Download WhatsApp Gold 9.90 APK Latest Version 2021 - Update Whatsapp Golden 2022 New - Download Old WhatsApp Golden Meta 2022

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Description: Download WhatsApp Gold 9.90 APK Latest Version 2021 - Update Whatsapp Golden 2022 New - Download Old WhatsApp Golden Meta 2022
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Download WhatsApp Gold 9.90 APK Latest Version 2021 - Update Whatsapp Golden 2022 New - Download Old WhatsApp Golden 2022


Download Golden WhatsApp Against Ban and Hacker Version 9.90 whatsapp Gold APK - Download Golden  WhatsApp 2022 Download  Golden WhatsApp 2021 Latest Version

2022 Change Themes When You Download Golden WhatsApp Golden 

Welcome, dear visitors to our site, and as it is clear from our address above, we will make a full evaluation of the WhatsApp Gold Mousa application also called WhatsApp Gold Dahab 2022 Download Golden WhatsApp 2021 for free with the ability to download the application upgrade from a direct link Mediafire and update WhatsApp to the new version and discuss Problems downloading and installing updates and how to download WhatsApp Gold Download WhatsApp Gold APK from the official website.

Without restriction and against the ban, WhatsApp Golden 2022 comes. We will explain the characteristics and features of WhatsApp, the ad-free gold version, and it carries a lot of variables and features added exclusively by the developer.

Golden WhatsApp uptodown

What is The Download of WhatsApp Gold, latest version 2022, WhatsApp Gold and Otis Golden?

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022 Download Whatsapp Gold APK is an instant messaging application with which you can write text and share photos, videos, voice messages and media. The new update is one of the finest and most unique versions of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Gold is an unofficial application that is derived or built, so to speak, from the original green WhatsApp messenger. It has a download, #Golden WhatsApp 2022, features, additions, options and settings that are not available in the official “Green” version. The built-in functions of WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab consist of the ability to customize The user interface and modification of the golden WhatsApp icon, and the yellow WhatsApp Gold gives you the ability to protect, lock and hide your messages away from prying hands

 In other words, we can say that WhatsApp Gold download is the best form or the best version of WhatsApp Plus, which has much better functions and features than the original Green version. It is worth bearing in mind that you can download WhatsApp Gold Anti-Update Unblock ad-free APK, in addition, through this theme will also allow you to upgrade to the latest version.

Improve Privacy Options in Downloading WhatsApp Gold:

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022, the latest version, as we know, contains many wonderful privacy features and options that give you a more private use. You control your account on updating WhatsApp even the smallest details, such as hiding writing. This phrase appears when you are in a conversation with someone and you write a message, and the phrase appears. Writing” to the other party and vice versa, some may see it as an annoying feature and do not want that message to appear when he writes a message, but it is on the green WhatsApp something that you are forced to do, not optional, and there is no button to stop it, unlike the golden WhatsApp Download Abu Arab Whatsapp Gold Abu arb which has Option to hide writing.

 Also, the golden WhatsApp downloading the updated one, has another feature similar to the one mentioned above, which is to hide the recording in progress, as if you are focused and a user of WhatsApp on a daily basis, you will notice that when you are in a WhatsApp conversation and the person you are in a conversation with records a voice message that it will appear You have at the top of the chat the recording is in progress and also the opposite when you record a voice message that appears on the other party, but if you are one of the same people who do not prefer informing the other party about what you are preparing as in the previous paragraph, we will strongly advise you to use watsap Gold APK 2022 where when you install the program WhatsApp Abu Arab Download #Golden WhatsApp 2021, the latest version, you will be able to hide the appearance in progress, one of the great privacy options, and this is what the original WhatsApp does not provide.

2022 Personal Privacy Options in WhatsApp Gold:

You will discover privacy features in WhatsApp Gold, as the normal WhatsApp application does not have these important privacy options, unlike WhatsApp Plus, which has a lot of great privacy options such as hiding appearance and thwarting the knowledge of reading messages (hide the two blue double check marks) and you can read deleted messages As well as hiding the recording and writing in progress and preventing the knowledge of viewing the status (hide the view of the story) and more and more of these very amazing options that are forbidden to users of the original green WhatsApp.

Protection and security in the latest golden WhatsApp update with a golden WhatsApp download link

If you use the normal green WhatsApp of the official company, if your Android phone supports the electronic fingerprint lock system, you can lock the download and WhatsApp with the fingerprint. Otherwise, you can only lock WhatsApp through the lock programs in Google Play, unlike the golden WhatsApp update program WHATSAPP GOLDEN Abu Arab, which allows you to lock the application and secure it through a pattern, a password, or a BN code, and you can also put the WhatsApp gold application without protection and secure entire conversations or one chat for a specific contact or more. It also gives you the ability to lock each chat with a different lock from the other. You can put an inscription For a specific conversation and the other a password, and you can secure and hide chats and messages with the application completely locking from the outside at one time, and all this you can not do on the original green WhatsApp, but only on the golden WhatsApp update.

