“Thomas Lipton” .. From A Simple Seller to The Founding of A Tea Empire


“Thomas Lipton” .. From A Simple Seller to The Founding of A Tea Empire
Thomas Lipton


He faced many life's difficulties since his childhood, but he was able to build his own empire so that his life became one of the inspiring success stories of many entrepreneurs. He is "Thomas Lipton", founder of the huge Lipton tea empire, the giant company that has maintained its success for more than a century and even Now, and in the following lines, the “Kalimatna” platform monitors his journey of success.

Tea is one of the world's most popular and unparalleled drinks, and the famous Lipton tea came to become a milestone in the tea industry of its various types, occupying the first positions in the world thanks to the quality of its manufacture and its distinctive flavor, and behind that famous brand was its founder Thomas Lipton, who despite Of the gigantic success that he achieved, he was always characterized by humility and morals.

Childhood dream:

In Scotland in 1848, Thomas Lipton was born into a simple family, joined school but in the evening, and began his career since he was 13, and he had a dream he wished to achieve, which is to travel, and indeed he worked hard to achieve that dream when he started working as a porter on a cargo ship. And Lipton was passionate about the sea, which made him listen to the stories of sailors, and made his dream of traveling grow even more.

Indeed, Thomas was able to achieve his dream and traveled to the United States and settled there for 5 years, and in those years he moved between several businesses, starting from a simple seller through being an accountant and reaching his work as a grocer’s assistant, as well as passing through homes to sell various goods, and then Lipton returned to Britain in 1870, in order to help his family in their small shop.

“Thomas Lipton” .. From A Simple Seller to The Founding of A Tea Empire

Lipton brand:

A year after his return to Britain, Lipton established his first private grocery store, and through that store he was able to achieve great profits that helped him establish several other grocery stores across Scotland, which made him start the first steps of success in his career journey, until he was able to establish many Of the 300 stores in Britain only.

In 1880, after 17 years of success, Thomas Lipton turned to the world of the tea industry and began investing in it, and in 1888 the demand for tea was increasing, especially after low prices, which made Thomas decide to allocate everything he owned, whether it was from shops or money to the tea trade. Indeed, he established a tea tasting office.

“Thomas Lipton” .. From A Simple Seller to The Founding of A Tea Empire

Thomas then began to promote his goods and wholesale distribution, and he sold tea at unprecedented prices, especially to the poor working class market, and then began to supply his stores with goods. And that was after his family.

Lipton was always keen to sell his tea products at low prices, which made his brand more famous with the passage of time, and in 1890 Thomas traveled to Sri Lanka and made many deals, and he also bought several tea gardens, to start a new stage in the journey of his success He sells tea all over the world, making his brand popular and becoming the founder of the famous tea empire.

Promote the Lipton brand:

Thomas was a sports lover, which made him take advantage of that love and promote his brand, when a cup tournament was held between two teams, to take advantage of that event and announce his new product, and then make his brand “Lipton” the official sponsor of many football cup tournaments. foot.

“Thomas Lipton” .. From A Simple Seller to The Founding of A Tea Empire

Despite Thomas' interest in his professional life, he never lost sight of his role and social responsibility, as he was used to helping volunteers from medical organizations, especially during the World War, and his image topped the cover of Time magazine several times, after increasing his popularity and his reputation for humility and morals despite his fame And he achieved amazing successes all over the world.

In October 1931, Thomas Lipton departed in London, leaving behind his good reputation, and his famous giant empire through a distinctive brand that has maintained its name for many years and continues to this day, to become his success story inspiring to many emerging entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve success and reach their dreams.

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