What is Way To Get Best Free Mobile Courses? Best of 2022!

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Description: The smartphone (Android and iPhone) has become available to almost all segments of society, especially young people who are in constant need of learni
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What is Way To Get Best Free Mobile Courses? Best of 2022!

What is The Way to Get The Best Free Mobile Courses? Best of 2022

The smartphone (Android and iPhone) has become available to almost all segments of society, especially young people who are in constant need of learning. Educational institutions have been able to develop themselves and keep pace with the changes of the times to offer free scholarships first. It offers smart applications that can be used free of charge on smart mobile phones in order to facilitate the learner and save time, effort and money. We review with you the most prominent free educational applications on smart phones:

8. Hello English

This application seeks to facilitate the learning of the English language after it has become necessary for everyone to get a good job opportunity or to communicate with those who differ with you linguistically, as English is an excellent intermediate language between different languages ​​around the world. Hello English application is interactive, and the interactive aspect is the distinctive aspect of the language learning process.

The application also features that it provides all videos offline, as well as educational articles, audio and video clips, in addition to e-books. A dictionary with more than ten thousand words, and the application also provides those words in an audible way; In order for the trainee to learn to pronounce it correctly, Hello English app installs have exceeded 10 million installs.

9. Memrise App

Memrise App
Memrise App

The Memrise application is one of the applications that help beginners in learning languages, as it provides training lessons in more than twenty-five languages for free, but the application is mainly concerned with teaching English and offers around it a set of simplified lessons, and it is one of the most widely used applications around the world and one of the most popular applications Bestselling and award-winning Memrise, Memrise is kid-friendly.

1. Udacity App

Udacity App
Udacity App

The Udacity application is a free educational application. The application provides many forms of knowledge in various fields. You will find training courses in the fields of computer and design, next to business administration, in addition to other knowledge areas that are found within the application, up to twenty educational fields, and one of the advantages of the Udacity application is that it is characterized by simplicity of design. Ease of use, and the application is characterized by multiple levels, starting from the beginner level, then the intermediate level, then the advanced level; The application is suitable for all levels, and the application provides a space for interaction between students and benefit from each other.

The educational paths in it are also short, and the application provides an opportunity to obtain a specialized diploma in the field in which the trainee studies. Applications available in smartphones.

2. Skillshare


Fields such as electronic design, photography and watercolor painting, in addition to accounting and marketing through the Internet are popular fields, which contemporary generations need, especially the younger generation, and among the applications that provide training courses in these areas is the Skillshare application, which has seven million subscribers Shared around the world, and the application contains more than twenty-five thousand training videos in various fields of watercolor, calligraphy and photography, in addition to graphic design, icon design and patterns, in addition to other fields of knowledge.

Also, the Skillshare app’s videos are short so that the trainee does not feel bored, and the app is suitable for the trainees’ conditions and allows them to have times that fit their schedules, and there are hundreds of free videos on the Skillshare app, but to watch all the exercises this will lead to the payment of subscriptions by the trainees, as The trainee is given a 30-day trial, after which the fee is charged through the recipient's Google Play account

3. Alison . application

Alison . application

Among the applications that provide training courses in various fields of work is the Alison application, which offers free courses in the following disciplines: mathematics, marketing, health, languages, information technology and other disciplines related to various fields of work. The number of users of the Alison application reaches seventeen million students around the world, and the application has more than Two thousand free training courses, and the trainee can continue his courses anywhere he wants using the application on his phone.

4. edX App


One of the non-profit applications that provides its services for free is the EDX application, which is one of the widespread applications around the world. The application is characterized by its reliance on senior professors from major universities in the world such as: Harvard, California University and Columbia University, as well as experts from major institutions such as Microsoft Corporation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The EdX Application provides its training courses on a large scale that suit all levels from beginner trainees, specialists and teachers. It offers free training courses in computer science, information technology, artificial intelligence, business administration, accounting and marketing, mathematics such as calculus and algebra as well as sciences such as chemistry, physics and biological sciences, and the site also provides Learn languages ​​such as French, English and Spanish, and the application also allows learning sign language, in addition to the fact that the application provides training courses in the fields of humanities such as law, political science, law, and others, and the application’s installations on phones have exceeded five million installations

5. Duolingo App

Some jobs require the applicant to be proficient in many languages, so that it almost became a necessary condition in almost a large percentage of jobs. Among the applications that offer free courses in the field of language learning is the Duolingo application; Where the application has the opportunity to learn six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian, and was considered by the Wall Street Journal as the best free language-learning application, in addition to being a free application and offering an opportunity to learn six languages that it is easy to use and entertaining, and the installations have exceeded the Duolingo application Ten million installs

6. TED Application

The TED application provides an opportunity to conduct free conversations about science, technology and psychology, and also provides many specialized lectures, and videos can be downloaded through it and watched in cases where the Internet is not available, and the conversations that take place on it can also be saved, and the installations of the application exceed ten million operations Install, and the application is suitable for everyone over the age of ten.

7. Udemy app

Udemy app
Udemy app

One of the applications that provides an opportunity to learn many skills is the Udemy application, which gives an opportunity to learn designs and self-development as well as languages, by simply registering and subscribing to the application. Anytime, anywhere, easily and conveniently, and the application is available in English.

10. English Language Teaching App (zAmericanEnglish)

It is one of the most famous completely free applications and seeks to teach English for beginners to the level of professionalism, and it also offers all videos for free in addition to placement tests, and provides certificates of completion for each level of English language learning, and the application also helps in developing language speaking skills English, where the application has a wide range of video and audiovisual videos, and the courses in the application are divided into a set of full lessons such as reading lessons, word lessons, phonetics lessons, grammar lessons, conversation lessons, listening lessons, in addition to learning English through films, and a lot of lessons On the other hand, the installations of the English language teaching application from scratch with video and audio has exceeded the five million installs.

We have provided you with the most important and best free educational applications that can be available on mobile phones. These applications are characterized by ease of use, simplicity of design and their suitability for different segments of trainees, all of which offer free training courses, in addition to some applications that offer free scholarships, where the trainee obtains accredited certificates after Passing the courses and succeeding in them, and most of these applications offer free courses in languages, especially the English language, whose learning has become a necessary requirement in the current era.

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