Conditions That Prevent You From Donating Blood .. including Tattoos and Mental Disorder


Conditions That Prevent You From Donating Blood .. including Tattoos and Mental Disorder

Donating blood is considered one of the noblest life-saving acts in the world, and when a person decides to donate blood, it is evaluated based on his medical history and ongoing physical health. Certain cases, but there are cases that are not allowed to donate at all, according to what was published by the "doctor-ndtv" website.

Here Are Five Main conditions That Prevent Blood Donation:


1. Leukemia

If an individual is found with a history of malignant melanoma, they may be permanently deferred from donation. The same applies to people who currently have clonal blood disorders, leukemia or myelodysplastic syndromes.

2. Psychotic disorder

It has a lot to do with human behavioral patterns, people lose touch with reality and begin to hallucinate, examples of this are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, any person suffering from any psychotic disorder is permanently postponed from donating blood.

3. Diagnosis of malaria

If you have been diagnosed with malaria, leishmaniasis, syphilis, or any such disease in the past, chances are that you will be deferred from donating for life.

4. If you have tattoos or any acupressure

In case you have recently had a tattoo, cosmetic treatment or semi-permanent makeup, you need to stay away from donating blood, you may not be able to donate blood for the next 12 months, it is advised to consult your doctor and understand if you are in a position to donate.

5. HIV infection or drug abuse


If you are a drug user or have HIV, you may be permanently deferred from donating blood.


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