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Video .. Mia Khalifa Dances and Sings!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Video .. Mia Khalifa Dances and Sings!
Video .. Mia Khalifa Dances and Sings!

The famous Lebanese woman, Maya Khalifa, caused a sensation after she published a video through her official account on the video exchange site Tik Tok.

During the video, the Lebanese "Maya" appeared as she performed a clip from the "My Heart Daq" festival, dancing and singing, wearing a summer dress with overlapping colors, long sleeves, and two braids in her hair, as the video received the interaction of thousands of her followers through her account.

Watch the video :

It is mentioned that it is not the first time that the Lebanese star has appeared and resonated in the Arabic language, but she has previously published more than one video in which she sings some famous Arabic songs.

We will review some of them with you.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that last January, Maya Khalifa accompanied a case of controversy, with a photo session she underwent, during her review of the white lines and sagging “Cellulite” and “Stretch Marks”, which she shared with her followers through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site. This is her latest appearance on social media platforms.

“Maya” always used to share with her followers short videos via the Tik Tok platform, whose huge profits were estimated in the application earlier, despite the small number of minutes that she publishes.

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