Download Messenger Lite 2021 Latest Version With A Direct Link

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Description: Download Messenger Lite 2021 Messenger Lite Apk, the latest update for Android, as it has been very popular among users, especially those who do not
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Download Messenger Lite 2021 Latest Version With A Direct Link
Download Messenger Lite 2021 

Download Messenger Lite 2021  Messenger Lite Apk, the  latest update for Android, as it has been very popular among users, especially those who do not have enough space on their Android smartphones, or phones with old versions, in addition to the crowds of users who live in remote places in poor developing countries that do not have enough space. Having strong internet networks, downloading Messenger Lite gives you a huge opportunity to communicate even in weak internet networks.

Also, downloading Messenger Lite provides you with most of the advantages of the standard Messenger application, but in less space, with faster communication in text and voice messages, and through it you can communicate by sending some pictures or clips of voice messages, or sending some files and links easier and faster, As a result, most users praised this application, so we recommend that you try downloading messenger lite to enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable experience of communicating and chatting with friends.

Introduction to Messenger Lite 2021

Download Messenger Lite 2021 is a lightweight application that was launched by the Facebook company, which received many complaints about the original Facebook Messenger application, which is increasing in size significantly after downloading and entering many groups. Hence, Facebook decided to launch a lighter version to suit owners of mobile phones Android versions with old or few capabilities, and since March 2017, this application has appeared and has been heard among the users, who have all praised it and acknowledged that it is completely similar in the basic settings of the original application and the Facebook Messenger program can be dispensed with.

Therefore, the number of installs of the Messenger Lite application since its release to the present time has reached about 500,000,000 installs and received a high rating of 4.2 out of 5 degrees, and then the installations continued, but so far the application is only available for Android phones, but Facebook pledged to release iPhone version but later.

How to download Messenger Lite 2021 on Android phones?

To get and download Lite Messenger on Android smartphones from the Google Play Store, follow these steps:-

  • Go to the Google Play Store installed on Android phones and open it, or the application can be downloaded by clicking on the go to the download page below the topic.
  • Write down the name of the application in one of the Arabic or English languages, so that the application appears in the first search engines.
  • Click on the name of the application and from it to the Install button, but make sure that the smartphone is connected to the WiFi network.
  • Make sure that it is Messenger Lite by using the white application icon with a drawing that resembles the letter N in blue, unlike the main application that appears with a blue icon and a white drawing from the inside, meaning that they are opposite to the other.
  • Wait for a while until the download is complete.
  • Click the Open button to start using the application.

And to download Messenger Lite Apk with a direct link for free for Android, you will find the link to the application download page below the article.

Features of Messenger Lite 2021

Statistics have proven that the number of messenger lite users has reached free calls and messages  to 500 million users from about 132 countries, and due to the high demand for downloading Messenger Lite, the door to download and installation has been opened for some new countries, the most important of which are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, in addition to some European countries that prefer to exploit spaces The blanks for some other applications among those countries are Brazil, Italy, Germany, Vietnam, Cuba, as well as a host of others.

This is, of course, due to the many characteristics that the application enjoys and is characterized by, which made most users prefer it over the original application, and we will discuss in detail the most important differences between it and the original standard Messenger application, and among the most important features of the Messenger Lite application are:

Small and light

Many users seek an application that achieves the purpose they seek, and at the same time does not take up much of the internal space of their smartphones. It reaches only 7 MB, even after using and entering more than one group, the size does not exceed 15 MB or according to each device, and from one update to another it takes less space, the small size is the most important thing that distinguishes it.

Works on 3G internet networks

You can Messenger Lite apk communicate well and fast even in weak web networks, as it effectively with residents of users in remote locations or in some developing countries that do not have the third and fourth generation of Internet networks, and it works fast to send and receive text messages Therefore, most of its users praised it for using this particular feature.

Does not drain battery power during use

Users always complain about the battery running out very quickly while using most social media platforms for long hours, specifically the Facebook Messenger platform, where experts confirmed that every minute the battery drains at a value of 1%.

This is very annoying, meaning that when you use it for a period of a quarter of an hour, it will decrease 15% of the battery power, and most of us spend long hours using communication and chat platforms, but with the old Messenger Lite, forget this matter and use the application for long hours with joy and fun without fearing the power of the battery, as it saves in a period Charging the battery for the entire period of use.