Information About Downloading WhatsApp Gold 2022 From Uptodown

App name

Download #Golden WhatsApp 2021 for free

Update date1 day ago
App Size48 mega
Compatibility with Android versionsStarting with Android 4.1
CategoryWhatsApp Gold is a chatting application
subcategorysocial communication

An introduction To what is the WhatsApp Gold 2021 Application For Android

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021: the latest version 2021, the new brand Abu Taj Yellow is an updated version of the original green WhatsApp application of the main company, but the download of WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Gold APK includes additional features, characteristics and functions, as the designer and developer of WhatsApp Gold included many Functions as personal privacy features in WhatsApp Gold, hiding personal information, and other features that are not present in the official WhatsApp, and thanks to these features, you will get a unique and more professional experience in instant messaging on the Golden WhatsApp program.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022 APK

Download Golden Whatsapp 2022. Download WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp gold, the WhatsApp Gold application, the latest version, is a copy of the main original WhatsApp Green application, but some modifications have already been made to it and there are some features and options that are not present in the WhatsApp Gold application of the parent company, WhatsApp Gold, some lines have been included Software in the source code for the main WhatsApp application, and all modifications are made to the golden WhatsApp Abu Arab application by a group of designers; Download WhatsApp Gold 2021 for Android The security of the version has already been verified and tested extensively to make sure that it is safe in terms of use that the user will not deal with any problems while using the application. It is also free from any malware

WhatsApp Gold was developed in 2009 and in order to have an account on this application, you must have a mobile phone, a phone number and a SIM card, and it is considered the most powerful among the most important instant messaging applications through which you can write text messages, share videos and images, in addition to voice messages and stickers with all your friends.

In particular, WhatsApp Gold was dealt with by the developer, Abu Arab and his team in a professional manner, as he adds the features that are requested by the public, and this has increased the popularity of the WhatsApp Gold 2021 program and made the program popular with millions of people. If you are interested Stay with us for the details of the golden lotus, which we will reveal in boring detail, God willing, in our topic.

Download golden WhatsApp against ban and hacker 9.90 Download old golden WhatsApp from Mediafire latest version WhatsApp Gold update Meta Download Golden WhatsApp 2021 for Android

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022 From Mediafire

  • WhatsApp Golden 2022:- The new Plus is considered among the most popular applications currently in existence. It is also; Golden WhatsApp against ban and hacker, this application has been developed to include great features that are not found in any other application.
  • like that; Download WhatsApp Gold 2022. Many features that we will mention in this article in some detail have been added to the “Meta Gold Update” application. It is considered an upgraded version of the instant messaging application monopolized by Facebook.
  • It is also ; Golden WhatsApp Gold APK. The global company Facebook has purchased this application.
  • like that ; Because it is considered one of the most important social media applications.
  • since it's; Download Golden Lotus. The Arab developer, Yemen, Abu Arab, has worked on developing the WhatsApp application, and made it called WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp GB, and also added a new update and several versions to it, such as the “red WhatsApp version and the blue WhatsApp golden WhatsApp” version, and each of them carries a different color as well as its own features.

Application size Download #Golden WhatsApp 2021 For Free:

Looking at how I downloaded the golden WhatsApp Golden 2022, whose size reaches 50 MB, its size is relatively larger than the main green WhatsApp, which reaches 31 MB, and the reason for the difference is that WHATSAPP GOLD is larger than the green WhatsApp is the features and additions added to WhatsApp Golden, since it is one of the modified versions of WhatsApp Plus, and therefore this is the reason behind this increase, but this does not constitute an obstacle that prevents you from how to download WhatsApp Gold the latest update because this is the storage space for Android smartphones now is larger than before and you can install more than one version without a problem .

About what is Download of #WhatsApp Gold 2021 Latest version APG

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021, the latest version of WhatsApp Golden Crown, WhatsApp Gold for Android has already turned into one of the most popular modified applications instead of the main green WhatsApp application, and it has been understood by many names such as the old Golden WhatsApp 2022, the modified Golden WhatsApp and other names that have recently spread, It contains 3 different versions in different colors, in addition to WhatsApp Plus Blue and WhatsApp Red, and each of these copies has really great features and recipes that keep you from using the original green WhatsApp, but on the other hand, it is the best so far from Between the different versions, and this is because of what gives you the golden apk of completely new capabilities and functions that make it the most used and popular application among the current Plus applications.

