Hard Disk Check and Troubleshoot

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Description: Hard disk troubleshooting software files are stored; software; And applications are permanently on the hard disk or hard disk drive (English: Hard Dis
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Hard Disk Check and Troubleshoot
Hard Disk

Hard disk troubleshooting software

files are stored; software; And applications are permanently on the hard disk or hard disk drive (English: Hard Disk Drive), and the latter may malfunction over time, and the large number of data stored on it, which requires programs capable of examining hard disk problems, the most important of which are the following:


This program is effective if the performance of your hard drive has deteriorated; This program removes temporary and unnecessary files that accumulate greatly over time, and its work not only frees up a lot of space in your hard drives, but also protects system applications.

SSD Boost Manager

It is one of the free programs that performs many tasks, including the following:

  • Check how good the hard drive is in Windows , and make sure its performance.
  • copy programs from your computer's internal drive to an external drive and then link the two together; In simpler terms, it moves unwanted or rarely used programs, documents, and applications to another drive to conserve basic disk space, keeping it only for important applications.
  • Speed ​​in data transfer, and this is one of the important features that must be mentioned; It only takes one button click to start the process.

SSD tweaker

A completely free SSD drive management application with a wide range of features, including:

  • Possibility to modify system settings that affect drive performance.
  • HDD Diagnostics with the best tools that can be found in the market.
  • Its use is optimized for hard drives.
  • Indexing feature.
  • Automatic adjustment is one of the unique features of this program, which distinguishes it from other applications that can adjust all general settings at once.

Ashampoo HDD Control

This program is considered one of the appropriate tools to check the health of the performance of the hard drive, and to support the prolongation of its life, through the following points:

  • Prevent data loss by detecting early signs of problems affecting your hard drive, by regularly checking it.
  • Significant increase in read speed of fragmented hard disks.
  • Helping find problems in the easiest way, and alerting the user to them.

SSD Life

It is a drive scanning tool for Windows, and although it does not contain any special settings, or modifications to the hard disk, it is useful for the following:

  • Regularly check the condition of the drives.
  • Generate a detailed report on how much data is written or read all the time, such as finding information about disk space, and an accurate estimate of how good a hard drive is.
  • Indicates that work can continue under good hard disk conditions.

G Smart Control

It is known as a hard drive validation program, and among the tasks it performs are the following:

  • Check the hard disk and check its performance.
  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the hard drive.
  • Detection of anomalies in the hard disk.

HDD Regenerator

A free program for intelligently diagnosing problems and repairing damages to the hard drive, which qualified it to win the term “refurbished”, and it has the following characteristics:

  • It not only detects anomalies, but constantly scans to find, diagnose, solve, and fix problems.
  • Intelligently reads damaged data, it can sort out bad hard drive clusters and red flags.
  • Real-time drive monitoring.
  • Possibility to activate the pre-scanning feature.
  • Give a detailed report on the condition of the hard disks.

Intel Solid-State Drive Tool Box

It is one of the well-known free programs that is not limited to checking the private hard disk for errors only, but has many other features, including the following:

  • Generate frequent hard disk health reports and updates.
  • Possibility to run garbage collection.
  • Adjust system settings for optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Perform a quick and complete diagnostic scan to test the drive's read and write functions.
  • Intel SSD performance improvement with TRIM feature.
  • View system information and other computer parts.

OCZ SSD Utility

It is considered one of the best hard disk scan programs for Windows, and it has many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • The presence of a dashboard to see the status of the hard disk in real time.
  • The presence of a large capacity interface.
  • Give updates and reports on the status of the hard drive.
  • SSD Lifespan Check.
  • Firmware update.
  • The possibility of adjusting the drive to ensure higher performance.
  • Perform a periodic check of the hard drive at all times.

HD Tune

It is a program that contains many features, including the following:

  • Check the quality of the hard drive.
  • View detailed analysis using SMART sensors to track current activity and disk status.
  • Alert the user if the disk is in danger or not.
  • Alert the user to critical situations separately.

Pass Mark Disk Checkup

A program that performs many tasks, including the following:

  • Monitor the smart disk, constantly updating data and statistics not only recent, but also outdated.
  • Presenting two separate tabs for disk monitoring:
    • Smart information tab in which the program displays the current status of the disk and other information from the drive.
    • Smart History tab in which it keeps the stored data of the previous performance and numbers of bad cases that could cause problems for the user.

SSD Repair Software

SSD drives have gradually replaced HDD due to their high performance and very fast speed, but the possibility of damage or problems is greater than their predecessor; Therefore, it must be constantly examined and evaluated for its performance and condition, and this is done through many programs, most notably the following:

MiniTool Partition Wizard

This program has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • High speed performance.
  • Format the drive.
  • Recover lost data.
  • Disk usage analysis.
  • Move the operating system between SSD/HD drives.
  • Enables Disk Benchmark to measure disk performance using variable transfer sizes, and test lengths for both sequential and random read and write speeds.

