The Best Simultaneous Translation Apps | 4 Apps To Translate Via The Phone's Camera

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Description: The best simultaneous translation applications The online stores contain a large number of simultaneous translation applications, but when experimenti
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The Best Simultaneous Translation Apps | 4 Apps To Translate Via The Phone's Camera
4 Apps To Translate Via The Phone's Camera

The best simultaneous translation applications The online stores contain a large number of simultaneous translation applications, but when experimenting and actually working on these applications, we notice that there are very few of them that provide accurate translation of sentences and phrases.

The best simultaneous translation applications are produced by major companies such as “Google and Microsoft”, which spend millions of dollars in research and development and employ artificial intelligence and technology, for the purpose of creating everything new in the field of simultaneous translation of phrases.

Many people now welcome the idea of traveling and getting to know the cultures of other countries, but what they face most is the difficulty of understanding foreign sentences and phrases, which makes them urgently need a professional program for simultaneous translation of words and sentences. the phone.

The best simultaneous translation apps using the phone's camera

There are many simultaneous translation applications, but they work traditionally, which is to manually enter the sentence to be translated, and this is of course a complex matter for many individuals, as many face difficulty in writing those sentences.

But with simultaneous translation applications using the camera, you do not need to write sentences and phrases, but you only need to direct the camera to the phrase to be translated, and these programs will work immediately on the translation, and the most important of these applications are:

Best simultaneous translation apps

Google Translate App

Google has released a professional application for simultaneous translation, which provides the ability to translate more than 59 languages without the need to connect to the Internet, by downloading the language pack.

Google Translate app features:

  • Simultaneous translation of more than 90 languages via the phone's camera
  • A section dedicated to saving your favorite translations, making it easy to access.
  • Possibility to display dictionary results for individual words and phrases

Download the Google Translate app

Google Play – App Store

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft has released a translation application, which is one of the best simultaneous translation applications, as it enables you to translate texts and phrases instantly via conversation or writing. The application is designed with the latest technology, and it also has the feature to download languages for use offline.

Microsoft Translator Features:

  1. Supports translation of more than 60 languages.
  2. By syncing the devices you can have the translated conversations.
  3. Possibility to download a language pack for offline translation.
  4. The listening feature, which enables you to listen to the translated phrases and help you pronounce them.
  5. The possibility of exploring alternative translations and knowing the meanings of the words to be translated.
  6. Share translated phrases with other applications.
  7. A section dedicated to saving your favorite translations.
  8. Sync between your phone and your Android Wear smartwatch to share translations automatically.
  9. Get instant translation when speaking to your Android Wear smartwatch.
  10. A section dedicated to the interpretation of common phrases for translations and familiarization with pronunciation methods.

Download The Microsoft Translator App:

Google Play – App Store – Windows

Baidu Translate App

Baidu Translate is one of the best simultaneous translation applications, the application translates 16 languages, and it contains more than 5 million trusted dictionaries that help provide instant translation of words, and it also offers the translation feature through the phone's camera.

The application enables you to translate phrases offline, as it provides a package for interpreting the phrases and an audio package for some languages “Japanese, Korean, English”

Baidu Translate app features for instant translation:

  • Translate phrases accurately and with high quality. The ability to convert texts into translated writings for supported languages.
  •  Voice translation, which enables you to communicate with foreign people at any time.
  •  Translation countries connect to the Internet, as it provides a package of supported languages, such as “Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean”.
  •  The application includes a huge collection of trusted dictionaries, numbering up to 5 million.
  •  The application supports the GPS feature of the Global Positioning System. It contains a huge collection of common phrases in all supported languages.

Download Baidu Translate App

Google Play – App Store

Waygo Simultaneous Translation App

Waygo is one of the best simultaneous translation applications, especially if you are a fan of traveling to South and East Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea. You can translate the application into English by using your smartphone camera.

The application is available in two versions, the first version is the free version that enables you to get 10 daily translations, you can download the first version as a trial of the application and then you can upgrade to the paid version, which is unlimited for life

Waygo app features:

  • Simultaneous translation using the phone's camera.
  • Doesn't need internet connection
  • Ease of use You can just click on the foreign text to start translating it.
  • The feature of sharing translation on other applications such as social networking applications, e-mail and others.
Download the Waygo

 Amazon - App Store

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