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Description: Google, the official owner of YouTube, recently launched one of the largest and most advanced versions of the YouTube version, which comes with a mont
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Download YouTube Premium Paid 2021 For Free
Download YouTube Premium Paid 2021 Free

Google, the official owner of YouTube, recently launched one of the largest and most advanced versions of the YouTube version, which comes with a monthly paid globally, but also has many new features and technologies that will greatly benefit you as a user.

As we know, the YouTube platform is considered public and works on various operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS. As for the new version that was launched, it is YouTube Premium 2021 , and as we said, it is considered a paid version and its cost starts from 10 dollars per month, but since  you are here on the “Since few” site, we will provide you with how to download YouTube Premium for free, the latest version of 2021 for phones.

But first, let's get to know the basic features of this paid version.

YouTube Premium 2021 Features:

Here we are going to introduce you to the top 10 YouTube Premium 2021 features ever that will impress you.

1. Ad-free:

The new YouTube Premium 2021 version comes completely free of ads, which makes browsing and watching videos more convenient for users.

2. Music library:

Google also released youtube music premium, to solve the competition of large music platforms such as Spotify and Google Play Music, so that it has a huge music library that mixes foreign and Arabic music, which you can listen to without interruption and download it to your phone better and quickly.

3. Speed ​​in downloading:

After you get the paid version, you will notice a great speed in downloading long videos such as movies, and opening and exiting an application will be faster than before.

4. Providing exclusive offers:

Your phone will receive many notifications about new offers in terms of advertisements or the best new series...

5. Work on the home screen:

One of the best features that I personally liked in this paid version is that the application allows you to play a video on your phone. And even after you exit an application via the main back button, a video is still playing, so that you can leave a video that plays normally on the side of your screen and browse other applications without any disturbance at all, and you can also convert the video space to anywhere you want to put it across a screen.

6. Develop in Lifting:

For YouTube workers or those who provide content on this platform, this version is more suitable for them than a free version. So that it works to upload large videos as quickly as possible, and also provides them with many additions for YouTube SEO to help make videos top in results and make them look in the best shape.

7. Watch exclusive content:

Through YouTube Premium 2021, you can watch YouTube Originals, which is an exclusive content that includes many paid videos and exclusive live broadcasts from exclusive companies such as Netflix and hulu.

8. Save the video permanently:

In the free version, you may have the ability to download some videos, but it was temporary, which means that if more than 48 hours have passed since you downloaded a video in the YouTube library, it will need a new connection to the Internet in order to update the download. But with YouTube Premium, downloading videos becomes permanent on your device, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Download YouTube Premium 2021 for Free:

One of the main problems that some users suffer from is that the paid version itself is prohibited in some countries, because they do not support subscriptions or appropriate payment methods, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But as we said previously, there is no need to worry, here you will get this YouTube Premium version for free, paid for free for life.

To download Youtube premium 2021 for free on your phone, go to the following links:

Download YouTube Premium latest version apk for free, click on this Link

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