What is The Meaning of The Word "Trend" in The Internet and Social Media?

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Description: The meaning of the word trend in social media, because many people do not know the time of this topic now, despite its spread as a term, they may know
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What is The Meaning of The Word "Trend" in The Internet and Social Media?


The meaning of the word trend in social media, because many people do not know the time of this topic now, despite its spread as a term, they may know its name, but they do not know what is behind the term.

What is The Meaning of The Word Trend in The Internet and Social Media?

The meaning of the word trend in social media

  • These are the phrases that you search for frequently, and that time is short.
  • They are the most popular in a certain period on social media platforms, such as:
  1. Facebook.
  2. YouTube.
  3. Twitter.

  • Like this, it is the talk of the hour, that is, it is the thing that is widespread among users, and it is mentioned in many publications through social media.
  • Typically, a trend is a hot news or an urgent event that has caught the attention of netizens.
  • Through social networking sites, users can express their opinion and talk among themselves about trends.
  • It is news that occupies a particular country or several countries and it can reach the whole world and we can list some of these events, for example: 

  1. The Evergreen ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal and did the work of talking to the whole world.
  2. Some revolutions and internal conflicts in some countries.
  3. Football World Cup matches.
  4. The death of a celebrity.

  • The trend may be a video that has been published, and it explains a specific situation or scene that stirred the minds of everyone, which made it spread. The video may explain: 

A funny or comic situation that impressed everyone and they posted it for their owners to see.
An important issue, such as an elderly person looking for a drug, the pioneers publish the video in order for the concerned authorities to communicate with him.
An embarrassing situation for a famous actor or actress on the red carpet.

  • The trend may be a true story that aroused the sympathy of everyone, or a story composed of a dramatic plot and that everyone liked.
  • Sometimes the trend can be an image, and this is rare because the image does not appear frequently in the search results.
  • Some posts can be a trend if they get a lot of interaction from everyone.
  • A trend is an important thing on social networking sites even though it is related to an event.
  • Some may take advantage of the trend for personal interests or to draw attention to a particular issue or phenomenon.
  • Some trends are planned and fabricated by some people or entities to stir up public opinion or cover up some violations.
  • Sometimes pioneers use Twitter to create a specific hashtag that leads the trend. An example of this is:

  1.  Publication of the issues of workers in a particular entity.
  2. Spreading the rights of Egyptians abroad.
  3. Some special issues that the pioneers sympathized with.

Social Networking Sites

For more than ten years, the world has witnessed the increasing development of social networking sites.

Social media provide a way to connect with anyone in the world, regardless of distance.

These websites were created on the Internet to allow us to easily communicate with everyone anywhere.

These websites provide communication services through audio recordings or text recordings, and there are currently other ways and methods of communication, including:

  1. video calls.
  2. Voice calls.

  • Several sites are on top of the list of the best and best providers of social communication service over the Internet, including:

  1. FB.
  2. Instagram.
  3. Twitter.
  4. Skype.


  • It is a service that has recently spread on most social networking sites such as Facebook, with more on Twitter as well.
  • The hashtag is an important part that contributes to the emergence of the trend, and it is a specific tag that we put in front of a phrase or title in order to be categorized.
  • The benefit of classification is ease of user access and re-publishing
  • By using hashtags, we can find out how many people are interested in a particular event, which makes it easier for the trend to appear.
  • The hashtag has a specific tag “#” that categorizes the sentence behind it in order to count the number of people interested in that sentence.

 The Meaning of The Word Trend in Youtube

  • YouTube trend is called “popular content” and it is the videos that have won the admiration of a large segment of followers.
  • The most popular content or trend on YouTube is:

  1. A famous artist released his new song.
  2. Exciting announcement for a new movie.
  3. Ordinary video but fast spreading.

The Trend and The Hashtag on Twitter

  • The hashtag feature on Twitter can be activated by placing “#” in front of a word or phrase to turn it into a hashtag.
  • There should not be any commas or punctuation between the hashtag and the word or phrase.
  • After this, the hashtag turns into a link that takes the user to a new tab where all posts containing the same hashtag are located.
  • Thus, communication between users of the same hashtag is easy.

Trending and Hashtags on Facebook

  • The hashtag and trend on Facebook is similar to Twitter, with some differences:
  • We log into our Facebook account.
  • Make a new post or update the status.
  • Attach the hashtag symbol and after it the sentence or word you want to make trend.
  • Note that there are no commas or any signs between the hashtag and the word.
  • Click Post or Update Status.
  • After publishing, you can click on the hashtag and move to a tab containing all the publications that are interested in the same hashtag.

At the end of the conversation, we hope that we have clarified the meaning of the word trend in social media and the difference between trend and hashtag and the sites that support these services.

The Meaning of The Word Trend in Sushihal Media

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