Warning To WhatsApp Users... Do Not Open These Messages!


Warning To WhatsApp Users... Do Not Open These Messages!
WhatsApp Warning

Cyber ​​security researchers have warned of fraudulent messages on the “WhatsApp” application in an attempt to deceive users and steal their money, as many victims of scams and fraud have been monitored, and a large number of them have been monitored.

According to the British newspaper, “The Sun”, a team of researchers from the famous “Kaspersky” company specializing in cybersecurity and anti-viruses in the Russian capital, Moscow, explained that they discovered an increasing number of messages that falsely claim to be from different international companies, and users should be careful when opening Fraudulent messages.

Usually, hackers pretend to be from online delivery companies, send messages to their victims containing phishing links, ask them to click on links that take them to fake websites, and then ask users to enter bank account details, credit card or other sensitive information.


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