7 Wrong information Spread in The World of Bodybuilding

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Description: 7 Wrong information Spread in The World of Bodybuilding We hear a lot of rumors every day in the world of bodybuilding, and the problem is that most
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7 Wrong information Spread in The World of Bodybuilding
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7 Wrong information Spread in The World of Bodybuilding

We hear a lot of rumors every day in the world of bodybuilding, and the problem is that most bodybuilders make these mistakes and listen to these rumors, and after all this they do not get a good result in bodybuilding, so today we will tell you about the most myths that are exchanged between people It is easily certified, follow this article with us for the other to benefit.

Eating in the evening causes weight gain?

We have been hearing a lot for years now about that eating in the evening increases your weight, but this is very wrong information, the only thing through which weight gain or weight loss is controlled.

It is the number of calories you eat throughout the day, so eating in the evening does not cause weight gain at all, and the evidence is try not to eat all day, and eat only one or two meals in the evening, do you think that you will gain weight? Definitely not.

Essential supplements for bulking

We also hear a lot about that nutritional supplements should be an essential thing in your life if you aim to gain muscle, the truth is that nutritional supplements without a complete and healthy diet will not be able to achieve anything in body building.

And nutritional supplement means complement and the supplement is the one who complements the thing which is the diet and then you will be on the right track to amplify your muscles.

Drinking water during exercise is wrong?

Some people say to new beginners in bodybuilding that drinking water during exercise is a mistake, but unfortunately this is also very wrong, and muscle 75% of it consists of water.

And without drinking water, you will not have energy and will not be able to do any activity with effort, so you can drink water during the exercise between each group and the other just a small sip of water and after the exercise you can drink a large glass of water.

Heavier weights for more muscle

The only and essential thing to increase the size of the muscles in the body is not just lifting heavy weights, but also depends on your integrated diet and appropriate for the goal that you want to reach, and attention to sleep 8 hours at night, with exercise with heavy weights with which you can exercise with a correct performance, then the size will increase Your muscles really.

What will happen if you stop exercising?

There is no connection between muscle tissue and fat tissue at all, they are two different tissues, so it is impossible for your muscles to turn into fat when you stop exercising for days or even months, some people will say, but when I quit exercise I actually gain weight,

I will answer you with this correct, but, you did not gain weight because you just quit exercising, but you gained weight because you eat the same amount of calories that you were eating and you are doing a great physical effort which is bodybuilding, so you are now not making any effort so it is normal for your weight to increase .

Women's exercises are different from men's exercises?

Studies have previously proven that there is no difference between the type of muscle tissue for women and muscle tissue for men, but the only difference is the hormones responsible for the amount of muscle that a man can build, so women can practice the same exercises that men do without fear of body And very huge muscles because the hormone is different, and women will not be able to get huge muscles except by using hormones only. Learn about the best exercises to inflate muscles at home.

More repetitions to bulk up more muscles?

If you want to get big and solid muscles, you should do a few repetitions using heavier weights, research has proven that the best growth occurs when you carry weights within 60% to 80% of the maximum weight you can carry, with a few repetitions of 8 to 10 repetitions .

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