Likee App To Create And Share Videos With Special Effects Likee

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Description: Likee is similar to the popular video application Tik Tok, and according to the Entrepreneurs website, Likee is designed to create and share short vid
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Likee App To Create And Share Videos With Special Effects Likee
Download the like app 2021


What is the Like app?

Likee is similar to the popular video application Tik Tok, and according to the Entrepreneurs website, Likee is designed to create and share short videos where users can upload videos, add some effects to them, stickers, music and more of their clips.

In the Likee application, the user can choose music clips from among the millions of songs that he can use as a background for the video, as it allows the possibility of creating a free private account on the application using the phone number to shoot and publish videos, and it is available on different mobile systems; It can be downloaded from iOS or Android and others.

Likee includes a feature called FaceMagic that enables all users to swap faces in videos; Through all these features and additions, the user can transform and reincarnate any character with ease and professionalism, and it was made available free of charge to all Internet users, and it can be obtained as easily as possible.

Through this application, you can create the lowest video in which you can communicate a specific idea that is understandable to more than one person, through Like you can cut a specific part of the video or change the audio clip of the video.

You can make an unlimited number of video calls; To communicate with your relatives and friends, and the application also helps you to create and make friends with people from all over the world and communicate with them with ease, this is not all when you make video calls by the application, you can add a number of filters that make the call entertaining. Likee is an app for creating and sharing entertaining videos with special effects.

Characteristics and features of the Likee application

First of all, this application is one of the first applications in the world in the live broadcast, as it occupies a large area by using this application by users. You open a live broadcast or make a live broadcast with your friends. You will notice that some users write comments on your video. These comments come from the bottom up one by one, where is the button

Crop the video, and there is a button for posts. You can share this video with all your friends. You can also broadcast the challenge. It is considered a battle in the form of a game between you and your friend. It is about making a live broadcast video against a friend of yours and some of them work with

Some and then some users write comments and users judge the most exciting and interesting video, and then one of the owners of the video wins. This is a video challenge battle. There is also a button called Nearby, which is for users closest to you who make a live broadcast. Comedy videos that help fill free time with happiness and well-being. also features an application Laiki Likee Apk you best applications for video shooting at the level of the world 's most accurate and high quality also when you your design special video on the Lake program will find a lot of tools used in the production of video amazingly that you can video acceleration and also slow as you work switch Also, when you click on the YouTube button, it removes some of the margins and halos on the face to improve the image. I hope this explanation helped you all, thank you.

You deserve to shine - Likee

Likee is a platform to create free original short videos and share them all over the world. Flicky brings you short videos, effects and live broadcasts in one easy-to-use application. With our powerful and specialized expertise you can easily find the latest viral videos, shoot flawless videos and watch and go live. It's time to express yourself, show your talents, discover the content you love, and connect with him on Like.

We have more than 100 million users around the world. And more and more people choose Like for fun, self-expression and making friends. Download and join Likee to discover a bigger world!

Why choose Like

Edit and create short videos with popular effects

Many video effects, face filters, and editing tools are available on Likee to help you create the best videos with minimal effort.

Supermix: Enhance your videos with cool effects like face transformation, star projection, face detection, music videos and more! All you need is a picture to create awesome and specialized videos.

- Music Magic and Stickers: Create your own videos by adding tons of funny stickers, greetings, sayings, colorful poetry and cute emojis. Use music magic to create your own music videos.

- Video filter and beauty camera: Change video backgrounds with filter. Unlock a range of video effects such as drawing, glitching, classic photo montage, montage and much more! Try different types of makeup in seconds with Beauty Camera!

- Photo Video: Collect photos and turn photos into video clips or music videos with one click. Add local song lyrics, pop music and text to your selfies.

Global live broadcast and forum to make friends

Millions of talented bloggers, video creators and creators like you have already joined Likee! Follow creators you love, let's talk and make friends with them.

