The Health Benefits of Mango...Get To Know Them

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Description: The Health Benefits of Mango fruits Fruits mean the edible pulp of trees or plants that contain seeds. Their varieties vary in taste, flavor, shape an
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The Health Benefits of Mango
The Health Benefits of Mango

The Health Benefits of Mango


Fruits mean the edible pulp of trees or plants that contain seeds. Their varieties vary in taste, flavor, shape and color, in addition to their different nutritional value and health benefits. Some of them are rich in fibers that maintain the health of the digestive system and reduce the incidence of constipation and diverticulosis, in addition to some of them containing potassium, which Contributes to regular blood pressure, and provides vitamin C that helps treat colds and heal wounds, in addition to its role in maintaining the health of the skin, teeth, gums and lymphatic system, and is rich in folic acid necessary for pregnant women, as it reduces the incidence of fetuses with congenital malformations such as neural tube defects. In this article, we will talk about the health benefits of

Mango belongs to the tropical fruits distinguished by its oval shape and delicious taste. It consists of a seed surrounded by an edible pulp of golden yellow color, covered with a peel that ranges in color from green to red or yellow to orange. On the other hand, it has been used as a treatment for some health problems, thanks to its healing properties, such as its use in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote digestion and relieve cough, it is known to provide more than 20 vitamins and minerals along with fiber and antioxidants, which reflects the health benefits of mango.

Health benefits of mango

To obtain the health benefits of mango, the fruits that need to ripen are placed inside a paper bag in a warm place, to leave for two days until they are fully ripe, and leaving them at room temperature takes about a week to achieve this, and on the other hand they can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks no more, knowing that they are It is involved in preparing some recipes that benefit the body with the health benefits of mango,, including the following:

Maintain general health

Mango contains a variety of vitamins, according to a 2017 study published in the journal Nutrients, such as vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, in addition to some minerals such as potassium and magnesium, all of which contribute to reducing the incidence of some diseases caused by a deficiency of these The nutrients, and its powerful antioxidants, reduce damage from free radicals, as well as reduce heart disease, premature aging and cancer, all of which contribute to the health benefits of mango.

Provides the body with anti-cancer properties

They contain pectin, a type of soluble dietary fiber, which lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the development of prostate cancer. The European Prospective Investigation of Cancer also found a strong relationship between mangoes and a reduced risk of gastrointestinal cancer.

Promotes weight gain

It contains starch, which turns into sugar and helps to gain weight, as well as its easy-to-absorb calorie content, as 150 grams of it provides 86 calories.

Aids digestion

Pectin also contributes to regulating digestion, according to an animal study conducted in 2018 and published in the Journal Food and Function, and what reflects the health benefits of mango as well, is its solution to the problems of indigestion and excess acidity, in addition to its content of esters, terpenes and aldehydes that improve the function of the digestive system and enhance appetite.

Treat anemia

Consuming it regularly and in moderation is an opportunity to get the necessary iron, to reduce the incidence of anemia, by increasing the number of red blood cells in the body.

It is useful for pregnancy

It opens the appetite of pregnant women and helps to follow a healthy diet, in addition to being a source of iron and some important vitamins for pregnant women.

Reduce the incidence of acne

It is used topically on the skin for 10 minutes - then rinsed with water - to open the pores, thus reducing the chance of acne formation , which explains the health benefits of mango.

delayed aging

It contains high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, which contribute to the production of collagen that protects the blood vessels and connective tissues in the body, thus slowing the aging process.

Promotes brain health

It contains glutamine, which improves focus and memory, as well as improves mood and sleeps better, due to its content of vitamin C and vitamin B6, which improve and maintain brain function.

Regulates blood sugar levels

Diabetics can drink 10-15 mango leaves soaked in warm water, after leaving them overnight, and eat them in the morning on an empty stomach after filtering the leaves. According to research published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, they contain carotenoids and polyphenols. A dietary fiber that possesses curative properties for diabetes.

mango calories

After discussing the health benefits of mango at length, it should be noted that its calories vary according to the size of one of the mangoes. One cup of its fresh varieties provides 99 calories, along with 1 gram of fat, 1.35 grams of protein, 3 grams of dietary fiber, and 25 grams. From carbohydrates, as for minerals, there are 8 milligrams of calcium, 16 milligrams of magnesium , 277 milligrams of potassium, 60 milligrams of vitamin C, 71 milligrams of folate, 89 milligrams of vitamin A, 7 milligrams of vitamin K and 1.5 milligrams of vitamin E, in the same The calorie context of mangoes, half a cup of them provides about 60 calories, in addition to being free of fat and sodium, which encourages consumption among patients with pressure and those trying to lose weight.

mango allergy

After discussing the health benefits of mango, it is worth noting the mango allergy, some of which occur as a result of the skin contacting the mango peel - not the pulp - which is accompanied by some symptoms, such as rashes or dermatitis, which affects the lips and the skin surrounding the mouth as well as the fingers and hands. Eating it after peeling and cutting it without ever touching it, but mango sensitivity may develop in some cases to an anaphylactic reaction, which is accompanied by constriction and narrowing of the airways, or swelling of the throat associated with difficulty breathing, a sharp drop in blood pressure, rapid pulse, or loss of consciousness.

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