The Latest Version of The Game PUBG NEW STATE And The Steps


The Latest Version of The Game PUBG NEW STATE And The Steps

Many are wondering about the modern version of the New State Tower game, and they want to download it as soon as possible, but they do not know the steps for how to download, so later we will list to you everything related to that game and download it as well as the advantages that characterize this game compared to other games, as it is characterized by Gorgeous graphic design and great quality of movement, image and sound, download it on your mobile phone and enjoy the strongest experience to play the latest game ever.

Steps to download PUBG New State latest version

It is after the developer of the game PUBG Mobile announced the new version of that game PUBG NEW STATE by broadcasting a video clip on its page on the social networking site Twitter as well as YouTube, as that video is talking about PUBG in the year 2051, carried by the possible development in that year On the part of the strange technology that will be available at that time, as that video has caught the attention of all people and has made them search for the way to download PUBG NEW STATE 2, and here is the way:

  • Go to the Apple Store if you have an iPhone, write the name of the game in the search box, and choose the first box that will appear.
  • If your phone works on the Android system, then go to the Google Play Store and complete the same steps in the search box, and choose the first option.

Features of downloading PUBG NEW STATE

In fact, the events of this game revolve around the player’s fight in the future in the year 2051, where modern technology after 30 years have passed from the present time, and there are many advantages in the Peggy New State game, and among these features are all of the following:

  • In the new version of this game, you will find a realistic depiction of events, you can see glass breaking with a very realistic picture and sound.
  • The battlefield with the new update of the modern style differs from all of the above with the latest electronic games, in addition to the engineering graphics of the game that go beyond the above.
  • Adding the latest fighting equipment as well as the most powerful weapons with fast bullets.


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