Live stream, receive gifts and win fans

Go live on Likee to express yourself to the world. Broadcast your life live and interact with your audience. Show your talents, grow your fan base and receive gifts. You may be the next star of Likee!

 Watch live broadcast anytime and anywhere

Discover countless talented guests from all over the world. Watch live broadcasts, chat with guests and support your favorite guests by sending gifts. Sing with music lovers and listen to new programs and songs that will inspire you and give you ideas. Special features like PK Live Stream, Fan Club and Live Likee Championship are waiting for you!

Various videos and creative contents around the world.

We have everything you want! Choose from a large variety of videos including music, dance, makeup, painting, self-help, news, movies and everything in between! Powered by personalized opinions based on what you watch, like and share, Like will serve you more of the people you like and less of the ones you don't. With Like, you will be able to quickly develop your knowledge, learn the details of life, laugh with other Like users, and keep up with the trend!

Information about the “Like” application that caused the imprisonment of Haneen Hosam

1- Likee application is a free platform for creating global short videos, and it is similar to the application of Tik Tok, and contains editing tools and capturing videos with special effects, according to the page for the introduction of the application Like.

2- The Likee application was first launched in July of 2017, and it is now one of the most famous applications in the world, and it works on mobile devices with both Android and IOS operating systems.

3- It enables users to create a platform that contains dubbed texts from the most popular films in the world, and the user can play the role of his favorite star in any movie, with a small video clip like the Tik Tok application.

4- The program contains filters and stickers for editing photos and videos, as well as the fastest production tools that turn users' photos into great movies in seconds.

5- Most of the videos posted by users of the application are entertainment clips, but there are clips that fall under the news item, and they are short videos.

6- "Like" allows adding hundreds of new makeup effects in a way that makes them change their appearance in clips.

7- The application includes thousands of stickers and emojis, as well as advanced music filters. The application also enables users to create music videos with special effects in full sync with the beat of the music.

8- The user can log in, using your Google or Facebook account.

9- The number of downloads exceeded 100 million in a short period of time.

Likee.. the story of an app that led TIK ToK girls to prison

In 2017, the likee application appeared to attract a large number of Internet users and social media pioneers in Egypt, due to its some entertainment features compared to other applications on the Internet.

What do you know about the application likee

Likee application is similar in its content and features to the famous Tik Tok application, in addition to some of the features and visual and audio effects that users prefer while shooting videos or taking photos.

Likee has become a global short video creation platform, works on Android and iOS systems, and is free to register for all customers without restrictions.

Application Laiki likee 

The application provides many features for content makers with the addition of effects and filters to ensure that the video comes out with the desired image of its owner, as well as the feature of superimposing movie scenes and clips and favorite stars on personal videos.

How to earn money from likee app legally 

Likee applies some conditions to make a profit and get rewards from the management of the application or the revenue from the ads that are broadcast on it.

To get rewards, your personal account must have at least 3 videos and have 1000 or more fans.

Does Likee contain sexual content? 

Likee application, like all applications on the Internet, is available for everyone to use with all content without censorship or filtering, with the obligation only to publish notices on some content.

There is one condition for using the Likee application and making a live broadcast through it, which is that the user must be 18 years old or over, a condition that can be bypassed by modifying the usage data for those under the age.

The app instantly bans a user who posts porn directly, but many users who are accused of porn use it as a way to lure girls into other things.

How likee likee drove girls to prison

The Likee application has been associated with some names during the recent period, led by Hanin Hosam and Mawaddah Al-Adham, who were sentenced to 10 and 6 years in prison for misuse of the application and charges related to prostitution and human trafficking.

Also, during the last period, some names that were linked to charges of prostitution and violating societal and family values ​​​​because of some similar applications spread, including Sherry Hanim and her daughter Zumrud, as well as Manar Sami, Renad Imad, Hadeer Al-Hadi, and others.  

