Bury Used Tea Bags in Your Garden and This Can happen! That's Cool!


Bury Used Tea Bags in Your Garden and This Can happen! That's Cool!
Tea Bags

You'll Never Throw Away Used Tea Bags Again!

Do you have agricultural knowledge and would like to spend an afternoon working in the garden? Then this is the perfect advice for you. We usually throw away used tea bags immediately after making the tea. This is a huge waste because there are several reasons why a used tea bag can make a huge difference to your garden!

A used tea bag can do real miracles in your garden.

The Garden

Growing a handful of different seedlings can be quite a challenge. The reason for this is that most seedlings never germinate, despite all the love and care you put in them. Fortunately, we've found a super easy way to turn your garden into a veritable paradise for plants. All you have to do is bury a used tea bag in the ground.

Supplemental Nutrition

By adding a tea bag to the ground in your garden, you provide it with extra nutrition. Tea leaves contain tannin and nutrients that act as a natural fertilizer for the earth. The bag itself is made of fibers from the stem of the abaca plant, which is a type of banana plant. The tea dissolves easily in the ground and provides a healthy environment for flowers and plants to grow.


Tea bags also keep vermin away. Used tea bags as well as coffee grounds help keep vermin away from your flowers and plants. The scent repels any creatures willing to take a bite of the prized plant.

Bury Used Tea Bags in Your Garden and This Can happen! That's Cool!

Accelerate Atomization

It's also a very smart idea to add a used tea bag to your compost pile. The acids inside the tea will speed up the compost decomposition process. This means that you will be able to compost your garden earlier than you would otherwise. This will make you and your garden very happy!

Water Retention

Bury the used tea bag near the roots of your flowers and plants in the ground. Doing this will help your plants and flowers to hold more water in the ground. This way you will make sure they stay healthier!

Herbs Harmful

This is something you don't want in your garden: weeds. Fortunately, tea bags are the perfect solution for this as well, as they will keep weeds away. By burying a used tea bag in the ground, you will make it more difficult for weeds to grow alongside healthy plants and flowers.

Seedling Germination

Making seedling growth process easier tea bags, seeds and water. Germinate seedlings in pots usually do, but tea bags down to the ground. This will speed up the process a lot! When the seedlings sprout, you can easily move them to a larger pot or directly into your garden.

The cats

Do neighborhood cats often wander into your garden? Tea bags or some coffee grounds can also help keep them away. The smell will repel cats. Sprinkle some leftover coffee or tea over your garden to prevent cats from urinating or defecating on it. Bonus tip: This also works to keep your cats away from plants in your home.

Worms Eat Tea Leaves

This doesn't look very pretty; Worms in your garden. However, these slippery little companions are very good for your garden. Worms can easily eat the tea leaves. When these leaves are digested and returned to the ground they will produce more nutrients to make a very fertile garden.


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