Download #Golden WhatsApp 2021 for free, update WhatsApp Gold Meta

Download golden whatsapp 2022.

Disclaimer / We are not responsible for downloading, downloading and installing any apk version claiming to be whatsapp Gold APK; From outside the site without the original download links for WhatsApp Gold on this page, until WhatsApp Gold works without root.

Note / There is no. You can download the WhatsApp Gold program from application stores such as Android Store, APK Play, Google Play, Uptodown and Apkpure.

 In general, Download # WhatsApp Gold 2021, Latest Version in particular; Having a copy spirits contains a copy of your web gallery. Among these features are blocking that you have seen the case, hiding the revision in progress, and other things that we will learn about during this explanation; And you can be allowed to download WhatsApp Gold "Download WhatsApp Gold"; Besides the official WhatsApp application or one of the WhatsApp Plus applications.

The Best Modified version of WhatsApp | Download WhatsApp Gold 9.90 Download WhatsApp Gold Against Bans and Hackers Whhatsapp Gold

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021Golden WhatsApp:- Downloading WhatsApp Gold is one of the best versions of WhatsApp Plus that was presented by the developer of WhatsApp Abu Arab, as this version of WhatsApp, the latest version 2021, has many unique features and options that it includes only in it, such as hiding another The emergence of WhatsApp, downloading WhatsApp Plus cases and many other things that make WhatsApp Gold Gold a distinctive and unique version of any modified WhatsApp version.

Preventing Deletion of Messages in WhatsApp Gold 2022, Whatsapp Gold Version 2022:

Privacy / This beautiful option in the WhatsApp Gold update Meta 2021 is a good newly added option for those who do not want to miss anything, as we know that in 2019, the Facebook company that owns WhatsApp, the official company for the original green WhatsApp application, added the option to delete messages and retrieve them after sending them By selecting the message and clicking on the trash icon, then you will have two options, delete from everyone and delete from me. The seven minutes.

golden whatsapp update, / What if you want not to delete messages and restore them, or you want to prove a conversation to someone, a government agency, or others, or you have a problem and you need the messages as evidence, from the actual party, you do not have the ability to prevent the deletion of messages from both parties, there is no solution, the official company of WhatsApp Whoever wanted that feature.

WhatsApp Gold / The only solution in front of you is to use the WhatsApp Plus Gold Abu Arab program, which provides you with this feature, as when you activate the option to prevent the deletion of messages from both parties in WhatsApp Gold, you will be able to control the deletion and recovery of messages, and you will read the messages and they will remain even if If the other party deletes it within the specified period, everyone will not be able to delete messages, and this terrible feature is only available on WhatsApp Gold, the latest version of 2021.

Send media in WhatsApp Gold in the latest version of the WhatsApp Gold update:

The normal green WhatsApp download allows you to send a maximum of 30 images at one time, you can select and send them at once, but if you have previously downloaded and installed Gold and used WhatsApp Gold, you can send more than 90 high-resolution images and the ability at once in addition to The message is pictures in full resolution, and on the video side, downloading WhatsApp Gold 2022 has the ability to send videos in full resolution as well, unlike the basic WhatsApp of the green company, the maximum video limit is 15 megabytes, as it compresses videos, images and media in general and reduces their accuracy to change their size, it is a matter Very annoying, sometimes I do not need, or rather, I do not want the accuracy in multimedia to be damaged. You have to use WhatsApp Gold, the latest version of WhatsApp Gold, which will give you complete control over sending media, its size and accuracy.

 Disclaimer/ If you have installed WhatsApp Gold and are looking to update WhatsApp Gold, please make sure of the version number before downloading. If the version is old, you must delete it after you take a backup of conversations and messages. Enter WhatsApp Gold » Settings » Chat » Backup, And then download the Whatsapp Gold New Update, the new version, and from here you can download the #WhatsApp Gold 2021, the latest version. We update the links periodically whenever there is a bulge done by the developer of downloading WhatsApp Gold.

Download Golden WhatsApp 2022 Golden WhatsApp Meta without ads:

Download Golden WhatsApp 2021. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold without ads completely free of charge, as it is among the customized and modified applications created by Arab youth and does not include ads, and this will guarantee you a unique using experience unlike other applications that reveal to you the ads in it that it seeks Profit only and earn money at the expense of the inconvenience of the user.

WhatsApp Plus stickers, golden edition, Meta yellow.

