The Value of The Acceleration of Gravity on Mars and The Most important Observations

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Description: What is the value of gravitational acceleration on Mars? The value of the acceleration of gravity on Mars 3.711 m / s 2 , where he owns all the planet
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The Value of The Acceleration of Gravity on Mars and The Most important Observations

What is the value of gravitational acceleration on Mars?

The value of the acceleration of gravity on Mars 3.711 m / s 2 , where he owns all the planets of solar system gravity on its surface varies from planet to another, and by scientists of gravity value of the planet Mars , based on Newton 's theory of gravity, which states that the force of gravity exercised by a body suit With its mass, the law can be expressed mathematically as follows:g = m / r 



  • g: the surface gravity of Mars.
  • m: mass.
  • r: radius.

Since Mars is a spherical planet with a certain mass, the gravity on its surface is inversely proportional to the square of its radius, and the gravity of Mars can be calculated depending on the Earth’s mass, gravity, and radius, through the following:

  • Calculating the mass of Mars in multiples of the mass of the Earth:
  • Earth's mass = (5.976 × 10 24 ) kg.
  • The mass of Mars = (6.4171 x 10 23 ) kg.
  • Divide the mass of Mars by the mass of the Earth, so the mass of Mars relative to the mass of the Earth = 0.107 times the mass of the Earth.
  • Calculating the radius of Mars in multiples of the radius of the Earth:
  • Earth's radius = 6,371 km.
  • The radius of Mars = 3389.5 km.
  • Divide the radius of Mars by the radius of the Earth, so the radius of Mars in multiples of the radius of the Earth = 0.532 Earth radius.
  • Writing the mathematical relationship to calculate gravity:
  • g = m / r 2
  • Substitute the mass and radius of Mars into the equation.
  • The gravity of Mars = 0.107 /(0.532) 2 .
  • Mars gravity = 0.376 m / s 2 of the Earth 's gravity.

Gravity on Mars compared to Earth

The value of gravity on the surface of the Earth is 9.8 m / s 2 , and the value of the acceleration of gravity on Mars relative to the Earth is 0.376 m / s 2 of the gravity of the Earth, and thus the gravity of Mars is about 38% of the gravity of the planet.

That is, it is slightly less than a third of the Earth's gravity. When an object falls on the surface of Mars, it falls at a slower acceleration than the Earth's acceleration. For example, when a rock falls on Mars, it falls less than a rock falls on Earth.

A person who weighs 100 pounds on Earth weighs about 38 pounds on Mars due to low gravity, and this difference in gravity has an effect on astronauts when they land on Mars, as they experience less gravity than Earth.

Long exposure to the gravity of Mars negatively affects health, such as; Loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, and organ function, as well as affecting vision.

What are the most important observations of gravitational acceleration on Mars?

One of the most important observations of gravitational acceleration belongs to 3 NASA spacecraft orbiting around Mars, as it relied on the data sent by these vehicles and on a study of their movement changes to draw a map showing the gravitational acceleration on Mars.

This map preceded several observations such as MGS and ODY, which were sent to observe the polar ice caps and study the gravitational change on Mars.

Frequently asked questions about Mars

Here are some frequently asked questions about Mars:

What is the size of the planet Mars?

Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system. However, the size of Mars cannot be given a clear number, so scientists describe the planet according to many factors, the most important of which is its radius and circumference.

The radius of Mars is 3389.5 km, and its circumference is 21,344 km, so the size of Mars is 1.63116 x 11 10 km 3 , and it is mentioned that the diameter of Mars is 53% of the diameter of the Earth.

What is on Mars?

Mars has many canyons, volcanoes, dry lakebeds, and craters scattered all over it, as it is of a rocky nature, and has an atmosphere that consists of clouds and winds like Earth, and small dust storms resembling hurricanes occur in it.

How far is Mars from Earth?

The minimum distance between the two planets Mars and Earth is 54.6 million m 2 , while the largest distance between them is 401 million m 2. It is worth noting that both planets revolve around the sun, and they move in elliptical orbits during their orbit around the sun.

Therefore, it is not possible to determine a fixed distance of the planet Mars from Earth; Because these two planets are sometimes close to each other, and sometimes farther away from each other, so the distance between Earth and Mars varies from minute to minute and is not fixed.

How long does it take to travel to Mars?

According to the website of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, traveling to Mars in the ideal arrangement between Earth and Mars would take about 9 months, as the time it takes to reach Mars depends on where the two planets are in their orbit when the flight begins, and on technological developments in propulsion systems. .

Is it possible to live on Mars?

The possibility of Mars being suitable for human habitation is very small; Because its atmosphere is mostly composed of carbon dioxide, its surface is very cold, and its gravity is only 38% of the Earth's gravity.

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