The Best Ways To Download PUBG New State on Your Android Phone


The Best Ways To Download PUBG New State on Your Android Phone
Download PUBG New State

Registration for the game PUBG New State has started in PUBG New State since last February, but the developers of the game have finally made it available to users on the Google Play app store officially, which means it is available to Android users.

According to Sportskeeda, Android phone users can download PUBG New State through the Google Play Store or use APK and OBB files, as most users prefer the first option because it is more reliable.

PUBG New State is now available for users all over the world, players can download the latest Krafton offer on your Android phone and try out all the unique addons, including Troi Map and Erangel 2051.

The First Step:

  Players must first launch the Google Play Store app on their phone and use the search bar to search for PUBG New State.

You can also use This Link to go directly to the PUBG New State page in the Play Store.

The Second step:

You must press the "Install" button of the game.

Remember that PUBG New State has a size of about 1.44 GB on the Google Play Store, so you must have enough space on your phone before you start downloading.

The Third Step:

After the game is fully installed on the phone, players can open the app and create their account.

And if you pre-register for PUBG New State, you'll get an exclusive permanent vehicle skin for free.


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