The télécharger whatsapp Gold APK 2021 latest version supports the ability to control scissors, not to mention that it contains a huge collection or library of stickers, and since you have full powers in WhatsApp Gold, you can add new stickers whenever you want through the sticker apps in the Google Play Store apk .

 Many copies of Watts Golden 2022

Download WhatsApp Gold, as we described earlier, is presented in 3 different forms to provide more beautiful and wonderful benefits to users of the WhatsApp Gold program, where you can download the three forms.

Compatibility with old and weak phones in downloading WhatsApp Gold 2021 for Android

WhatsApp Gold is a modified application from the original WhatsApp developed by the developer Abu Arab; If you use an Android phone at a large level, then you can download the WhatsApp Gold for Android, the latest anti-ban version, completely free, due to the fact that the Golden WhatsApp Plus for Android, as we mentioned is easily available in 3 standard versions that support most phones Even weak phones with weak specifications and a small storage memory, as well as old ones that run on an old Android system, are considered télécharger whatsapp Meta 2022 for old phones.

It is downloaded through the Google Play Store. Or through external links that support running on Android. as; whatsapp dhabi 2021 programmed by a famous Arab programmer, and it has all the features of the original whatsapp, but an increase in it. as that; Golden WhatsApp 2021, many features developed by developer Abu Arab that we benefit from more than the original WhatsApp. Golden whatsapp update. It added a large number of functions and tools that we need in WhatsApp as a tool to download photos and videos without resorting to other tools and applications. like that; Download WhatsApp Gold 2021, and one of the most important features added by the developer Abu Arab is to hide the appearance; the inability of anyone to know your data and the inability to know whether you are online or offline; Pictures are not displayed or displayed.

Update download #Golden WhatsApp 2021 for free A completely new update to lock the WhatsApp Golden application 2022

Download WhatsApp Gold for Android 2022. To get better security for your chats on WhatsApp Gold 2022, you can turn on this feature, which enables you to completely lock WhatsApp Gold with a pattern or a secret number that everyone wants. For messages to be protected from intruders, it is worth bearing in mind that the main WhatsApp application now supports fingerprint lock in mobile phones that have this feature.

 WhatsApp Plus Gold also carries within it another feature similar to the above, but you can consider it a sub-feature which is to hide the indicator or sign of receiving messages. The receipt indicator is a double check mark that is faint or gray when a person receives a message on WhatsApp Gold and turns to blue when he By opening it, let's make the explanation easier, that is, when you open the Internet and you are not using the phone and you are not in WhatsApp, then if someone sends a message to you, you will arrive and a notification will appear to you when the sender will have a gray double check mark.

 This means that you have received the message or that you have received it, and if you open it, it will turn into two blue check marks, which are the reading indicators. On the Internet, it will turn into two, but it is in gray, which indicates that it has been received, and when reading, it is filled with a cyan color.

Links To Download Whatsapp Gold V9.90

Download WhatsApp Plus Red WA_Abo3rab v9.90, the latest version against the ban 2021

Download WhatsApp Gold from Mediafire

Download WhatsApp Golden Penguin

WhatsApp Gold 2021 WhatsApp Gold V9.90 is Released, Which is a Modified Version of the official green WhatsApp on The Google Play market

Privacy in WhatsApp Gold 2021

  • Hide writing.
  • Hide the “Online Now” feature.
  • Do not show the two correct blue color when reading the message.
  • Hide two receipts.
  • Operate two WhatsApp numbers and more.
  • Lock conversations with a secret number.

Customize and organize messages on WhatsApp Gold 2021 Whatsapp Gold APK

A newly added feature that has a strong ability to organize and sort your messages and conversations. Very useful if you receive many messages on a daily basis or you are stuck. Do not use WhatsApp Gold for a long time and you will receive a large number of chat messages at once. You can view conversations whose privacy has been activated only or view Only conversations that have activated their notifications.

Download wallpapers and Themes For WhatsApp 2022 and Customize Appearance:

When you download and install WhatsApp Plus Gold 2022, you will be able to change the look of WhatsApp Gold with one click, by downloading ready-made WhatsApp themes through the theme store inside WhatsApp Gold, which contains more than 25,000 themes created by WhatsApp Gold users. From around the world, you will definitely like it, as you can get a variety of dark, light and professional wallpapers and themes that add a beautiful touch to your WhatsApp program. You can also create your own theme and place it in the theme store in the golden WhatsApp update.