Intel SSD Toolbox

This program is powered by Intel, and has many features, most notably the following:

  • Improve SSD drive performance with quick diagnostic scans to check read and write functionality.
  • Supervising the quality of the drive, and estimating its remaining life.
  • Perform quick diagnostic scans to check and adjust system settings with minimal power consumption.
  • High bearing capacity.
  • Constant update of the firmware on the SSD drive .

Samsung Magician

This program is a rather difficult program, and its features are as follows:

  • Create a cache with limited capacity for important data that is used more than once, which leads to improved performance in general and reading speed in particular.
  • The ability to continuously optimize the operating system of Samsung SSDs with Samsung Magician feature.
  • Determine maximum capacity and reliability.
  • Set performance appraisal.
  • Create profiles.

Crystal Disk Info

This tool is one of the free tools that has many features, the most prominent of which are the following: 

  • The ability to collect accurate data for both types of SSD or HDD storage drives.
  • Work with drives of all manufacturers.
  • Provides information on the quality and temperature of the discs.
  • Check for firmware updates.
  • give details of the port; buffer size; read and write speeds, power consumption; And SSD speed test with ease, but what is taken of this tool is that it does not work on Linux systems.

Smart Mono Tools

This tool includes two separate programs (Smartctl and Smartd) that perform the following tasks:

  • Help control and monitor your hard drive.
  • Real-time monitoring of the hard disk.
  • Report any possible deterioration of the disc, and the possibility of its failure.
  • Can be used on almost all operating systems such as: Mac OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Net BSD, Open BSD, Solaris, OS/2, Cygwin, QNX, eCom Station, Windows, Live CD.

Hard Disk Sentinel

It is a tool that supports Windows, Linux and DOS operating systems and is designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Find, diagnose and fix SSD issues whether the fault is internal, or external through the USB port.
  • Secure real-time disk transfer speed test.
  • Generate reports with possible suggestions to fix bugs or problems.

Toshiba SSD Utility

When using an OCZ SSD drive, this program is the most ideal, regardless of the operating system, and through this program can do the following:

  • Monitor the actual speed of the disc; the remaining life; storage space; and general performance.
  • Device-oriented use such as gaming or a workstation that improves drive performance and increases its lifespan.

SSD Life

It works with major manufacturers of SSD drives for Apple MacBook Air, and although the problem with this program is its free trial that lasts only seven days, and limitations on some features, it is good at performing the following tasks:

  • The main focus is on SSD quality and remaining life rather than other metrics.
  • Giving an idea of ​​significant defects that could affect the remaining life, or read and write speeds.

Solve hard disk problems

The following are the most prominent problems that a hard disk may encounter, and how to solve them: 

  • Fix Bad Sector Problem (Bad Sectors)

Bad sectors or bad sectors are a group that will not respond to read or write requests, and can occur in both traditional and modern drives, knowing that there are two types of them: one is the result of physical damage that cannot be repaired, and the other is the result of software errors that can be repaired.

Windows has a built-in scanning tool , chkdsk, that can scan hard drives for bad sectors, and repair some parts to make them usable again.

It is worth noting that this chkdsk tool can be programmed to run automatically, and it can be used manually, and to avoid losing files in the event of a bad sector problem, you should always keep backup copies of important files for the possibility of an error in the drive later.

  • Fix the problem of the hard disk that never reads

If the external drives connected through the USB port do not work, there are several options to solve the problem, including the following:

    • Remove the drive from the external enclosure.
    • If there is not enough power from the USB port, then you should try the drive on all other USB ports, and finally try it on another computer.
    • Try the drive on different operating systems, for example if the drive has been tested on Windows you should try it on Mac.
    • Open the Start menu and write (Device Manager) in the lower rectangle, then (Enter), then options will appear, including (Device Manager), press it to show another menu, from which it selects the disk drives. If there is a yellow exclamation mark, you can Attempt to update or uninstall the driver and restart the computer.
    • Attempt to download drivers from the drive manufacturer’s website, then format the drive, bearing in mind that this process will erase all data stored on the drive that will be reformatted, and this process is by pressing the drive and selecting Format.
    • The ability to activate the Clean command, through (Command Windows), which will return the drive to a completely unformatted state, and this will erase anything on it.
  • Fix the problem of the damaged hard disk

There are two ways to fix this problem:

    • manual method

Perform a disk check by going to Computer/This PC → Selecting Hard Drive → Choosing Properties → Selecting Tools → Selecting Error checking → Choosing Check local disk → Restart the device.

    • advanced method

This is done by using programs, and by restoring deleted files or using experts to restore them; There are many programs that work to recover deleted files, such as the Stellar Data Recovery program, and some of these programs are free and others are paid.

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