How To Shorten Jeans

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Description: Clothes made of jeans are very durable despite their roughness, as jeans are known to be pants that are worn to cover the lower part of the body , and
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How To Shorten Jeans
How To Shorten Jeans

Clothes made of jeans are very durable despite their roughness, as jeans are known to be pants that are worn to cover the lower part of the body , and despite the use of jeans fabric in the manufacture of various types of clothing, it is still adopted as a type of pants only, jeans are popular It is especially popular from different cultures and is worn by everyone of all ages, because it can be worn at all times and occasions, except for formal occasions that require special clothes.

Blue jeans in particular are the most attractive and desired even by celebrities and artists, jeans are made of a very heavy fabric called denim compared to other pants that are made of other light fabrics, and in this article, you will learn how to shorten jeans and how to remove ink stains from it in the simplest ways . 

Jeans are especially popular and popular in different cultures and are worn by everyone and of all ages because they can be worn at all times and occasions except for formal occasions that require special clothes.

How to shorten jeans

How to create a new hem for your pants?

Getting jeans along the entire leg is difficult, so the pants are usually bought even though their length does not match the appropriate length for the person. That's why many people resort to looking for how to shorten the jeans to wear comfortably or send them to someone who knows how to shorten them, in fact it is the way to shorten them Easy, but it needs some rules to ensure the success of the desired goal, and the following is a detailed explanation of how to shorten jeans in several ways:

Keep the original pants hem

The original trouser hem can be preserved and shortened by following these steps:

  • Determine the appropriate length by marking.
  • Fold the pants from the bottom to the marked mark.
  • Secure the hem with straight pins. Sew the circumference of the trousers below the hem by hand or with a sewing machine.
  • Open the hem and tuck the excess fabric from the cuff up the leg of the jeans.
  • Fold the original edge down and return it to its original shape.
  • Iron the edges of the pants after you are done to secure them.

Create a new footnote

Create a new footnote by doing the following:

  • Mark the jeans using chalk.
  • Make two more lines. Draw the desired line, so that the distance between them is 1/2 cm.
  • Cut the pants according to the third line.
  • Fold the edges of the pants inward along the lines drawn to create a new hem.
  • Pin the hem after tucking in with sewing pins.
  • Sew the new hem by hand or with a sewing machine

How can remove ink stains from jeans?

Pens are often left without covers in the pockets, or open pens may fall on the clothes and cause stains and marks on the clothes, which leads to spoiling them. Ink stains are difficult and cannot be removed easily, especially when they fall on jeans. How can ink stains be removed without spoiling Jeans, or causing damage to them, explained in the following points:

  • If ink is spilled immediately, wipe it with paper towels or tissues.
  • Lay several layers of paper towels under the stain.
  • Wet the stain with a few drops of water and wipe it with a paper towel from the edges inward.
  • Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the stain from the edges to the inside.
  • Rinse the stained area with cold water, spread the soap over it with a brush, and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Wash the area with water and dry the jeans.
  • Repeat the previous steps if there are some spots or traces.

Video on how to shorten jeans

 In this video, it is explained how to shorten jeans in steps, starting with taking measurements and making an appropriate mark using pins, and how to put the pins in a way that the jeans are completely fixed, in addition to explaining the mechanism of sewing the cuff or hem using a sewing machine and controlling its appropriate levels:

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