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MySpace: The Story of Rise and Fall of Internet's First Social Networking Site

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


MySpace: The Story of Rise and Fall of Internet's First Social Networking Site

It is The First Social Networking Site That Preceded Facebook, But Despite That it Failed and it Ended.. Get to Know Us on This Topic About The Story of MySpace Falling into The Abyss of Failure.

The First Social Networking Site on The Internet

Myspace or "MySpace" was launched in 2003 AD, to be the first social networking site on the Internet, which qualified it to gain a large subscriber base, especially within the United States of America, along with other similar sites, most notably Hi5 or "Hi Five", and Tajid Tagged.

MySpace idea

The idea of MySpace was born in the minds of both Tom Anderson and Chris Dolph, inspired by the social networking site Friendster or "Friendster", a site of Asian origin, which gained wide audience, as the duo decided to establish a competing site in 2003 AD.

The site came with personal accounts for individuals, through which they can add their personal data, introduce others to their hobbies, and a space for interaction between individuals and the establishment of friendships, as well as adding pictures on flexible user interfaces, which users were able to adapt, in addition to changing their backgrounds to suit their personalities, and it achieved a dazzling unexpected success. .

Most Visited Social Networking Site

MySpace quickly ranked as the most visited social networking site, surpassing the competitor Friendster at the beginning of 2004 AD, bringing the number of its users to millions of users. And his popularity increased widely in a period of time that did not exceed two years.

Sell Myspace

The competition to buy Myspace increased, and the famous businessman Rupert Murdoch was able to buy it in June of 2005 AD, in a deal that cost him up to 580 million dollars.

New Competitors Appear on The scene

But this great success did not last, and soon new competitors appeared on the scene, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, so MySpace fell in front of these sites, and that was starting in 2008.

Myspace Collapses in Front of Facebook

During this period, Facebook was offering privacy and security systems and a range of attractive activities, between games, tests, and others, which led to a decrease in monthly visits to MySpace, and a decrease in the number of accounts listed on the site, until by 2010 AD the date of a major step back, in which Myspace waived voluntarily claim the title of "social networking site".

MySpace Appears in A new Dress

After several modifications to the design of the site and changing its primary destination, Myspace came out to its declining audience in a new dress, to become a social entertainment forum in 2010 AD, leaving the entire social media battle to its competitors, as well as taking a bold step, which was the possibility of users to subscribe to the site through their accounts on Facebook, a complete capitulation under a new CEO, Mike Jones, has cut staff by more than 40 percent.

MySpace Loses More Users

However, progress did not happen, and the site's loss of its users increased, until it lost 10 million users between January and February 2011.

Justin Timberlake Buys MySpace

On June 29, 2011, the site was sold to Specific Media and American singer Justin Timberlake, for $35 million. The site disappeared for a while, before returning after several developments.

MySpace Returns As The World's largest Digital Music library

In September of 2012, the famous American singer published a short post on the social networking site Twitter, in which he showed a video clip showing new modifications to the main interface of the site, turning mainly into a site serving the world of art and singing, with a wide library of the most famous pop songs and videos, To serve as a platform for star identification.

The site launched again to the masses on January 15, 2013 AD, describing itself as the largest digital music library in the world.

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