An explanation of The Most Prominent Features of The WhatsApp Gold Saver Program Latest Version Against Ban

Disconnect Internet from WhatsApp Gold program:

If you want to search for some messages on WhatsApp or use WhatsApp without others knowing that you are connected to the Internet, you may be surprised that someone from your close friends has sent you and in this case you will need to cut off the Internet from your phone completely so that it does not appear on your phone. The Internet, and now there is no requirement for that, as you can disconnect the Internet from within the application itself through a completely new tool within the WhatsApp Gold program, which was included in the designer of the old WhatsApp Gold program, which allows you to stop the Internet connection to the WhatsApp application completely and you can reconnect to the application also anytime you want.

 The benefit of this tool is that you may sometimes want to browse WhatsApp and use or in order to read previous messages or search after a specific message or image in WhatsApp Gold. You have that you are using or want to open WhatsApp and at the same time you also do not want to completely disconnect the Internet on the phone. You only want to block and block the Internet from WhatsApp only with the use of the Internet in the rest of the other social networking programs. Here comes the role of the old Golden WhatsApp Internet start / disconnect tool WHATSAPP GOLDEN ANDROID APK and added to the latest version.

The possibility of Customization and Making Aownload of WhatsApp Gold 2021 more Personal:

 The real WhatsApp Abu Arab WhatsApp Gold APK application contains the ability to change the shape of WhatsApp Gold and modify it in a more in-depth way in terms of the user interface in updating WhatsApp Gold, the program icon and notifications, where WhatsApp + Golden provides a large, wide and different set of icons that you can use as an application icon in addition to the great ability After changing the default and very boring green and white color to any color you want, you can also change the background in the chat, as well as the fonts in the messages and their colors via the WhatsApp Gold Fonts store, the font size and others. There is a lot of deep customization for the WhatsApp Gold application against the ban 2022.

WhatsApp call settings

Download WhatsApp Cases 2022 Via the Golden WhatsApp Program

  This added feature is also one of the best features of WhatsApp Gold, which is a feature built into WhatsApp and the anti-ban Gold that enables the user to Download WhatsApp Cases that others put in the story, and if that story is an image or video, you can download it and if If the case is text, you can copy it and use it or paste it.

WhatsApp Cases
WhatsApp Cases

Is downloading WhatsApp Gold 2020 for Android considered safe?

As we mentioned and mentioned previously in many articles, a golden WhatsApp update is that the staff on this site only seeks to obtain the quality of service that we provide; Download WhatsApp Gold, the latest version, which has a lot of unique features and characteristics that make it WhatsApp Gold worth installing and downloading. When it comes to downloading WhatsApp Abu Taj Al-Yellow and the security problem with it, there is no need to worry, the entire program has already been checked to ensure that it is not injected into any application. Destructive software or errors that may harm you, one of the most famous and popular features used by WhatsApp Plus Gold is starred messages.

Golden Whatsapp

 The WhatsApp Gold APK application also features the ability to design the interface for the user; Like the size and color of the message, it also allows arranging chats and prioritizing people as it is always at the top of the chat. Which allows you to choose some of the messages you want by placing a star on them to access them quickly at any time you want, in addition to scheduling messages in the Abu Arab Gold program, which gives you the opportunity to produce a full text that you can then send to many people at the same time .

WhatsApp APK Golden

 WhatsApp Omar Al-Dhahabi has the ability to upload videos in the case of WhatsApp that exceed 30 seconds; This feature has solved a major problem that WhatsApp users were suffering from before the appearance of the golden WhatsApp; The status of the video was only limited to 30 seconds.

Prevent deleting stories using WhatsApp Gold Download from Mediafire

  It is known in the WhatsApp Gold 2021 download application for Android that it is Asturian or the WhatsApp status is an event that expresses the person’s situation in the day, a feature that was developed and added recently by the official company WhatsApp, the owner of the original WhatsApp green program, where you can put WhatsApp cases only media such as images or A video or text and it disappears after a whole day, i.e. it lasts 24 hours. The important thing is that there is a great feature, as in the option to prevent the deletion of messages from WhatsApp Gold. There is also an option to prevent the deletion of the story by WhatsApp Gold,

Golden WhatsApp against ban and hacker

 WhatsApp is golden yellow. What if you do not want anyone to delete their status, you do not want to miss anything, you want to watch everything that is placed even or was wrong, and you do not want the owner of the story to delete it, you want to watch for any reason, in general, when someone By setting a story, it will appear on all the contact numbers that he has added, and he can also delete the story in the new WhatsApp download and after it is placed. The process of removing the status is on the latest WhatsApp, and there is no way, and the original green WhatsApp does not contain a feature that enables it to disable the deletion process, but if you want to view the status despite its deletion by its owner.

