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Download YouTube Vanced 2022 Original -YouTube Vanced 2021 Apk

Thursday, December 16, 2021


Download YouTube Vanced 2022 Original -YouTube Vanced 2021 Apk
Download YouTube Vanced 2022

Many Are Looking for a Way to download The original YouTube Vanced 2022, as the YouTube Vanced application is a modified and modified version of the original YouTube and is very popular among Android device users, in addition, it adds a number of features that you will never find in the official YouTube application and many things Like blocking annoying ads, playing in the background without upgrading to YouTube Premium, black/dark themes, and more, follow this article to learn the original YouTube Fanseed download link and how to get it working.

Download YouTube Vanced 2022 Original

Because of the features included in YouTube Vanced, some of which were mentioned in the previous paragraph, most Android phone users want to download the original YouTube Vanced, as Vanced has added many improvements to the official YouTube application and we will review some of the features that this application enjoys.

Features of YouTube Vanced 2021

• Contains Adblock

Ads are an important part of supporting online posts and creators, but understandably a lot of people prefer not to see them while watching YouTube, which is why YouTube Vanced gives us built-in controls to block ads and you can toggle settings to make them work exactly the way you want them to.

• Run in the background

It's worth noting that videos can only be played in the background if you upgrade YouTube to YouTube Premium, but YouTube Vanced 2022 includes this feature.

• It also has an optional black AMOLED feature to reduce eye strain and battery consumption while viewing.

• Force HDR mode

Not all phones support HDR in their YouTube app, but Vanced can force it, which stands for High Dynamic Range and can improve video quality with impressive results.

• Force default video resolution

With YouTube Vanced 2022, you can choose between the default video resolution as high or low as you like, and it can even exceed the screen resolution (for example, you can play a 4K video on any device), and it also allows you to switch home ads, most UI ads, and ads Merchandise, Community Posts, Movie Sale, Embedded Banner Information, Comment Removal Complete, Movie Zip, and much more.

Original YouTube Vanced Download Link for Android

You can download YouTube Vanced for Android devices through this Link.

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