Preserves random memory

Do not worry if you use Facebook Messenger Lite and leave it in the background without closing it, it never affects the random memory of the smartphone (RAM), but with other applications it is known that when you forget to open it in the background, it affects the phone’s random memory badly, which may work The slow movement of the device and the disruption in the performance of some other applications, but with this program it allows you to use it completely freely.

Messenger Lite keeps phone data

Some who always use the WIFI network may resort to using phone data while they are outside the house or in remote areas, but often Internet packages are implemented through browsing for long periods while outside the house, but with the Lite program, it does not consume a lot of megabytes while chatting, so It is also considered one of the Internet-saving applications, so we recommend it to owners of phones with few Internet packages.

The ability to control the internal space of the application

There are some files that you delete, there are some damaged files that have not been removed with their entire file, and these remaining parts can take up a large space and space from the phone and therefore the phone will be filled with things that are not needed, so if you want to control better within the application, Click on Settings for Messenger Lite and go to Manage Storage and Clear Cache to remove all corrupt files that take up space unnecessarily.

Create a group of unlimited number of users

Downloading Messenger Lite provides you with the ability to create many groups, choose an expressive image and a title for the group, and choose from many friends to enter it into the group so that you can talk once to more than one person, and of course this saves a lot of time and effort.

The ability to make voice and video calls

By downloading the latest version of Messenger Lite, you can make  a video call or a voice call only, and there is no need to fear, the call is fully encrypted and no one can view it, while ensuring the provision of pure high-quality sound and picture so that users can have a better communication experience, even your friends and relatives abroad will be able to see them At any time with a free, unlimited call.

The most prominent updates that Facebook added to Messenger Lite V

The administrators of Facebook Lite Messenger were keen to introduce many improvements and fixes to it in order to remain in the advanced positions and remain on the throne of light applications with unique features, and indeed they have added many improvements and fixed all errors from version to version until they reach it to a state of perfection. Introduced it to the Messenger Lite application in the latest version are:

  • Several improvements and fixes have been added to Messenger Lite 2021 .
  • An upgraded version has been launched that works effectively and efficiently on computers, especially those with old versions that do not have many empty spaces, specifically those that work according to the Windows system, starting from Vista and XP to Windows 10, and it can be obtained easily by going to the Windows Store from the computer and clicking Click on the install button and wait for it to be downloaded easily and quickly to your desktop.
  • Facebook also provided a service that is comparable to the Facebook Web service, which is the Messenger Web service, a service that the company decided to offer after receiving many requests in this regard. .
  • What is new here is the availability of the Messenger Lite apk version,  which enables you to deal with the application in a very easy way to appear as a normal file, and you can use it and open it and communicate with many friends without a computer connection to the Internet, but of course any update or any modifications and improvements that the company will present to the application will not be able to Get it only after removing the app and re-downloading it again.

What are the main differences between the regular Facebook Messenger program and Messenger Lite?

Although downloading Messenger Lite 2021 is very similar to the original Facebook Messenger application in its basic purpose, method of use, and some advantages, there are some slight differences that make each one different from the other, and the differences are in the following:

In terms of interface:

  • Everything inside Messenger Lite is very simple, the interface of the application is simple and easy, including the inbox page.
  • While everything in the original Messenger app appears professional and has a sleek and stylized design.

according to size:

  • The size of Messenger Lite does not exceed 7 MB, and therefore it is very light and does not require a large space to download, and after use it does not expand to more than 15 MB.
  • The size of the blue Facebook Messenger program is up to 45 MB, and after downloading, using and entering more than one group, it may expand and reach more than 250 MB.

In terms of battery power consumption:

  • The Lite application can be used easily continuously without a strong impact on the power of the battery, but it will still work efficiently if you use the application for long hours.
  • Using the original Facebook Messenger continuously makes the battery drain quickly, by 1% with every 60 seconds of use.

In terms of the internet:

  • Messenger Lite works on a weak internet very efficiently and quickly, even if it is only 2g.
  • Facebook Messenger doesn't work in weak webs in the least 3G and 4G, while it works very slowly and has bad signal in weak internet.

In terms of emojis and emojis

  • Includes the Messenger Lite on a few emoticons and Alaamuja it is specially designed to meet the basic purpose , a messaging and communication across the platform.
  • The app includes emojis, emojis, gifs, and much more that might not be present in the lite version of the app.

