Download Maxthon Browser For PC 2022


Download Maxthon Browser For PC 2022
Download Maxthon Browser For PC 2022

Maxthon 2022 is a well-known browser that is widely popular around the world and the reason is due to its high efficiency in browsing sites and providing all the tools that the user needs in the process of browsing the web, including its support for various modern and old web technologies, as it displays websites in an ideal format as they were designed, The browser offers better performance compared to other browsers, as it is characterized by high speed in accessing websites due to its reliance on leading technologies in the field that contribute greatly to opening websites very quickly even if you have a weak network connection, and Maxthon Browser contains a download manager through which you can Download various types of files such as applications, games and archive files from the web at high speed with available management options such as pause and resume, and you can also complete downloads that were interrupted by an internet outage.

Download Maxthon Browser For PC 2022

Max Thun Browser provides additional tools, including browsing the code of the web pages you visit, and this feature is very useful in developing websites as it enables you to copy the codes you want and transfer them to your own site or blog, and also provides a screen capture tool so that you can make a screenshot From the web page and save it to the hard disk in PNG, JPG format, this can be used as keyboard shortcuts to request a lot of tasks from the browser, including opening a new window or tab, and the page can also be saved on your site to browse at any time you want, Maxthon Browser comes with Great advantages, including the feature of blocking harmful sites and stopping pop-up ads that forcefully appear to the visitor and may be a real nuisance to the user, and you can maintain privacy by deleting all browsing data with a few clicks.

 2022 Features Maxthon Browser

  • It blocks pop-up ads that may be annoying.
  • It provides the ability to download various types of files from the Internet.
  • Lets maintain privacy by deleting all traces of browsing.
  • Provides high speed access to websites on the Internet.
  • Web page code review tool to develop your site.
  • It saves the sites you visit to be suggested to you in the future.
  • It is compatible with various modern and old web technologies in which it was programmed.

 2022 Information about Maxthon Browser

Software version:
Program size:80.3 MB
Program compatibility:Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10

Download Maxthon Browser 2022


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