The most important updates in WhatsApp Gold:

 Hide writing. You have to use the golden WhatsApp update, which carries the feature of preventing the deletion of the Astori, and when you activate this option from within the WhatsApp Gold program, the latest version 2022 against the ban, you will be able to know anyone who wants to delete their status, in addition to that you will be able to watch it, that is, stop the process of deleting the Astori and prevent the deletion of the status On WhatsApp Gold and it will still be available for you to watch.

Golden WhatsApp latest version

Scheduling messages using WhatsApp Gold Yellow:

  • If you are a fan of sending messages about holidays and occasions, you may want to put a message on the golden whatsapp download that will be sent at a certain time. You want to send a birthday congratulations to the golden lotus, one of your relatives, except your mother, father, brother, or anyone close, and you do not want to miss the matter whatsapp Gold APK download, or you want to receive congratulations and blessings on the occasion of his birthday, even if you are busy here. You will like this feature and you will wish If it is present and available, of course in the original green WhatsApp, as you know, the program does not have this option, but with the update of WhatsApp Gold Meta for Android, the use is better and easier, as the latter provides the feature of scheduling messages and sending them automatically. You will type the message and then specify the date, day, and then the hour and time After that, you will be lucky, and the WhatsApp Gold program will automatically program the message to be sent on the schedule specified for it.

Tips for users of WhatsApp Plus Gold Whatsapp Gold APK Gold

To avoid the ban, delete all the modified applications from the new WhatsApp download on your device; The privacy features of WhatsApp Gold have been improved in the latest version and new features have been added to it that you can discover by downloading from a direct link to WhatsApp WHATSAPP GOLD, and the flaws in it that some users faced in previous versions, especially owners of old phones, have been fixed.

Hide conversations, chats and text messages from downloading WhatsApp Gold: The ability to hide the last appearance in the latest WhatsApp Gold download

  • If you are looking for a way in which you can protect your messages and conversations on downloading WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab and you did not find it, then you are in the right place away from the lock program that locks applications and programs in Android, which I do not like and do not like at all, because it is of a large size and also because it By making the phone heavy and working with the system more difficult, it is good on the one hand, but it needs a phone with a high processor and high RAM, a sophisticated phone, but you can protect and secure conversations even if your phone is weak using only WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab download without programs.
  •  The feature to hide chat messages has already been provided in the latest WhatsApp Gold update completely, which enables you to hide any chats or chats and protect them with a security code to ensure that no one can access them even if they use your mobile phone without you, if you turn on this feature in WhatsApp Whatsapp Golden Make sure to turn off message arrival notifications as messages are not hidden.
  •  That is, thanks to the protection of downloading WhatsApp Gold, you can use the feature to hide conversations on WhatsApp Gold, where you will make your messages and conversations on WhatsApp Gold, the latest update, away from prying eyes and friends who like to interfere and violate the privacy of others by hiding the chat on WhatsApp Gold download.
  •  You can forward the message to more than 5 people. You can prevent other people from adding you to any group; By clicking on Settings, then Account, then Privacy, then Groups.
  •  You can also activate the feature to show statuses above chats, as in the WhatsApp Gold Instagram download application; In order to do this, go to the Gold Plus add-ons, then the main screen, then the top bar.
  •  You can also activate a feature in the WhatsApp Plus Gold program and open everything in the form of a card. The activation is done by going to the Plus add-ons; Then more settings.
  •  You can also activate WhatsApp Gold APK on 10 numbers and switch between these numbers; And that you add an explanation of the feature to switch ten accounts.
  •  You can enter an automatic text to respond to people when you are busy.
  •  The application has a feature of special cases. - You can only show the two readings when you reply to the conversation.
  •  You can also add about 1024 people to the group message list, and in order to do this, go to Plus Additions.
  •  You can create a group of 1024 members, and in order to activate this feature, go to Add-ons Plus.
  •  You can also change the background of chats and change the color of the chat or mix several colors and change the color of calls and status; In order to do this, go to the Plus add-ons.
  •  It is possible to activate the feature of transition effects between chats, calls and status, and in order to activate this feature, go to Add-ons Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2022

  • You can change the background of the WhatsApp lock screen or change its color and mix several colors together, and in order to activate this feature, go to omar plus add-ons.
  • The application contains many privacy settings.
  • You can send group messages to groups.
  • You can hide your private conversations.

