Video .. Jennifer Lopez's Taut Body on The Bed Ignites Social Media


Video .. Jennifer Lopez's Taut Body on The Bed Ignites Social Media
Jennifer Lopez's

A photo and video of Jennifer Lopez's body was spread on social media during a photo session she underwent a while ago, in which she appeared sitting on the bed, wearing a white unbuttoned shirt.

A photo and video of Jennifer Lopez's taut body received a great reaction from followers.

The surprise was by talking about shocking details about the relationship of actor Ben Affleck and star singer Jennifer Lopez, as some confirmed that because of her wealth he claims only her love.

In the details, since their relationship again, and the relationship of international artist Jennifer Lopez and her lover, American actor Ben Affleck, the attention of followers, who are trying to know the smallest details that unite them, as well as what separates them.

One of the topics that concern the public is the difference between the fortunes of the two, especially since Jennifer is known to have a huge fortune. In 2019 alone, she was able to add $43 million to her account, and her fortune today, according to Forbes International magazine, is $400 million.

As for Ben Affleck, his net worth is $130 million, and his revenues vary between his work in acting, production and various projects, which makes the difference between their fortunes about $300 million.

Is what was said about their relationship true, and that he only wants her money?!

On the other hand, it is the first intimate official kiss with the muzzle, and it took place at the Met Gala, with international stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, surprising the audience with their act.

In the details, the international star Jennifer Lopez is one of the few who masters choosing their outfits and looks on the red carpet and in official occasions, celebrations and festivals.

JLo and her lover, Ben Affleck, were present for the second time in an official appearance together, at the annual Met Gala, which was held in the late hours of Monday night - Tuesday morning.


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