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The Reason For The Separation of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

Thursday, September 2, 2021
The Reason For The Separation of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

 Sources revealed the real reason for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's separation , which was revealed in the lyrics of his latest album, Donda, in which the famous American rapper expressed his own crises. 

Kanye West's new album, Donda, which was released three days ago, caused a great deal of controversy, and informed sources told page six that his words contain many details and information about the reason for the collapse of his marriage to Kim Kardashian. 

The source indicated that the lyrics of the songs express Kanye West's betrayal of his wife Kim Kardashian after the birth of their first and second children, and despite that, the marriage continued and they had two more children. 

Kanye West's announcement of participation in the US presidential election had a profound impact on his family relationship, and in addition to his frequent infidelity and his struggle with alcoholism, increased tension. 

Despite his betrayal and divorce from him, Kim Kardashian did not abandon the father of her children and supported him a lot during the last period, and remained by his side during the promotional period that preceded the release of his Donda album.

Kanye West, 44, collapsed in tears in front of his wife Kim Kardashian, who decided to separate from him several months ago, at the launch of his new album at the end of last July.

Kanye West collapsed to his knees in front of Kim Kardashian at his new album listening party, while performing Love Unconditionally, mourning the collapse of his family and the end of his marriage. 

Kanye West's crying came as an expression of his lack of his family that separated from him, while Kim Kardashian was keen to support him by appearing with her children at the party that was held in Atlanta. 

The suffering of Kim Kardashian with her husband 

Kim Kardashian revealed in the last episode of her famous family program Keeping Up With the Kardashians about her suffering throughout the years of her marriage to Kanye West, and her constant follow-up with a psychiatrist to try to achieve happiness in her life. 

Although the separation from Kanye West was Kim Kardashian's desire, he was the fastest party to overcome the crisis and canceled the follow-up of his wife and sisters on their Instagram accounts.

Kanye West also appeared with Russian model Irina Shayk on a summer vacation in France that coincided with his birthday celebration, and they returned together to the United States of America, which confirms the existence of an emotional relationship between them, but they soon separated and did not meet again during the last period. 

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