Download WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Gold 2022

Add-ons to update WhatsApp Gold 2022

  1. Keep in mind that you need to download the golden WhatsApp in order to have the WhatsApp with you that works effectively.
  2. One-time viewing skips are included, allowing you to view photos and videos for an endless variety of times.
  3. When copying or downloading, the work of fixing the problem and fixing the stop status has already been done.
  4. The problem of sending more than 30 photos and videos from the media studio to the phone has been addressed and fixed.
  5. Fixed the issue of the number "0" that some télécharger whatsapp Gold APK users were experiencing in their phones not showing up in the lock screen.
  6. What is new in the update of WhatsApp Plus Gold Abu Arab 9.90
  7. The feature to increase the speed of audio clips and recording is already included.
  8. A feature has already been added to hide watched videos and photos, and you can do this when you choose the media you want to send.
  9. All tiles that take on color are now included, in either light or dark mode.
  10. The lock screen update is already done and fixed.
  11. Pattern lock screen has already been revamped and fixed.
  12. Fix the problem of alignment in the Arabic language.
  13. Solve and fix the "app crash" issue when you try to download the status.
  14. Solve and fix the problem of delayed arrival of messages in some versions of Android phones.
  15. Fixed the problem of connecting in packages and packages, and the problem of télécharger whatsapp Gold APK, the media was not loaded.
  16. The disruption to fixed calls has been fixed on some phones running Android 11.
  17. Features of downloading the old golden WhatsApp, latest update 2021, No. V9.95
  18. New choices for downloading WhatsApp statuses, so that you can copy the text in the image, share it and more.
  19. There is an option to hide the personal privacy terms notice, and you can get it by going to Extensions, then Settings, then Hide the personal privacy message, as well as the ability to hide it without consent.
  20. There are also settings for automatic download of videos and images for each chat.
  21. The upgrade group fixed the name of the contact who was having trouble showing up clearly in the caption.
  22. The background pattern issue which was not applicable to some phones has been fixed and resolved.
  23. The private development group the new update for WhatsApp Gold Download actually fixed and converted the caption differences from long press to download options.
  24. Subtitles have been dealt with, some improvements have been made to this option and a translation issue has been fixed in some languages.
  25. Solve the problem with the option to make a backup which was not working in Android 11.
  26. Fix and improve the floating button by the golden WhatsApp download developer team.
  27. Other fixes and improvements.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022 whatsapp gold apk | Download #New WhatsApp 2021 Gold

  • Here are a set of tips that can avoid you from all the ban problems that most users of the golden WhatsApp google play are exposed to.
  • And you can keep your conversations from getting lost, you have to back up these data and conversations, whether on the phone or on your account in Google Drive, or you have to activate the backup feature automatically every day or every week as a maximum.
  • And if you do not want to delete WhatsApp, make sure that your account is not banned, and then update the golden WhatsApp without the need to delete the current version, but in the event that the account has already been banned, there is no way to delete the current version and download the updated version against the ban.
  • And because the old golden version of WhatsApp was banned before and then you downloaded the golden WhatsApp update without deleting it, the ban will move to the new version, so make sure that the account is not hacked.

Steps To update the Golden Lotus 2022

 To move from the old versions to the modern anti-blocking version without losing your important data or conversations, follow these steps:

  • First.: ↫ First, we will back up your account data; By going whatsapp Gold APK to settings and selecting messages from them; You will find the backup icon, click on it and choose one of the accounts connected to Google Drive; It is preferable to have your personal account to ensure privacy and not transfer your data to anyone else.
  • First.: ↫ Wait for the copying process to finish completely; The duration depends on several factors, the most important of which is the speed of the Internet connected to your phone; the volume of conversations and data on your account; The capabilities of the phone may also affect this.
  • First.: ↫ After making sure that the copies are completely completed, delete the old version of WhatsApp gold; and go to any browser on your device and download the new version of the application; and start installing it.
  • First.: ↫ But avoid installing other versions such as Red or Blue; In this case you will lose the conversations you made a copy of; Because it is only intended for downloading WhatsApp Gold 2022 in all its versions.
  • First.:↫ Install the application and start writing the phone number and wait for the confirmation message; After that, you will be presented with two options: Agree, Continue, and Restore Backup; The first option will start the application directly without restoring copies.
  • First.: ↫ So we will choose to restore the backup and the application will start collecting the copies on the account and start downloading WhatsApp Gold; data and restore it again.
  • First.: ↫ After completing the restore, the application will work normally; With the same conversations, photos, videos and other data, which were present before the deletion.

Download WhatsApp from uptodown

Is Downloading WhatsApp From Uptodown latest Version Free?

