A Disk For Each Student.. Details of The Education and Health Meeting in Preparation For The School Year


A Disk For Each Student.. Details of The Education and Health Meeting in Preparation For The School Year
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Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister of Education for Teachers’ Affairs, held a meeting with the directorates of the directorates via video conference; To discuss a plan to prepare for the new school year, activate preventive and precautionary measures in the face of infectious diseases, and implement a policy of social distancing in educational facilities.

The school year begins on Saturday, October 9, with full attendance and registration for attendance and absence, and attendance is obligatory, not optional, with all precautionary measures implemented in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Population.

During the meeting, the Deputy Minister confirmed the activation of the Ministry of Health's preventive plan for the new academic year, which includes the following:

Wash hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds before leaving the house and frequently at school, before eating any food or drink, during recess, and before entering class.

Wearing the appropriate mask correctly and according to the regulated instructions for this, and safe disposal of it when removing food or contaminating it.

Preventing overcrowding and observing physical distancing on school buses and during boarding or disembarking from classes.

It is preferable to rely on foods prepared in advance at home or provided through school feeding.

A thermal scan is done for each student before entering the school.

Vaccinate everyone who stands on the school campus over the age of 18, and no person without the corona vaccine is allowed to enter the school campus.

Each student sits on a separate disk.

During the lesson, the teacher must maintain a physical distance between him and the students when moving between them.

The distance between the students’ seats in the classroom should not be less than a meter, while wearing a surgical or cloth mask from a responsible source.

Providing an adequate number of toilets commensurate with the number of students.

Masks, gloves and used personal tissues are placed in special baskets.

Banning street vendors in front of schools.

Awareness-raising posters at the entrance to the school, at the beginning and at the end of the corridors, and at the locations of school activities.

Notice of preventive measures on school radio periodically.

The inclusion of educational materials interspersed with school activities in a variety of ways.

The school administration and the competent committee shall allocate a temporary isolation room when a case is suspected among students, teachers or support staff.

The necessity of limiting the daily absence of students and informing the health visitor of it.

In the case of any activity where students are required to be divided into groups while reducing the number of students in each group.

The necessity of the teacher’s presence before the students in the classrooms to organize the students’ entry and their sitting on the benches, and each student sits on a separate disk, taking into account the lack of crowding, and at the class, the teacher must maintain the physical distance between him and the students when moving between them.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has determined cases of closing classrooms and schools to deal with cases of Corona with the start of the new school year, explaining that if more than one confirmed case occurs in the same class within two weeks, the class will be closed for 28 days by a decision of the health administration, and in the case of more than one closure. From a class in the school within two weeks, the whole school is closed for 28 days.

The ministry explained that in the event of the closure of a school located in a school complex and other cases appearing in several schools in the same complex, the school complex will be closed for a period of 28 days, and when a quarantine is imposed on the village or city, schools in the village or city are closed until the end of the stone.

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نبذه عني: أنا (عاصم) صاحب موقع (منذ قليل)، الذي يهدف إلى توفير محتوى متميز ومفيد في مجالات مختلفة. يسعى الموقع إلى تقديم المعلومات بطريقة سهلة وواضحة للجمهور، وتحفيز النقاش والحوار حول المواضيع المطروحة.

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