Reasons Why You Feel Tired and Lazy All Time, Including Sleep


Reasons Why You Feel Tired and Lazy All Time, Including Sleep
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Some may suffer from constant laziness, inability to make any effort or feeling tired, and many may be unable to explain these symptoms. According to the wellness website:

1: Iron deficiency


It is one of the possible reasons why you will always feel lethargic and tired, and low iron is especially common in pregnant women and women as well as in vegetarians who are going through extremes or those who follow a salad-based diet.

2: lack of sleep


Lack of sleep or staying up late can cause fatigue. It is important to get enough sleep in your day. Not sleeping enough can lead to fatigue and make you feel lazy, yawning and sleepy throughout the day. This is also harmful to your body and skin.

3: Feeling stressed or tired


Feeling stressed or tired can be another reason why we feel tired or that you have no energy. Often laziness or a lack of priority simply leads to the accumulation of our responsibilities, which leads to us feeling stressed and as a result, our minds do not relax using more energy, and we end up having difficulty In sleep.

4: An unhealthy or unbalanced diet


The food you eat affects your body In fact, your body's cells are constantly being replaced anytime the quality and quantity of food you eat can be the difference between feeling refreshed or feeling tired.

5: dehydration


Being dehydrated means that there is not enough fluid in your body, and this can cause symptoms like headaches, cramps, dizziness and a lack of energy. Water makes up the majority of our bodies, and not getting enough water in our system is another major cause of fatigue.

5: heat or illness


Spending a lot of time in a warm or humid environment can make you feel tired. You may also feel headache or dizzy. When you are sick your energy level drops, making you feel tired, sleepy and lack of energy. In this case, consult your doctor to prevent any serious problem.

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