  •  All versions of WhatsApp apkpure are free and when it comes to the interest you have in mind right now is downloading WhatsApp Gold free?! The answer here is yes, as you can download WhatsApp Gold, the new update that Abu Arab personally developed, and about updating and upgrading WhatsApp Gold Ammar Al-Awadi, which is one of the problems that many users deal with. The choice here is constantly reading the topic, we will talk in the coming paragraphs about downloading WhatsApp Gold 2021 with a direct link for free from Mediafire, the latest version.
  •  At first, you type WhatsApp Web into your computer's search engine. Then you will choose the site and a bar code (scan box) will appear.
  •  The next step will be done on the phone. Open the Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp application. Go to the additional options on the left and choose WhatsApp Web, it will show you a camera belonging to the application with a square frame.
  •  Go back to the computer and download WhatsApp Gold for Android by scanning the bar code on the scanning camera. By installing the box in your computer's browser in the middle of the window. Download WhatsApp Gold 2021
  •  The browser will download and run your WhatsApp on your computer. So that you can easily exchange messages, photos and other data with friends.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022 Download WhatsApp Gold 2021, the latest version

  • Golden WhatsApp 2021. With the great technological progress in the instant messaging applications and programs that we are witnessing now. Few of the developers of the Golden Lotus program for the iPhone stood on its feet without jailbreaking. Famous for adding a few updates to the original app. And the release of other versions of the application is that with excellent additional features.
  • The Golden WhatsApp program for iPhone devices is one of the modified versions of the original new WhatsApp application, up to down. Which was widely popular among users of the original WhatsApp application, and its download rates increased to enjoy the wonderful features available in it.
  • The golden WhatsApp download program from Media Fire is represented in an image copied from the original WhatsApp implementation. Developed with a look that matches your iPhone supplies. Few of the phone developers got up to add a limited number of updates and features to the original app and they were released in WhatsApp Gold uptodown.
  • The necessary intention of modifying that version of the green WhatsApp Plus download application for iPhone devices is that the application has a high value of credit and efficiency.
  • That's why a limited number of credit information has been developed in the new production of the app for iPhone devices.
  • Modifying that version of “Download New WhatsApp Gold 2021 for iPhone” was with the intention of maintaining the flaws, shortcomings and negatives in the Golden WhatsApp download program from Media Fire, such as blocking problems and malfunctions. cascading into the original application which was the cause of harassment and distress to the users. This is what has been resolved in a meaningful way in the production of the Golden Lotus update for iPhone phones.
  • In addition to the plentiful amount of improvements dedicated to the bug of the last appearance. In a program, it is also hidden by an existing tag overwriting or appending an audio clip. In order to protect and preserve the consumer advantage in a manner superior to the original application.
  • For this, it can be said in short that the golden WhatsApp application for Apple iPhone or iPad devices is only a modified version. Luxurious and unique. It is distinguished and is calculated better than the performance of the original WhatsApp Gold with an abundant amount of features, which can be saved and benefited from in a free style.

Increase video duration in astori on whatsapp Gold APK

  •  whatsapp Gold APK tells us. You can not put a story of a type of video that is more than thirty seconds long, and this is somewhat annoying to many. Isn't that, at least if the duration of the video is five minutes? Or even two minutes, he'd be better than us. He never bothered with it; When he wants to upload a two-minute video and he didn't suffer from video trimming and seconds limiting.
  •  But if you are a fan of Lotus Omar Al-Dhahabi, this is not new to you. You know about this feature. But if you are a new user, then I think it is the first time that you know that it is impossible to upload a video of more than thirty seconds, but it is; One of the possible and easy things to update WhatsApp Gold is to simply imagine that you are using WhatsApp Gold in your phone and you just choose the video and place it; In the case on WhatsApp I'm talking.
  •  About a video that is uploaded as my story and its duration exceeds thirty seconds. Isn't it illogical. I am happy to tell you that you can, via WhatsApp Gold APK, upload a video on your account in your account with a duration of up to ten minutes.

New emoji

  •  The yellow WhatsApp download comes with Emoji Emoji which contains many cool emojis. By default you can send hundreds of emojis to your contacts.=
  • Send long videos whatsapp gold
  •  And Whatsapp download only allows you to send videos of maximum size of 100MB, not more than that it is a very annoying feature at all like what if you shoot any video whose size is more than 100MB you can’t send on WhatsApp you have to upload it somewhere else then send the link to someone but whatsapp dhabi allows you to send videos up to 700mb at a time yes I'm not kidding you can check it yourself.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Messenger:

  • WhatsApp gold In the event that you want to use the WhatsApp Web feature, you must open the application on the phone. Leave the application open in order to use it on your computer.
  • The application does not have the feature to sync with other social networking applications such as the Facebook application, and this is something that users want.
  • Download WhatsApp Gold from uptodown The person's identity is not verified enough.
  • These applications in which users are exposed to a lot of inconveniences whatsapp Gold APK, as once anyone gets your phone number, they can send you a message, and this is very annoying. télécharger whatsapp Gold APK 2022.

Link To Download WhatsApp Versions Direct Link

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