Live...Match Al-Ahly VS Tala Al-Jaish Today 21-09-2021 in The Egyptian Super Cup


Live...Match Al-Ahly VS Tala Al-Jaish Today 21-09-2021 in The Egyptian Super Cup
Al-Ahly VS Tala Al-Jaish 

Watch the live broadcast link for Al-Ahly’s confrontation with Al-Ahly vs Tala Al Jaish today, Tuesday, in the Egyptian Super Cup, in order to continue winning titles with coach Pitso Musimani. The Egyptian Super Cup match for the current season, and the Army Stadium in Borg El Arab will receive the confrontation tonight between Al-Ahly and the Vanguards of the Army, in a confrontation in which each team will look to present a strong show in front of the other with new deals for each team and achieve victory and win the Egyptian Super Cup title before the start of the league competitions in the season The new, and the Egyptian Super match between Al-Ahly and Tala’a Al-Jaish will be broadcast on Ontime Sport 1, and it will start today, September 21, against Al-Ahly and Tala’a Al-Jaish at exactly seven o’clock in the evening Cairo time and eight o’clock in the evening Saudi time.

Al-Ahly and Talaa Al-Jaish match

Al-Ahly team enters the match tonight on the first party, in its match tonight with the pioneers of the Egyptian Super Cup. With his South African coach Pitso Mosimane on the same path that the fans of the Red Team want, which is to win local or continental titles, and today Al-Ahly team will enter today’s confrontation with full force with its new deals in order to achieve a good performance and also won the Egyptian Super title with a convincing performance for the team’s fans, and it was the last A match played by Al-Ahly team was in the last week of the league last season, and Al-Ahly met in this match with the Aswan team, and the match ended with Al-Ahly winning with a score of two goals to one.

The date of the match between Al-Ahly and Talaa Al-Jaish

On the other hand, the Vanguards of the Army team will enter the second party in the confrontation tonight with its opponent Al-Ahly in the Egyptian Super match. The Vanguards of the Army team was also able to participate in the Egyptian Super match after it achieved a good performance in the Egypt Cup championship last season, and the team succeeded In reaching the final match also with its opponent in today’s confrontation with the Al-Ahly team, the team lost the title with penalty kicks, which ended with a result of three goals against two goals, after the match was a positive tie with a result of one goal against a goal. The last round of the league last season, and the team had met in this match with Al-Masry and the match ended in a draw without goals. Today’s team, Tala’a El-Jaish, with its coach Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, does not want to repeat the result of the Egypt Cup with Al-Ahly and seeks to achieve today the first titles for the team in its history.

Al-Ahly and Tala'a El-Jaish Match card


Egyptian Super Cup



Match Date


Match Timing

7:00 Pm Egypt time

Carrier Channel

ON Time Sport 1

Match Suspended

it is Not Determined Yet

Match Stadium

Army Stadium in Borg El Arab


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