Investigations about the use of the accused application likee likee 

Sada Al-Balad obtained the text of the testimony of the head of the Human Trafficking Department at the Department for Combating Illegal Immigration, in the investigations of the case of Hanin Hosam Abdel Qader, Mawaddah Al-Adham, Muhammad Zaki, Muhammad Alaa Laiki and Ahmed Laiki, in Case No. 4917 of 2020 Coastal Felonies, which is restricted to No. 2016 of 2020 in North Cairo.

The head of the Human Trafficking Department testified that his secret investigations concluded that the first accused, in order to attract girls under the guise of their work as announcers in the Likee application, put an electronic link on the video clip that she posted on her account with the (Instagram) application to attract girls to a group she created on her phone called (Like the Pyramid). ) for inviting them to create friendships during the period of home isolation through the like application, and I was able to invite many girls to that group.

 How to create an account on the “Like app”

Creating an account via the app can be done in 5 simple steps:

  • Open the app and download it from this link
  • Click on the display picture icon on the left of the application
  • Press to register with a “Google” account, or register with “Facebook” or “Instagram”.
  • Account selection
  • Starting to use the app

The most important information about the application Likee

  1.  Free app like Tik Tok
  2.  In the Likee program, you can do a live broadcast.
  3. There are conditions that you must pass in order to do a live broadcast on the Likee app, including that you be over 16 years old
  4.  Your account has at least 3 videos and you have 1,000 or more fans.
  5.  Like Tik Tok, you can create videos with special magical effects.
  6.  The program contains filters and stickers for editing photos and videos
  7.  The videos in the app are divided into three sections, the first for the people you follow, the second for popular videos, and the third for the videos of people who are close to you geographically.
  8.  Likee is one of the most popular applications around the world.
  9. The number of downloads reached more than 100 million in a short period of time.
  10.  You can log in with your Google or Facebook account.

Earn money from like app

What is the "Like" app?

The application was known as “Likee Video”, and it is a prominent global short video creation platform like the Tik Tok application, and it contains editing tools and capturing videos with special effects.

The application was first launched in July of 2017 and is now one of the most popular applications in the world, and it works on mobile devices with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Application features

The apps come with the ability to open multiple tabs, which is available in most other apps.

Most of the videos posted by app users are entertainment clips, but there are news clips, which are short-lived videos.

The app allows users to add hundreds of new style makeup effects that make them change their look in the video.

The app includes thousands of stickers and emojis, as well as advanced music filters.

The application enables users to create music videos with special effects in full sync with the beat of the music.

The application contains a number of smart features such as “Hair Color”, “4D Magic” and “Superpowers”, and also includes the fastest production tool that turns users’ photos into fantastic movies in seconds.

It enables users to create a platform that contains dubbed scripts from the most popular films in the world, and the user can play the role of his favorite star in any movie with a small video clip such as the Tik Tok application.

Download Likee 2021 app for all devices

Many people are looking for a way to download Likee 2021 for all cell devices, as this program is considered as one of the great packages and close to the hearts of human beings, and in quite a quick time it turned into a competitive above all packages including tik tok program, and swept The program has searched recently and broke the barrier of 20 million downloads on devices with the help of human use, the program has won the admiration of humans because of the capabilities that the program gives to its followers, we are able to give you nowadays the most basic capabilities available with the help of using the program, hyperlink and steps to download the program in your gadget that works on every system.

 Download Likee 2021 app for all mobile devices Download Likee 2021 app for all mobile devices

Likee app 2021

Like is evaluated as one of the premium applications that provides a provider of sharing your videos with friends, and the program allows you to create movies and upload audio results and funny filters to it. The program gives you many capabilities that made the program spread not so much in a quick period, and among those possibilities you can choose the melody you want and set it as background in your video.

Link and steps to download Likee 2021

Dear followers, here are some steps through which you can download the program in your mobile device:

Sign in to Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iPhone users.

Then click the app download icon.

Wait for the app to download to your gadget and start unlocking the capabilities that the app offers to your followers.

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