Top 5 animals in Free Fire 2021 and their skill

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Description: The animals in Free Fire are many and varied, and each pet has a certain personality and ability. But among these pets in Fire, they are the best ever
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Top 5 animals in Free Fire 2021 and their skill
Animals Free Fir

The animals in Free Fire are many and varied, and each pet has a certain personality and ability. But among these pets in Fire, they are the best ever and I advise you to count on you.

And in this article, I will share with you 5 most powerful Free Fire animals in 2021 with their abilities. And how to use it correctly. Also, in the end, I will tell you the best Free Fire pet, among these five.

Important note: The animals in this article are not ranked in order of best to lowest. Because as I mentioned to you all these five animals are strong and are the best. But every pet is good at a certain thing. And all this you will learn about in this article.

1. Rockie

The pet, Rocky, described in Free Fire, "Keep calm."

And the ability of the Rocky animal in Free Fire is that it reduces the cooldown time of the active skill after its use. By 15% at level 7. Level Max.

This means that when you activate the skill of one of the main characters in Free Fire, such as Alok, Chrono, Skylar... and other characters that have active skills. There will be a set time until you can activate the ability again.

And the skill of the pet Rockie in Free Fire is that it speeds up this time by 15%. as I told you. For example, if you use the skill of the Chrono character in Free Fire. You have to wait 220 seconds, in order to be able to use the skill again. But if you equip Rocky, it will only take 200 seconds instead of 220.

There is no doubt that now you know the importance of animal ability in Free Fire. It helps quite a lot. And I use it personally. Here are the best free fire rank code combinations.

2. Dreki

Dreki's pet is one of the best new animals in Free Fire. Described in the game "Dragon look".

Drake's skill in the game Free Fire, he is able to identify 4 enemies and opponents. Who use medkits, medical equipment, within 30 meters. It puts an orange mark on the place of the player who is using the healing kit. It lasts for 5 seconds.

For example, when you are in a fight with someone, then you cause him harm. He hides or runs away in order to use the Med Kit. The Drake will reveal to you the location of this player and put a mark on it as your experience.

And the beauty of it is that it is not just one person. He can even identify to you four people who use the Med Kit. which are within 30 metres. Whether the four are from the same team or from different teams.

Drake is the strongest pet in Free Fire as well. Because sometimes you embed someone and cause them a lot of harm. He runs and hides in order to treat himself. And you look for it and you may not find it. But with Drake's character, he has no escape.

3. Falco

Our third top 3 pet on this list is the Falcao, better known as the Eagle. He described it in-game as "speed toward the horizon".

The ability of Falcao Eagle in Free Fire increases his descent speed by 45% when jumping from a parachute. 50% increase in landing speed after opening the parachute or parachute. And this ability whether you are playing solo, or you are playing with the team and you are the leader. It speeds them all down.

And the skill of falco in Free Fire, will greatly benefit you in the speed of access to the ground. And look for weapons before other enemies who do not use the eagle.

4. Beaston

The Stone Free Fire animal, is among the best Millennium animals that have been added to the game for the year 2021. It is described in Free Fire as "Helping Hand".

The advantage of the Piston in Free Fire - an animal that comes in the form of a gorilla - is that it increases the distance of throwing grenades, flash grenades, snow wall, and smoke grenade as well by 30%. On normal throw.

If you are a fan of using bombs. This animal is the best option for you. It will also benefit you in many things, especially in tournaments.

5. The Penguin - Mr. Waggor

Free Fire penguin, whose name in the game is Mr. Wager. He described it in-game as a "smooth wall of glee".

Free Fire Penguin's ability is that when you don't have Snow, Globe Wall Bomb, Mr. Wager can spawn 1 Snow Bomb every 120 seconds. It is a snow-whitening pet.

We often play in rank free fire or in classic mode, or even in Clash Squad and you don't have a single snow. You may look for snow in many homes and find nothing. We all know the importance of snow in Free Fire.

But with Mr. Wager, you'll never have a snow problem. So that you can get a lot of snow with this penguin. Therefore, it is considered one of the best Free Fire pets and the most widely used in 2021.

What is the strongest animal in Free Fire in 2021?

Frankly, answering this question directly is a little difficult. As I told you before, all five of these pets I shared with you are strong and adorable. I have used them all every time I want to do something specific.

But the best Free Fire pet for me is the Penguin, Mr. Wager and Drake as well. In third place is Rocky. Because I use it when I want to play Chrono.

And you are the most powerful animal Free Fire for you. Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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