Muscle Workout Twice A Week To Bulk Up

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Description: Muscle Workout Twice A Week To Bulk Up Do I exercise the muscles only once a week or do I exercise them twice a week to get the best results, what is
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Muscle Workout Twice A Week To Bulk Up
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Muscle Workout Twice A Week To Bulk Up

Do I exercise the muscles only once a week or do I exercise them twice a week to get the best results, what is the benefit of training once and what is the benefit of training twice, and is there any harm when I exercise twice a week or not.

Science has proven that exercising the muscles twice a week is better than exercising them only once, and this is what most bodybuilders do, and it is the best thing to build muscle mass in a short time.

In the research that was done, they found that the trainees who exercised twice a week, that their muscles and strength increased more than the trainees who exercised only once, but this is of course assuming that the diet is appropriate for your goal, and taking the percentage of protein your muscles need and sleep 8 Hours a day at night.

If Training A Muscle Twice A Week is Good, Can I Train it Three Times?

Dear bodybuilder, everything has limits. If you train your muscles twice a week, while adhering to an excellent diet, attention to sleep and the psychological factor, you will achieve excellent results and your muscles will undoubtedly increase in size, but if you exercise 3 or 4 times, it will not increase. In size, the results will be opposite and will not increase in size, but you will lose your muscles and you will start muscle demolition, and this is because you do not give your muscles the full muscle recovery to them and you will not be able to give it to them from the ground up, besides that you exercise them three times, here you are losing your bites and not increasing their size.

Small and large muscles have a specific period to complete the process of muscle recovery. Small muscles such as biceps, triceps, calves, and forearms take about 24 hours to complete their recovery, but if you take care of your diet and sleep, you can train small muscles every two days without any problem But on the condition that you pay attention to nutrition.

Large muscles need about 48 hours to complete their recovery period, for example: the muscle of the leg, shoulder, chest and back, then you can exercise the large muscles every 3 days and this is the most appropriate and best thing to increase your muscles in size, assuming the presence of food, sleep and rest.

The Best Training Regimens For Muscle Training Twice A Week

There are many bodybuilding training programs to train the muscle twice a week, for example:

Upper & Lower Workout System

This system makes you train the entire upper part with each other and the lower part with each other.

Day 1 Upper: chest - back - shoulder - biceps - triceps

Day 2 Lower: Front, back and calf muscles

Day 3 Rest: Rest

But provided that the intensity of training for each muscle is not intense.

Example: If you are training the chest muscles 4 exercises, you will do 2 exercises only, as well as the biceps, triceps, back and shoulder. On the second day, the leg muscles are trained and the third rest, and you repeat the table like this.

Push Pull Leg

This system depends on dividing the muscles of the body into three muscle groups, the first group is the push (push) such as the chest, triceps and shoulder, these are muscles in which the exercise depends on pushing the weight.

Pull, such as the muscles of the back, biceps, back shoulder and traps, then on the third day it is the muscles of the legs, and you repeat this table.

Day one: pay

Day Two: Draw

Third day: a man

Fourth day, rest, then repeat the schedule again, and so on

Full Body Workout Program

His idea is that you work out all the upper and lower body muscles in one day, this system is only suitable for people who do not have enough days to train in the week, such as people who have a lot of work or daily preoccupations or travel.

The method of exercise: All muscles exercise on the first day and then take two or three days of rest, and then on the fourth day all muscles exercise again and so on, and this is better than not exercising at all.

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