Wedding Congratulations Phrases


Wedding Congratulations Phrases
Wedding Congratulations Phrases

Wedding congratulations phrases

  • On your wedding anniversary, I wanted to say to you two, you are a loyal and loving couple, you are the most beautiful couple in the world, Happy New Year.
  • On this day, God combined the sun and the moon, the most beautiful couple, may God protect you for each other, and make your home always full of love.
  • I congratulate the world on this day, for the two greatest lovers in the world met.
  • On this day I say to you: Happy wedding anniversary, wedding anniversary full of love , full of jasmine flowers, and full of everything beautiful, every year and you are good to each other.
  • Hearts beat with love, but it is life that beats with love on this day, how could you not have met on it, by God, I am very happy for you, and I hope that your home is always full of love.
  • Few days, and the smell of musk smells of your wedding anniversary, so I wanted to say to you both, Happy New Year.
  • The whole world should light candles, bring you gifts, celebrate the day, it is not like any other day, it is the wedding anniversary of the two most tender hearts in this world.
  • Every time I look at your faces, I find a great love radiating from it. Will I congratulate you on your wedding anniversary? Or will I congratulate you on your love?
  • I looked through the collections of poetry, searched the books of writers, looked at the sayings of philosophers, but I did not find a phrase that I could express to you both, but I would like to say to you every year and your love increases, every year and you are one person and nothing separates you.
  • I don't know, is your wedding anniversary the same as any wedding anniversary Or is it your Valentine's Day? Every year and the love between you is fine.
  • I write to you two phrases wrapped in everything beautiful, I write to you and my heart wishes you all the best, happiness and contentment, I write to you because you are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen in my life, to the happiness of the world on such a day.
  • On this day your wedding was, it was so beautiful that I thought that no more beautiful day would pass than it, but the more years passed the more beautiful the days with you, Happy New Year, my dearest couple to my heart.
  • I wanted on this day to be the first to share your joy, I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on this beautiful day.
  • Every day God combines two hearts, and life writes a new love story, and on this day God brought your two hearts together, and life wrote your story, so it was the most beautiful day and the most beautiful story.
  • Do not blame life if you forgot to congratulate you on your wedding anniversary, for there is no more beautiful congratulations than your marriage and the love story between you.
  • Marriage is the year of life, but your marriage was the year of love, every year and happiness is for you, and every year and years increase your love.

Marriage congratulations phrases from husband to wife

  • On our wedding anniversary, I say to my dear wife, You have given me a wonderful, faithful, faithful wife.
  • My beloved wife, I ask God Almighty to perpetuate love and affection between our hearts, and to protect you, take care of you, and protect you from all evil and harm.
  • You have a great place in my heart, and it is increasing day by day.
  • I love the details of your day since you became my wife and companion, God does not deprive me of you, nor separate the days between us, happy wedding anniversary, your loving husband forever.
  • We have been married for one year, and I will celebrate with you this year and the coming years, God willing.
  • I will forever be attached to you, because you are one of the most beautiful gifts that God has given me.
  • You will remain a bright moon in my life until our 100th wedding anniversary, you are my spoiled child if the house is filled with our children, all the happiness to you and your tender heart, I love you, happy wedding anniversary, my dear wife.

Marriage congratulations phrases from the wife to the husband

  • My dear husband, you are the most precious gift that God has given me, and the most beautiful thing he has given me in all my life, my life.
  • I never regretted being your wife, you gave me everything you had just to be happy, and I will be your beloved and faithful wife to the end of life, your loving wife.
  • My beloved husband, I want to tell you a secret on our first wedding anniversary, whenever I look at your face in the morning and sip my coffee with you, I am sure that our days together will be as beautiful as yours, and I will be addicted to you as my addiction to our coffee together.
  • I searched a lot for expressions to express what is going on inside me towards you, my dear husband, I could not find anything but to pray to God that our first wedding anniversary will be exactly like the first day of our reunion.
  •   On our first wedding anniversary, my beloved husband, I ask God to perpetuate our love and affection until the last day of life.
  • I don't know if it's our wedding day or our Valentine's Day, in both cases love and heartbeat and no life without you, your wife is your sweetheart.
  • Every year you are my beloved husband, may God bless you for me, our children and your care, and protect you from all harm and harm.

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