UFL: The Long-Awaited Soccer Game Challenge, All You Need To Know!


Game UFL , the title of an ambitious new prospective strongly by football fans in the world, with refined repetition boring for a series of FIFA and its inability to provide new annually, and the level of PES miserable decade ago and until the technical disaster eFootball this year, hopes lovers to get A game of football that satisfies their vanity for the world's most famous sport, and at the same time offers a fair experience.

For decades, my company has been EA Sports and Konami dominate your games football scene, no one can compete, or even think about the competition, for a long time you think that the developers of 2K enter into this arena and make their play football like NBA, but This did not happen.

Despite the recent development of Strikerz , who is developing the UFL game, but this can be considered the first and boldest attempt by a developer to compete with EA and the FIFA series, if we consider that Konami is dead and this is true, the audacity has reached to suggest that the game will provide the missing "justice" in soccer games The football is, of course, a clear reference to the FIFA chain that is rife with paid digital transactions.

Personally, I liked the way the developer presented the game through the opening presentations, the website as well as the game's social networking pages, which mainly address and communicate with the players, as well as professionalism in presenting that information directly, which bodes well in the quality of the studio that created In 2016, although I don't know much about it to be honest.

The UFL was officially announced at the Gamescom event at the end of last August, and the developer did not actually share many details, including the launch date, which is not yet specified, but at least we have a lot of important information about the game that we collected and appeared recently that You should know it and maybe get a little excited, and I don't mind adding some personal analysis based on what we saw.

Development and PC version will be delayed!

The UFL game is currently being developed for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, and the developer is interested in the PC version as well, but to a large extent the computer will not be included in the launch platforms, and this means that the game may be released to the computer after a period of its release to the home platforms, but this does not deny that it will not come In the end, the developer confirmed that he is interested in all major platforms, including the PC, but for development matters, the focus will first be on providing the experience to owners of home platforms.

It seems that the focus on home platforms has many logical reasons, the simple reason is that the numbers that play the game on these platforms are much more than players on the PC, in FIFA, for example, you can see game servers crowded with players 24 hours a day throughout the year while FIFA players on PC sometimes struggle with the lack of opponents to play online, especially in modes such as Pro Club, Volta, and Seasons.

Another reason for this is that the number of purchase copies on the home platforms of the FIFA series is often times the computer version, and this is due to another reason that makes matters worse is that development on the PC version has stopped since last year, as PC players get the same experience as the old generation of platforms, while the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions seem to be more advanced in terms of graphics and technology.


The UFL game will work using the Unreal Engine , in cooperation with the InStat platform , a platform that is interested in collecting and analyzing data on football matches and providing results related to the players’ performance accurately. Experience to the game, and therefore we will see player ratings closer to reality and may change according to players' performance.

EA, for example, this year in FIFA 22 reduced the player's abilities from 90 to 89, come on EA, how is this possible? With a platform like this, it might be more data and analysis than just marketing.

The focus will be on online competitions!

The game focuses mainly on team play or online competitions, but at the same time it will not neglect the individual “offline” phases, but do not expect the existence of a phase such as “Career Mod” at least with the launch of the game or even after a period of its release, but it will be a phase The aflains in the game are limited to playing with your friends in friendly matches.

The game is still in the development stage as we know, however we got a number of screenshots of the "West Ham" stadium and also a pair of short videos from directly inside the game engine that show the quality of the faces of players such as "Firmino" and "Zyishkno", and in fact it looks very ambitious from Where are the models and details?

The presence of West Ham Stadium, or what was known as the London Stadium previously, means that the game is able to obtain rights to real stadiums, teams as well as players and not, as some believe, will provide Generic elements and will not withdraw the rug of rights from FIFA, this does not mean that those rights will be taken away from a series FIFA, but they may share rights to some stadiums and teams, and each of them may get some of the other rights exclusively.

Liverpool player Firmino will be the ambassador of the game, and by announcing this, he revealed the shape of his initial card, which does not show many details except for his image and a group of stars above, but confirms that the game will contain cards for players such as those in the famous FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

There is an in-house development studio that focuses only on the motion capture and animation part of both the in-game and cinematic scenes, and since this is one of the most important and complex parts of football simulation games, the developer wants to render it in an optimal form that satisfies the players.

Arabic servers and launch date

One of the biggest problems facing Arab players in FIFA is the servers, especially in the competitive phases, and “ping” has the effect of magic in the foot-champion competitions in particular, as fans of the game know, so I like the developer’s focus on defects and follow the scene intensely in order to avoid that With the launch of their game.

In the current period, the developer collects data and analyzes the potential number of players for each region, the size of the community, and many other things. If it is proven that there is a large fan base in the Middle East, servers will be created for Arab regions.

As I mentioned, there is no specific date for the launch of the game, and perhaps talking about its launch this year is a fantasy as well. The game is still in the early development stage, and according to the developer, he does not want to rush at all, not only in launching the game, but even in disclosing the date of its launch, The developer wants to work closely and quietly to finally bring the product out in the form that players have been waiting for for decades.

The developer will constantly listen to the demands of the players and will try to achieve them as much as possible, even after the launch of the game, and this means that communication between the game community and the developers will be among the priorities that make up the UFL identity, this second message that the developer sends indirectly to the competitor who may have stopped listening to the demands of the players A full 6 years ago.

I can confirm that the UFL is an ambitious title and not to forget that it is also free to play. I am personally excited to get my hands on the game and try it out, and I hope I don't get as shocked as eFootball or the FIFA series that has been in development since 2017.

Source  arabhardware


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