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Couple Puts A Secret Camera "I find in His Bedroom"

Thursday, December 23, 2021


Couple Puts A Secret Camera "I find in His Bedroom"

A man had a repeated incident of theft in his house in which he lives in Nozha in Cairo Governorate, and he wanted to identify the perpetrator of the theft, so he put a hidden camera inside his room, he and his wife, to discover who was the thief of his money, which he always put in the “closet”, and he did not tell anyone that he had put cameras inside the house. To the shock of a lifetime.

The husband was stunned when he saw what was happening inside his house through the secret cameras he put in the house, only to discover that his wife was cheating on him with someone in his bedroom, the thief who was taking his money from inside the cupboard, so the husband decided to take revenge on his wife and hand her over to the police.

Immediately, the husband decided to get rid of his wife once and for all and regain his dignity and hurried to the Nozha Police Department and edited a report of his wife's betrayal and attached the report to a cylinder unloading cameras and recordings confirming her betrayal, and indeed she was arrested and investigations are underway to find the person who was with her inside her house.

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