Download Foxit Reader 2022 To Play Books

Download Foxit Reader 2022 To Play Books
Download Foxit Reader 2022


Document drivers are very popular due to their importance for the user. Today, we will present to you one of the distinguished programs in the field, the Focus Reader program that specializes in operating electronic books and magazines in PDF format, as it has all the functions to control documents, the most prominent of its advantages is that it is light on the computer, which does not take much It has plenty of resources while running and is suitable for devices with modest requirements, as well as running books that allow you to create them from scratch.

Foxit Reader 2022 is one of the most prominent solutions in reading scientific books and lessons for the benefit of students, as it allows full control of books by zooming in and changing pages, and also supports keyboard shortcuts where you can do many tasks based on the keyboard, and the program supports tabs technology to open a large number of books in a window One, through this application, you can perform various modification operations such as editing words and sentences, adding titles and comments with changing the size and color of the font, and you can highlight one of the texts to return to it easily.

Download Foxit Reader 2022 To Play Books

Through this program, you can perform searches within the electronic documents that are opened, and this is useful in quickly accessing the content that you want to view. The paper is on the length or width, or print specific pages, as there are many other settings that ensure you control the use of the printer connected to the computer.

With Foxit Reader 2022, you can create new documents in several ways by inserting images and text, or using a book scanner where you can convert them from image to text and add them to your own documents. You can also use Microsoft Word and Excel functions to write documents, many documents contain information Extremely confidential and for its protection, the program provides advanced protection methods to secure your documents in PDF format. In total, Foxit Reader 2022 is one of the most popular programs for operating documents, as it has been used by more than 500 million users.

Download Foxit Reader 2022 To Play Books

Features Foxit Reader 2022

  • Play all kinds of documents in PDF format.
  • Tabs system to open a large number of books in one window.
  • Multiple options for printing documents on the printer connected to the computer.
  • Create documents from scratch by adding text, images and titles.
  • Select a specific area of ​​a book that you are reading to make it easier to access it later.
  • Add electronic signature and timestamps to documents.
  • Make notes, comments, and add squares and circles to e-books.
  • Works with various Windows systems including XP / 7 / 8 / 10.
  • Supports multiple options in protecting your documents.
  • Many options for viewing and controlling pages through keyboard shortcuts.
  • It comes with support for the majority of languages ​​including Arabic, English and French.
  • An organized graphic interface that gives the user a unique experience in opening electronic documents.

Information about Foxit Reader 2022

Software version:
Program size:183 MB
Publisher:Foxit Software Incorporated.
Program compatibility:Windows / 7 / 8 / 10

Download Foxit Reader 2022 To Play Books

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