How to Create An Android Application and Profit From it 2022

How to Create An Android Application and Profit From it 2022
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Yes, and a complete and certain fact, you can create an application on Android, and you upload it and profit from it directly. Farewell to our need to learn programming, and we will start very simply by creating an Android application, without the need in one way or another to learn programming. And you can simply profit from it in multiple ways, and the site that will be explained is appsgeyesr

How to Create An Android Application and Profit From It

There are a set of steps that must be followed step by step, in order to be able to create an Android application and profit from it. These steps are as follows:-

1 - You will open this website from Here.

2 - After that, we click on the word Create a free application.

3 - After the first step, you will be presented with multiple options.

4 - You will choose the type of application you want to work on, and you will choose to make an Android application for a site.

5 - You will then be asked to write the name of the site where you want to create this application.

6 - You will be shown some other options, through which you will use them, such as the color of the application and some other requirements, and then click on looking at the application.

7 - It will initially give you a specific form of how this application will appear on mobile phones, after completing the application's work.

8 - After you have finished writing the name of the site you want to make the application on, just scroll down a little and you will find the word Click Next.

9 - In this step, you will be asked to choose a name for the application that will then appear in Google Play. For example, you will type the name of the site and then click Next.

10- The site will ask you to write a specific description of your site, through which it will appear on the app store for downloading applications. You must write an attractive description for the visitor, in order to get the largest percentage of downloading the application, and then click on the word Next.

11- After this step, you choose the custom shape for the application, which will appear on the app store for downloading applications. If you want to upload an image of the application, you click on the second option. You upload a picture of the application, and then you click on the word Next to go to the next step.

12- Click on the word Create, to complete the process of running the application.

13- Then register on the site via your email, or by linking your Facebook to the site.

14- Agree to the permissions and then activate the site.

15- After this step, you will download the application, by clicking on the word download.

16- Go to the phone settings, and activate the feature of unknown applications, so that you can install it on your mobile phone.

17- Here, you have completed the creation of a custom Android application, and from it you can publish it across many different stores.

How is The Application Published

Simply great, all there is to do is to buy a developer account in Google Play, and it will cost you approximately 50 US dollars. After that, you will upload the application, and then it will be available for download through Google Play.

It is possible in the beginning to work completely free of charge, which is by sharing the application with your friends, relatives in one way or another or through your Facebook page. It is also possible to share the application via WhatsApp, and it is possible to publish the application on Android application download sites. Also, you have more than one choice that you can study well, and choose the most suitable for you in the beginning.

Finally: I hope that I have succeeded in this article, in clarifying even a small part of how to create an Android application, and how you can make a profit through it.