The Worst Type of Foods For The Kidneys...Get To Know Them

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Description: Kidney healthy diet Wrong choices of diet or habits such as smoking or obesity are associated with an increased risk of kidney disease, according to t
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The Worst Type of Foods For The Kidneys
Kidney Care

Kidney healthy diet

Wrong choices of diet or habits such as smoking or obesity are associated with an increased risk of kidney disease, according to the study published in the American Journal of Nephrology, and unlike a family history of kidney disease that an individual cannot control, it is possible to control many factors that form a pattern Life is like diet, smoking or obesity, and therefore it is possible to protect the kidneys and prevent any damage to them in the future, and many people suffer from chronic kidney disease, so instead of focusing on managing these diseases, we should focus primarily on preventing their occurrence, and this article will address Talk about the worst kind of foods for the kidneys.To maintain the health of the kidneys, many lifestyle changes must be made. It is important to avoid consuming a large amount of foods that contain protein or foods that are generally unhealthy. Walking or jogging should be practiced to keep the body working properly. It is also important to keep the doctor informed about the dietary habits of people with kidney problems, and foods to avoid to maintain kidney health are genetically modified foods, caffeine, and chicken with skin, in addition to iced tea, and the following will talk about the worst types of foods for the kidneys:

red meat

A diet rich in protein, especially animal protein , can harm the kidneys. In addition to protein, red meat is rich in saturated fats, although protein is very necessary for a healthy diet; However, eating too much protein may cause kidney fatigue; If there are problems with it and it is not working properly, and you should consult a doctor in this case, as it may be better to eat a small percentage of protein from different sources such as eggs, fish , beans and nuts; These foods are good sources of protein.

Processed foods

Processed foods such as chips, chips, pretzels, cheese and cold meats are among the worst foods for the kidneys because they contain a high percentage of added phosphorous and sodium, which in turn may cause harmful effects on the kidneys, and for some people, eating too much salt may raise blood pressure. The blood, which works to cause accelerated kidney damage, and salt can also cause the formation of kidney stones , which may lead to the following symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • Sharp pain.
  • Urination problems.


Consuming a lot of sugar leads to diabetes and obesity, which in turn are linked to kidney disease, as well as sweetened drinks such as soda, which are rich in calories and without adding any nutritional value to the body, and cola also contains added phosphorus in addition to sugar, which in turn causes harm, Diet soda is also one of the worst foods for the kidneys, as it causes more damage than any other sweetened beverage. One study showed that women who drank diet soda were 30% less likely to have functioning kidneys than other women after twenty years.

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