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Solve The Problem of Downloading in The Google Play Store With Simple Steps

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Solve The Problem of Downloading in The Google Play Store With Simple Steps


Of course, the Google Play Store has stopped is one of the common problems and one of the very annoying problems when completing the download or even that it does not allow you to initially download even though the Google Play Store is the default applications on the Android operating system, but the Google Play Store does not It is still a big problem on the Android system with these problems that occur, but the basic functions are still successful and work without problems at times. Update some problems in the Google Play Store in downloading applications, games, books and movies, and this is so, through this article, we will provide you with the best steps that you can Through it, solving the problem of the Google Play Store in downloading applications and games, as after this article you will solve this problem yourself without having to ask anyone for help, and this problem is very simple, but all you have to do is to do the following steps.

Solve the problem of downloading in the Google Play Store

Indeed, many problems that face Android phone users appear, but the problem is more annoying that you want to get a specific application in order to accomplish some tasks and also download a specific game, so through this article we will provide you with the best steps to overcome this very annoying problem for Android phone users and there are There are many ways in which you can solve this problem and we will present it to you in this article. You can also try the Getjar apk store alternative to Google Play.

Check internet connection

Of course, in the first step of that, you have to check the internet connection and that it is a stable internet connection in order to download the apps and games you want through the Google Play Store, so before you start downloading or a problem occurs, the download is underway without any progress, you must check the internet connection and in In this step, you must log on to any website and make sure that the Internet is working properly before moving on to the next step.

Reboot your phone

We always remind you the importance of restarting the phone in solving many smartphone problems, as the restart, as there may be a temporary problem that causes the Google Play Store to crash, and you can within a quick and easy solution is to stop and restart the phone often solve this problem As soon as the phone is turned on again and the store will return to work again, just press and hold the play button and when you see the playlist, you will click on the restart of the phone. You can also try the Apk4all store, the best alternatives to Google Play to download applications and games for free.

Disable Google Play Store

Of course, you cannot delete the Google Play Store and reinstall it completely on Android, however, you can disable the Google Play Store and activate it again in order to fix the problem of not downloading apps and games through it Long press on the Google Play Store icon and open the application information menu and then press Disable Confirm your decision, enable the application from the same menu and try to complete the installation on your Android phone.

Delete store cache

If the previous steps did not work and you face the same problems that you are unable to do, do you face the problem of installing in the Google Play Store and in this step you have to delete the cache, as there are some applications that with time succeed through some of the files that lead to disabling the application later and not working Well, therefore, for that age, you should permanently delete the cache, and through this step, you will enter the settings, then the applications, go to the Google Play Store, delete the cache, and then restart the phone.


Make sure the phone has free storage space

Of course, it is possible that the phone space is the reason for the problems of the Google Play Store and the installation of applications and games, as it is very important to have enough space in the phone in order to install any application through the store. The main and important factor in installing applications is the space and the Internet. Just log in Go to your file manager and try to free up the phone from some space and reinstall the applications you want from the store, so you can solve this problem through these simple steps.

Download from other sources without Google Play

Of course, there are many stores or sites that provide you with many very powerful features, as it is one of the fiercest alternatives to the Google Play Store. Therefore, if you face many problems with your use of the Google Play Store, the best solution is to obtain another distinctive alternative, as through you you can get On all Android applications and games in the latest version permanently, and you can also download paid applications and games for free through them. Here is a distinguished list of the best of these sites, and you can go to them through the best alternatives to the Google Play Store .

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