10 Tips To increase The number of Views on Social Networking Sites


10 Tips To increase The number of Views on Social Networking Sites
Tips To increase The number of Views on Social Networking Sites

Dedicate yourself valuable content!

Determining the appropriate content to put on social media is the most important step in gaining the admiration of followers. Social media is somewhat like starting a conversation with the audience, as it is necessary for the content owner to prepare and read the information he will provide.

For example, if the content includes a medical page, the information must be written from reliable sources and approved websites, and it is preferable to track previously published content and update it in line with developments and public interest.

Include content with photos, graphics and videos!

The creator of the content must use and use images, graphics, and videos to illustrate ideas; Since the human being is a visual being who is attracted to images; This is because images and videos make the idea easier to understand and explain, but the types of images that improve the message of the content owner and resonate with followers must be chosen.

Images and visuals help create links between what is seen, heard, and read, that is, they increase the effectiveness of the content, and prevent boredom that may occur to the viewer and thus spend as much time as possible on the page, in addition to that it encourages fans to participate and interact on the page, increasing its reach to a greater number This is called content marketing.

Choose the right times to post!

Choosing a specific time to publish via social media is important to reach the largest number of users, followers, and interactors, by knowing the optimal time when people often use social media during the day, as social media companies analyze data according to when people use it, But these times are constantly changing and not fixed.

For example, Tuesday from 11 am to 2 pm is good for publishing, in addition to the days from Monday to Friday at 11 am is one of the best times for publishing, and Saturday is crowded with publications on these sites, which makes it difficult for the content owner to reach a number of posts large audience.

Listen to your followers and interact with their comments!

The audience’s interaction with the content indicates their admiration for the content presented on the page, and the content owner should express his gratitude for this admiration by interacting with these comments, which may require a lot of time and may be considered a waste of time sometimes, but a number of strategies can be followed to interact with the audience equitably and without wasting time .

Instead of responding with the word “thank you” to the comments that include praise, the audience can be asked about the content they prefer on the page, and what is their attitude towards this type of content? Do they want to publish more of this kind?

Emojis can also be used to interact with opinions, as they express emotions such as sadness, anger, joy, enthusiasm, etc., or use animations that can be created or those that are ready in devices, and it is preferable to allocate a weekly, daily, or monthly time to interact with the audience .

Keep refreshing your profile pictures!

The profile of the content owner on social media is different from the profile of another person, although there is no specific number and timing of changing the profile picture, but it is a good marketing tool for the page, and it is preferable to change it monthly and stop changing it weekly.

For example, the image can be changed with the change of seasons to express a sense of timing, in addition to changing it on holidays and official occasions to express the effectiveness of the page, and the image can be changed to express new content or new services that will be presented on the page, in addition to the need to change it to support the great events that happen in the world.

Accept criticism in a diplomatic way!

Everyone must face criticism on social media, and the content owner must know how to deal with these criticisms without being influenced by them or exaggerating things to become worse, for example, it is possible to follow the method of self-mockery and turn criticism into humor, and show self-confidence.

In the event that the page is accused of providing something wrong, the correct way to deal with this matter is to accept criticism and admit that the error is inevitably possible. Provide a formal apology in a clear and explicit manner when the error occurred.

What about paid ads?

Exactly similar to the ads used on television, radio, and newspapers, but the method of advertising is different through social media, by paying service providers a sum of money to publish page content in the form of a video ad, image, or written content, which increases the number of Page audience.

These ads have become an integral part of the electronic marketing of pages and content , and these types of ads include: Google ads that place ads on search engines, Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube, and Amazon ads.

Use hashtags to increase your followers!

The hashtag or the so-called hashtags, referred to by the symbol (#), is important for followers to reach the page depending on the content similar to the hashtag, where 30 hashtags can be placed when publishing, but the number of hashtags is determined by the content owner depending on what suits him It fits its target audience by using the right words to get the audience to what they are looking for.

The most complex interactive competitions!

Contests are one of the most important steps that attract a larger number of followers on social networking sites, and there are many ideas that can be followed, such as: exploration games: letting followers guess what the image contains in the competition, in addition to design competitions that allow followers to design something, then choose the design the best among them.

As well as the voting game by asking a question and setting a number of options for the followers to start choosing their preferences and answers, and this game is fun and interactive.

Don't forget to have fun and a sense of humor!

Humor and laughter are important marketing techniques. Since comedy content is easy to create and preferred by a large number of people, through the use of TV quotes, funny movies, and entertaining video reposts and imitations, it makes the audience more shareable and thus gaining likes and comments.


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