Download TrueCaller Caller 2021 ID Detection For Android

Download TrueCaller Caller 2021 ID Detection For Android
TrueCaller Caller 2021


Many users want to know the source of unknown numbers that are not registered in the friends list, so this application will be dedicated to them and will help them greatly in identifying the names of callers who are calling them on Android devices, as immediately after the number appears, the name of the caller will appear to you directly, and it should be Indicating that the application may be a suitable solution for annoying communications that do not recognize the time of sleep or rest, and more than that, you will get to know its owner and then take the appropriate measures to stop the inconvenience and enjoy your comfort, the application has a large database on the Internet that includes the personal files of almost all numbers How was the country and it is collected in a complex and smart way, which means knowing all the numbers, and it should be noted that the application is used in a wide manner in all types of phones operating with the Android system, which means compatibility with Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and other devices, and the program has become one of the most downloaded applications in google play market.

Download TrueCaller Caller 2021 ID Detection For Android

This includes the additional advantages of the Truecaller 2021 application, to block certain individuals from contacting you, where you can add them to the black list of the application to get rid of their inconvenience and to provide you with more convenience. The same applies to text messages as well,  where all calls and SMS that come to your phone from numbers will be stopped Moreover, TrueCaller is constantly being improved by developers, as over the course of the updates, some modern features  are added, one of which is the caller identification feature in the WhatsApp application, and this feature is one of the most important modern features that have been attached and provided for the benefit of the user, and for the record that the application It requires creating your own personal account so that you will be able to make backup copies of numbers, messages and contacts directly so that you can access them from any device around the world connected to the Internet. Other customizations that the user can access.

Features of The Truecaller 2021 Application

  • Know the identities of the owners of the contacts that reach your phone.
  • The ability to add annoying users to the blacklist.
  • A powerful database containing millions of numbers with names.
  • You can back up your data.
  • The feature of recording calls that arrive on your phone with a clear voice.
  • Supports a large number of international languages, including Arabic.
  • Show the name of the owner of the number who is calling you on WhatsApp.

Information About The TrueCaller 2021 App

Software version:11.81.7
Program size:104 MB
Publisher:True Software Scandinavia AB.
Program compatibility:Android systems

Download TrueCaller Caller 2021 ID Detection For Android