Best Rhinoplasty Techniques With Golden Threads


Best Rhinoplasty Techniques With Golden Threads

Rhinoplasty has gained wide popularity in recent times due to the need for many to modify the shape of the nose in order to obtain beautiful and proportional facial features, and the greater the demand for it, the more often there is a need to continuously develop methods for performing the operation.

From surgery to rhinoplasty with cosmetic threads was the journey of rhinoplasty, we will get to know it briefly and the topic of this article will be rhinoplasty with golden threads and some other important points.

Advances in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Techniques

Previously, surgery was the usual method that doctors resort to when performing rhinoplasty, and it is still one of the most important types of rhinoplasty, especially in difficult cases that require deep intervention, but over time it has developed more than another method in the field of rhinoplasty without surgery. Among them we mention:

  • Rhinoplasty with cosmetic golden threads.
  • Rhinoplasty with fillers.
  • Laser rhinoplasty.

The Use of Golden Threads in Plastic Surgery

One of the latest techniques used in plastic surgery these days is the cosmetic golden threads, which are golden threads that are safely inserted into the skin to perform their cosmetic role according to the area to be beautified or corrected.

It now has multiple uses, such as facelift, wrinkle removal, and ear surgery. It is also considered one of the types of rhinoplasty without surgery, and this is our topic in this article.

How to Perform Rhinoplasty With Threads

Being one of the non-surgical rhinoplasty surgeries, it is a simple process that does not require much preparation, and it takes less than an hour, and then the person can leave the hospital or medical center to practice his daily activities as normal, and here we will explain the steps of the process in a simple way:

  • First: Use a local anesthetic cream in the nose area.
  • Second: The doctor uses some needles to insert the golden threads into the nose area.
  • Third: The doctor works to correct the shape of the nose by tightening the threads to the appropriate degree.

Thus, the rhinoplasty operation ended with the golden threads, where the doctors leave these golden threads to merge with the tissue of the nose, but in certain cases the doctor removes them according to the patient’s condition and the type of threads used in the operation.

The Most Important Advantages of Rhinoplasty With Threads

The technique of rhinoplasty with cosmetic threads has been able to prove its efficiency in the field of rhinoplasty, due to its advantages such as:

  • The ability to treat multiple nose problems in one session.
  • Avoid surgery problems such as anesthesia and the possibility of infection transmission.
  • The side effects are significantly less than surgical procedures.
  • Simple and safe operation.


The anesthesiologist determines the dose of the total anesthetic and gives it to the patient in order not to feel any pain or tension, and in the case of simple procedures, the doctor uses local anesthesia accompanied

Disadvantages of Rhinoplasty With Threads

The disadvantages of rhinoplasty with cosmetic threads are as follows:

  • The need to repeat it at intervals, because its effect does not remain throughout life.
  • Limitations, where rhinoplasty with golden threads is suitable for a specific group of cases only, especially simple and virtual.

The Cost of Rhinoplasty With Threads

As we explained, this procedure is non-surgical, so one of its most important advantages is its low price compared to surgical operations, but the cost of rhinoplasty with threads varies clearly from one center to another according to several factors that affect the final price of the operation, such as the doctor’s experience, the person’s condition, the area of the nasal part that needs correction and the type of threads In general, the cost of rhinoplasty with threads starts from about 650 US dollars.