that your computer must meet in order to be able to own and run Windows 11 easily on your computer without problems, and the most important of these requirements is that the computer has a TPM 2.0 chip in the motherboard or processor, and your processor must be central and its cores are 64 bits. It contains dual cores with a frequency of 1 GHz. Also, your computer should have 4 GB of RAM or higher, the system needs 64 GB of storage space, and your computer should also have a graphics processor that supports DirectX 12.0, and the screen must be 9 inches or larger It has a resolution of 720 and you must have a Microsoft account and an internet connection.

Explanation of The CheckIt Tool

Download CheckIt To See if Your Computer Supports Upgrading To Windows 11 Or Not

If your computer does not meet any of the previous conditions, you cannot run Windows 11 on your computer, unfortunately, even if it meets all the conditions except one, you will not be able to do so. On the one hand, because it may take a lot of time from you. On the other hand, some of the previous settings cannot be accessed easily and you may not know how to access them. So, in this article, we will provide you with a distinct tool that will check all the previous requirements on your computer in just a few seconds and then tell you the result. Without any effort or time from you.

CheckIt is a free and simple tool that comes with a small size and one small interface. The tool is portable with a size of 2 MB only, meaning that you do not need to install it on the computer, that is, you can download it from the link that we will leave at the bottom of the post and then you can directly run it and do the thing. The tool checks the capabilities of your computer and special specifications It tells you in the end whether the computer can upgrade to Windows 11 when it is launched or not, by fetching information about the specifications of your device and then simply comparing it with the specifications and requirements for Windows 11.

How CheckIt Works

Download CheckIt To See if Your Computer Supports Upgrading To Windows 11 Or Not

In the event that one or more of the specifications of your device does not match the requirements, you will not be able to run Windows 11 on your computer unfortunately. Also, the tool, and if your device cannot upgrade to Windows 11, tells you the reasons that prevented you from doing so, as it reminds you of all the reasons about that problem, which You have prevented your computer from upgrading to Windows 11 and this is really important because you can modify some of the specifications of the device to match those requirements for running Windows 11 and therefore you may be able to run Windows 11 on your computer, and the tool is effective and honest unlike many other tools that have spread in That period .

The tool checks the processor, motherboard, RAM, screen, hard disk capacity and all other requirements and then compares them with the minimum requirements to run Windows 11 and tells you the results after a few seconds. A question mark or an error sign next to one of the requirements means that you cannot upgrade to Windows 11 unfortunately. You can also stop the mouse at the error signal to find out the problem and why you cannot upgrade to Windows 11. The tool is simple and its size is small, but it is effective. Download CheckIt Tool.


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