Explain how to use Messenger Lite 2021?

The main application interface is divided into three tabs, the first tab is for messages sent to you, and the other tab is for all the contacts of your friends who are with you on the Lite platform, and the last tab is for the application settings, which consists of the following:

Facebook page Facebook

It is the option that will take you to your personal page or your personal account on the Facebook Lite platform.

Settings for notifications and photos in Facebook Messenger Lite

Through this setting, you can fully control the application's notifications and messages from friends, and this setting is divided into the following:

  • If you want to open notifications to see messages sent to you by some friends at the top of the phone screen.
  • Control how notifications appear Do you want to see only the text message, or do you want to see the name next to the message.
  • Desire for the device to vibrate while receiving any notification from friends.
  • If you want the phone to light up after a message from a friend through the application, or not.
  • In addition to the desire to mute the notifications for the Messenger Lite application only, while the rest of the phone applications will work effectively and with a normal sound.

Open more than one account Messenger Lite Switch Account

You can download messenger lite  from using more than one account on the same application, with the ability to save the password for each of them to be able to switch between the two accounts from one place to another whenever you want, which is a very fun feature that makes you do not need to download the original messenger lite to keep up with your other account.

messenger lite account settings

Through this option, you can adjust your personal account settings through several options, the most important of which are:

  • You can change your username or phone number and you can change the account email.
  • The ability to modify the privacy of the account, and through this, you can easily control who will see your posts on the Facebook platform and change the password. You can also choose between 3 to 5 friends to turn to in case the account is disabled or hacked.
  • In addition to blocking unwanted people or unblocking some blocked people by mistake.

The most important settings for chat and communication pages for Messenger Lite

Within the chat pages, there are other settings that you can use to make the conversation more fun and enjoyable, which are the following:

  • Video Call & Call : The ability to make audio or video phone calls by clicking on the i icon at the top of the screen and from there to Video Call or Call only, and video and audio calling can also be made by clicking on the call icon at the top of the conversation screen.
  • Mute : The ability to mute notifications and messages that will come from this particular conversation without compromising the sound of the rest of the notifications and messages of other friends. This is done by clicking on the Mute button or muting the sound in the i icon, and it is worth noting that after clicking on it, the application will ask you about the time period you want Mute notifications during which you can choose between a quarter of an hour to a whole day.
  • Color : You can choose the color you want by clicking on Color, which will add an atmosphere of fun in changing the color of the written texts while exchanging text messages with friends, and the color can be changed according to each conversation, in addition to the Emoji that you chat with, through which you can choose the emoji basic conversation.
  • Nickname : You can change the username of the friend you are chatting with so that you know who you are talking to so that you do not get confused if there are more than one friend with the same username.
  • Block : You can block this friend if they are disturbed or hurt for any reason.

Disadvantages of Messenger Lite for Android 2021

Despite the many advantages of downloading Messenger Lite that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, it contains some defects that some users have complained of and received by the Facebook administration, and it is currently in the process of folding the solution, and the most prominent of these defects are the following:

  • Facebook Messenger Lite does not include animated GIFs, and it was preferred by users of the original Facebook Messenger, as it adds a fun and humorous atmosphere within the chat, and most users rely on it, so it is one of its most important and most prominent disadvantages.
  • It is not possible to send and receive money via the app.
  • It is not possible to request the use of a taxi through the application.
  • So far, Facebook will not release the Messenger Lite program for iOS phones, but it is only available for Android phones.
  • It is difficult to call friends by video or voice call unless the phone is connected to a strong WiFi network.
  • Messenger Lite is more practical and lacks some fun snapshots and settings that make chatting fun.
  • There are no in-app games.
  • There are no notifications within the application that the message has been sent or the message has been received.
  • Messenger Lite needs further development and additions to be like the original Messenger

How secure and private is Messenger Lite 2021?

In terms of messages, calls, etc., it is safe because it works with high-quality encryption technology, and no one will be able to follow what you write or what you say with the other party, but we do not forget that it is from the industry of Facebook, which is famous for hacking users’ data and contacts with the aim of selling them to advertising companies to target the optimal segment of their products, So be aware that downloading it requires some access permissions to your personal files.

Download Messenger Lite with direct link  2021 latest version

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