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Hours After Wedding.. What Happened Was Shocking

Thursday, December 23, 2021


Hours After Wedding.. What Happened Was Shocking

Two newlyweds died a few hours after the wedding because they did a shocking thing in the bathroom, and no one realized their death until the bride's family went the next day to visit them and check on them, only to be surprised by the shocking news.

The investigations of the security services and criminal investigation revealed that the real reason behind the death of the two brides in the bathroom of their apartment while taking a shower hours after the wedding ceremony. Bathing in the bathroom.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mahmoud Aqel, head of the Al-Khoss Investigations, had received a report that the people were able to discover the death of a couple inside the apartment they lived in, located on Petroleum Street in the Department of the Department.

On examination, it was found that the bodies of both “MAS” a worker and his wife “NMA” a housewife in the bathroom of the apartment, and that there were no apparent injuries to them, and the two families confirmed in the investigation that the accident was caused by a short circuit in the water heater during the shower of the newlyweds, confirming The death does not bear any criminal suspicion.

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