How Do You Make Someone Love You When They Don't Love You?

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Description: How do you make someone love you when they don't love you? It is natural that a person does not get the love of all people, for each individual has a
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How Do You Make Someone Love You When They Don't Love You?
how to make someone Love You

How do you make someone love you when they don't love you?

It is natural that a person does not get the love of all people, for each individual has a unique personality that differs in his preferences and view of things, but some steps can be taken to try to change someone's feelings to love and improve the relationship with him, and the following are some of them:

Verify the person's true feelings

It is important for a person to be clear about his feelings and to express them to the other party frankly, and if there are some behaviors issued by the opposite person that carry the meaning of lack of love, it is advised to look at these behaviors in an objective manner, away from feelings, or resort to a third party if possible to judge those situations From a neutral point of view, the frankness session between the two people in which they discuss the way of dealing and the positions taking place between the two parties to understand the actions of each party, and to inquire clearly about the feelings of the other party is the best way to ascertain the real feelings despite it being a step that requires courage, and acceptance of the party The other party is for dialogue, and if it turns out that the opposing party does not want to open his heart or exchange feelings in any way, he prefers to understand his decision, respect his opinion and not pressure him.

Reconsider the reasons for not loving

Dialogue between the two parties helps to understand the other party’s point of view and reach the reasons for not loving it To deal with it it is advised to reconsider and analyze those reasons, and try to solve them by sincerely apologizing for mistakes, modifying behaviors if possible, clarifying the full intention to improve the situation and providing what is necessary for the success of the relationship .

be generous

A person can change the perspective of others about him by giving them gifts and making beautiful memories with them, and generosity can be in terms of words and style as well; When an individual mentions the advantages and features of the person he loves in front of others, this leaves a special trace in his heart, and makes him think about exchanging love with him.

Caring for the other side

Studies have proven that developing the skill of listening has a major role in a person falling in love. People like to show interest in them and their conversations, and that the person’s speech is not centered only on himself, but rather involves the opposite party in the conversation and gives him time to express his opinion, and not change the topic of the conversation quickly; This is to be able to express himself, and it is preferable that the dialogue be interactive by asking questions and giving reactions that indicate interest in and enjoyment of talking.

Maintain eye contact

The difficulty lies in maintaining eye contact sometimes as a result of shyness, but a psychological study from Harvard University has shown that loving couples maintain eye contact between them by 75% during conversation, so it is recommended to resist looking away when talking, perhaps the opposite party will exchange the feeling of love.

keep smiling

A scientific study has proven that the smile shows the person in a more attractive way to others, and encourages them to stay around him, and it also gives a sense that the person is worthy of trust, and can be relied upon, and makes the other party think about exchanging feelings with him to enter into a long-term relationship.

Tips for someone looking for love

be patient

Where it is advised not to rush the other party and pressure him to get his love, this may be a reason for him to move away more, as individuals need a period of time to change their opinion about people to give them their feelings and open up with them.

Focus on self development

Where a person who is confident in himself and who has ambitions and dreams that he seeks to achieve is considered more attractive in the eyes of others, and the importance of taking care of health and appearance is no less important than focusing on self-development and personality, and it is recommended to exercise, eat healthy food, follow a routine of personal hygiene, and wear beautiful and clean clothes. , and it is important that the motive of doing all this is not to satisfy the other party only and to impress him, as it is preferable that self-care and development stem from satisfaction and self-love, and attention can be focused towards the skills and hobbies that a person prefers and trying to achieve achievements in them, as talking about what is considered A person loves him with a passion that is attractive to others.

be moral

The best way to practice high morals is to start treating others the way a person likes to be treated. It is not possible to wait for good treatment from others without taking the initiative to deal with the best of them, and feelings of love also apply; A person must be loving so that the other party reciprocates the same feeling, and not wait for someone to love without making an effort for that.

Talking about personal experiences

To make the interviewee more close and interested, we can talk to him about personal experiences and weaknesses that were overcome; Where his appreciation and understanding can be obtained without the need to put on masks of idealism in front of him, so that the opposite party expresses his feelings openly over time.

Prepare to receive love

It is important that the person interested in making another person love him is ready to receive love by focusing on the relationship and prioritizing it, trying to disengage or thinking of other people and separate his current relationship from any previous experiences, and be ready to commit in the relationship for a long time, all of these things are encouraged The opposite person should think seriously about swapping love .

The importance of love

Love is considered one of the most important and complex human feelings, as it is related to human happiness. Remember that exchanging feelings of love between two people is a personal decision, no one can feel love against his will, and this decision must be respected, and in this article we will talk about how to make someone love you while he does not love you, and tips for those looking for love.

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