What Are Reasons Marital Infidelity?

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Description: Marital infidelity is one of the most common causes of divorce and the separation of spouses. Courts are currently crowded for the same reason, either
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What Are Reasons Marital Infidelity?
Marital Infidelity


Marital infidelity is one of the most common causes of divorce and the separation of spouses. Courts are currently crowded for the same reason, either the husband of his wife is cheating on his wife or vice versa. Infidelity accounts for 40% of the total divorce rates in the country, according to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association.

That there are between 40% to 60% of couples will betray their partner at least once, and this study applies to both sexes, men and women. So the majority betray, and the percentage I mentioned earlier is frightening. correct?

The issue of marital infidelity should not be overlooked, and you, as one of the parties, must know and be well aware of the causes and motives of marital infidelity, and not only that, you also have to know how to prevent it. You can criticize your marriage if you want to,

However, the recovery and recovery journey may take you a rather long time and you should be guided by an expert who is familiar with this type of controversy.

Definition of Marital infidelity:

Marital infidelity is the establishment of an unlawful relationship by one of the spouses with a third party.

Infidelity in its general sense does not only include sexual relations outside the scope of the marriage contract, but marital infidelity is any relationship that transcends borders and violates covenants, whether these covenants are explicit or implicit, for example (phone calls, emails, lying...etc), but remains the most severe betrayal. Fall in the soul and the most terrible sexual relations.

What are the causes of infidelity?

  • Routine and sexual monotony
  • .absence of love and attention
  • .Loss of self-confidence and desire for self-esteem and showing love
  • Loss of sense of strength and control, especially in men
  • Not working on the success of the relationship between the spouses. Instead of investing and instead of a little effort, they resort to treachery and search for what they lack in a lover or mistress.

Internet and Pornography:

This kind of movies and scenes is a major obstacle and danger to your relationship, please do not make fun of it. Unfortunately, this type of content is now widely available and very popular. However, avoid it as much as possible.

Childhood Knot:

A man or a woman who lived through bad events in her childhood may also be one of the causes of marital infidelity. This child who was not raised in an environment and environment that she loves, you may find later comforting himself with someone currently and then finding him to change and so forth. Without finding shoes of his size and always remain in this condition, the problem here is the problem of lack of self-esteem and lack of self-confidence

The desire to change sexual monotony and creativity, and also the desire to discover a new body and new ways to do things completely contrary to the norm, this desire is what drives the partner to flirt with unknown people and thus infidelity occurs.

The woman betrays her husband for the sake of enjoyment, understanding and attention that she did not get from her partner at home, while the man is looking for someone to complete his manhood and make him feel that he is still strong. It is said that a man often cheats on his wife when he does not feel that he is pleased with his wife.

And women cheat more when they are unhappy in the relationship. There are many men who try to maintain the pure image of their wives, which is to raise children and take care of the affairs of the house and provide care for him and their children and the house and only. Whereas elsewhere they search for mistresses who satisfy their sexual desires and enjoyment

Betrayal for the sake of revenge is also one of the reasons for marital life. If the partner is disappointed with his other party or a temporary dispute occurs between them, they resort to betrayal in order to repay the suffering and revenge only. Emptiness and loss are the motives of marital infidelity at these exact times. A person feels that he needs love more. ususally. The different needs and demands of each spouse play a role in the imbalance

Here Are Some Tips to Prevent infidelity:

You must first understand the feeling of attraction that you feel towards the intruder in your relationship, and then analyze its motives and causes, and ask yourself: Are we bored and bored? Are we wronging the thick covenant between us and misunderstood it? Are we emotionally and sexually unsatisfied?

After these questions you can enter into a serious and frank dialogue with your partner. And try to understand each other calmly, as this discussion will avoid you entering into taboos, and you will gain respect for each other, and you will surely find solutions that suit your situation.


Healing From The Trauma of infidelity:

As I said at the beginning of this article, if you want to preserve and continue your marriage, or even if you are the one who had an affair, your path will not be impossible, but it will be somewhat difficult, and your recovery journey will take a long time.

Therefore, it is necessary to seek help and advice as soon as possible, try to find a professional who has the experience that can solve the situation, manage it and deal with it, and make sure that the other party is with you, the expert will help you with his guidance and directions and get you out of this dark path,

Do not be afraid, you are not the only one who has suffered from this problem, there are millions like you, and there are many of them who resorted to this method and recovered and came out stronger than before and their marriage became immune and much stronger than the previous one. There are many therapeutic techniques that an expert can select for you,

Find a good counselor, this will enhance and increase the space of safety and reassurance within you, for this reason, be more frank and open with your loved one, and head towards healing. I do not advise you to wait, if you really think that your relationship deserves a second chance, go today.

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