PUBG Newstate: New Fun Coming in The New Version of The Company That Developed The Game Pubg New State


PUBG Newstate: New Fun Coming in The New Version of The Company That Developed The Game Pubg New State
Pubg New State

PUBG Newstate is the name that has been adopted for the new PUBG game, which fans of the PUBG game are eagerly awaiting, after global complaints about the exaggerated slowness of the PUBG game, so the developers announced the release of PUBG 2 or PUBG Newstate.

pubg newstate

  • The cooperation between tencent and Krafton has been confirmed in order to release a new version of the PUBG Mobile game that gives players better specifications, especially after a large number of players withdrew from playing the game due to the noticeable slowness in it.
  • As for the new PUBG game or PUBG Newstate, it will still maintain the same idea of ​​the original PUBG story with development, and the story will take place in 2051, where 100 players fight on an island closed to them, and the winner is the one who remains alive to the end, whether alone or with a team.

pubg neostate new fun coming

Pubg game lovers are on a date with a second version of it that will turn the world of electronic games upside down, as the new version is characterized by the following:

  • Sniping weapons will be greatly developed.
  • Drones will be added.
  • The game will be equipped with a number of modern electric cars
  • Glass will be added to the houses within the PUBG Newstate game.
  • Missiles that shoot from the sky and explode as soon as they hit the ground will be added.
  • Motorcycles will be developed.
  • PUBG Newstate will be equipped with an armored car that is not affected by any gunfire, and can run over other cars.
  • The graphics of PUBG Newstate will be hugely amazing like never before.

Pubg Newstate and new specs

Among the other specifications of the PUBG Newstate game are the following:

  • It will be possible for Android phones as well as iPhone.
  • 8 vs 8 mode will be added to the fight.
  • The characters in PUBG New State will be older.
  • All game lovers in the world are eagerly waiting for the release of PUBG Newstate, which will increase the fun and excitement when playing the PUBG game.